A degree in international law can open many working opportunities. This academic field covers a wide range of studies, especially in the law itself. It’s a different discipline, and having a degree in international law will broaden your employment options, knowledge, and skills.

If you’re pursuing international law for your studies, you can study abroad to maximize your education. Coming from the word itself, international law talks about more than one country; it focuses on the global legal system. Since it’s a broad field, studying internal law abroad will help you build your skillset, competencies, and global perspective. Getting a degree abroad will also leverage your resume.

Globally speaking, there are a lot of law schools. If you want to study international law abroad, you should pick a country with a strong background in the field. Now, in this article, let’s talk about a few of the best countries to study international law!

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Top Countries to Study International Law Abroad

1. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: top-performing education, unique curriculum, a broad range of academic programs, a lot of work opportunities

Of course, the first on our list is the United States of America (USA). Looking at various global university rankings, we can see that American universities have a consistent position in the top 10, emphasizing their highest quality of education. They also have a broad range of academic programs offered to undergraduate and graduate degrees. As an international student here, you’ll gain the utmost quality of your law education.

Law schools in the USA are well-respected globally and that is pretty much why the US is one of the best places to study international law. They have a high reputation for producing international law lawyers that work locally and internationally. In reality, law schools in the USA have a low acceptance rate, indicating they are very selective. But it’s worth a try. After passing an American law school, you’ll gain the best education for your international law degree.

International law is offered in various American educational institutions. One example, in Harvard University’s Law School, they have a department focusing on International Legal Studies. This law school has two decades of running and providing education in the country. Other law schools like New York University and Yale University have various programs under international law.

2. United Kingdom

  • Reason: comprehensive education, excellent faculty members, and a wide range of career paths

Interestingly, the United Kingdom has three legal systems. Since this country is made up of Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, they have different legal systems. Aside from this, the United Kingdom’s legal system has a rich history along with eras and government. As a law student here, you’ll have a deep foundation in this academic discipline.

Another thing why you should study in the United Kingdom is because their universities and colleges offer a comprehensive education. The British higher education system has been regarded as one of the bests in the world as they’ve come with a long record of innovating and producing research, training, and teaching to students.

Additionally, when you study in the United Kingdom, you’ll discover a wide range of career paths, especially if you’re taking a degree in international law. Universities like Middlesex University London and the University of Oxford offer international law programs in various degrees. Aside from these universities, there are a lot more British universities offering international law.

3. Australia

  • Reason: top-performing universities, diverse student community, broad working opportunities

Australia is another top country to go to if you want to study international law. This country offers a good environment for international students as they have a diverse student community. As a foreign student here, you’ll enjoy their abundant culture and experience a multicultural society while taking your law program.

Australia is home to the top-performing universities, and they have built their high reputation in research and teaching. For the past years, their higher education has been recognized for producing many professionals in the field, including lawyers. Australian law schools have a good standing globally, emphasizing their excellence in molding future lawyers.

International law programs are offered in various Australian law schools. The Australian National University’s law school provides courses and programs relating to international law in various degrees. Another institution, The University of Sydney, has international law programs, and they are considered one of the best law schools in the country and globally.

4. Sweden

  • Reason: High-quality education, world-class universities, innovative educational system

Going to Northern Europe, Swedish educational institutions offer international law programs in various degrees. Sweden is highly recognized for its quality education as they offer a comprehensive one that molds their law students’ skills and competencies.

Swedish educational system is one of the best worldwide. Sweden’s higher education is globally renowned as they promote independent studies rather than lectures. For law students, this kind of education will help them to dig deeper and build a good foundation in their chosen profession.

One of the top-performing law schools in Sweden is in Lund University. This 355-year-old institution offers international law programs, and they have had a consistent position in rankings for years. Uppsala University also has various law programs, including international law. More than these two universities, many more Swedish law schools offer international law schools.

5. Singapore

  • Reason: English-taught academic programs, internationally recognized degrees, and a diverse student population.

If you’re eyeing the Asian continent, you can consider Singapore as it is one of the best places to study international law. This Southeast Asian country has a growing international student body for various reasons. First, Regarding the quality of their education, the Singaporean educational system is highly acknowledged for its outstanding curriculum and effective teaching. Their educational system is respected throughout Asia and globally.

Secondly, Singaporean universities use the English language as a medium of instruction. So as you study your international law program, language is not a problem. You can expect that you’ll gain your skills and competencies in Singaporean law schools because they place a high value on their education. You’ll receive training and education that will help you establish your profession as a lawyer.

Universities such as the National University of Singapore offer various law specializations, including international law. The university’s law school is the top-performing in the country and Asia.


Hopefully, this guide to the best countries to study international law was informative and helpful for you. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!