Modern-day technology depicts massive-scale data processing across different technological platforms. More and more businesses and governments are digitizing their processes, calling for deeper understanding, at the same time, innovations on better ways to manage information.

As such, Information Systems is among the widely studied fields worldwide. A career in this area also means you can work in a lot of industries that utilize modern information systems.

To get the best out of your time in school, you can take your education outside your home country. Here are the best countries to study Information Systems Abroad:

Best Countries to Study Information Systems Abroad

1. Japan

  • Reasons: High educational standards, better employability, and top-of-the-range facilities

Japan is among the top countries to study Information Systems. When it comes to technology-related fields, universities here have high education standards. These ensure that you’ll graduate with competencies and skills you can take anywhere in the world.

Among the best universities for Information Systems are:

These universities joined the list of top 150 universities of 2021 QS World University Rankings in Computer and Information Systems. Most of the computer programs here are also taught in English, so you won’t have to worry about learning a new language.

Additionally, you’ll have better employability by graduating from these universities in Japan, especially from the University of Tokyo. It has received an 85% employability rating from QS World University Rankings, where companies consider their graduates for employment.

Of course, Japan is also known for its technology-driven progress. Students here enjoy top-of-the-range facilities, providing greater value to their academic life. With a study field that focuses on handling and managing information systems, you’ll need all the advanced technology you can get.

2. Germany

  • Reasons: Strong job market, advanced IT infrastructure, and English-taught graduate programs

Germany is another excellent country where you can study Information Systems. Universities here produce graduates that are highly competitive in the job market. By choosing a German university, you’ll have a better chance of getting employment anywhere you go.

Some of the universities you can apply for are:

All these universities joined the top 100 2021 QS World University Ranking in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Another reason to choose Germany as a study destination is its advanced IT infrastructure. This is a necessity in a country that handles massive data and digital information. Various businesses here rely heavily on the country’s IT infrastructure. Thus, studying here provides international students the opportunity to learn Information Systems in an ideal setting.

While it helps to learn German for your studies, it can be a challenge if you’re looking to stay here only for the duration of your graduate studies. Fortunately, many universities and institutions in Germany offer English-taught graduate programs. This way, you can level up your competencies and work anywhere in the world.

3. Finland

  • Reasons: Reputable education systems, work with global tech companies, and innovative IT ecosystem

Among the worlds’ top contributors to the IT industry is Finland. Some of the notable innovations that people still enjoy these days are text messaging, the Linux operating system, and the heart rate monitor. Behind these innovations are the Finnish government educational initiatives.

Students learn about digitalization through advanced tools and facilities as early as primary school. Educational institutions incorporate extracurricular activities with formal learning, ensuring that students gain practical knowledge on Information Systems.

Some of the top universities in Finland are:

After completing your degree, you can consider working in Finland. Its ICT sector is larger than other European countries. It is also home to some of the world-renowned tech companies, such as Nokia, and gaming companies, like Supercell and Rovio. If the latter sounds familiar to you, you might have come across mobile games Clash of Clans and Angry Birds.

Tech company startups are also highly supported in Finland, due to their innovative IT ecosystem. Universities and public institutions collaborate with private companies through research and new technologies development. Some international companies that have taken their R&D in Finland are Samsung, NVidia, Intel, and Qualcomm. If you’re looking for a career in Information System research, Finland is an ideal place for your academic and work experience.

4. Sweden

  • Reasons: Globally competitive education, welcoming culture, and opportunities for professional growth

Sweden joins the list of best countries to study Information Systems abroad. One of the main reasons for this is their globally competitive education. Here, you’ll have access to high-quality formal instruction and extracurricular activities through its world-class universities. Some of the leading institutions in Sweden are:

These institutions joined the top 200 of 2021 QS World University Rankings by Information System subject, with KTH Royal Institute taking the 42nd spot out of 1000 institutions.

Studying in Sweden means you need to stay here for a couple of years. You need not be wary about feeling far away from home as the Swedish people are welcoming. There are a few societal norms here you need to follow and most likely exist in your home country. For example, removing your shoes when entering a Swede’s private residence is a must, which is also typical in an Asian household.

Once you get to know the country and its culture more, you might want to stay here for good. Fortunately, Finland offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth. You can work here as the IT sector continues to be among the main contributors to the economy. Swedish universities also offer graduate and postgraduate degree programs to widen your career prospects.

5. United States

  • Reasons: Top universities, unmatched academic standards, and internationally accepted degrees

Without a doubt, the United States is among the best countries to study Information Systems abroad. Unmatched academic standards in its top universities make it highly challenging to get a spot. If you’re aiming for these universities, you need to work on your academic performance and credentials as early as you can:

These universities joined the top 10 list of 2021 QS World University Rankings for Computer Science and Information Systems. MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie took the top three spots respectively. The rigorous training and academic experience you can get from the world’s largest tech industry can help you take your Information Systems degree in any country.


I hope this article on the best countries to study information systems was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.