Kinesiology is the science behind understanding how human movements affect health and overall wellbeing. There are specific fields derived from it, such as Fitness and Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Exercise Science. Considering the many ways Kinesiology can affect humans, studying this particular science provides you with numerous career options.

Studying Kinesiology abroad is also a viable option if you’re looking to acquire world-class education. Universities in various places offer Kinesiology degree programs, as well as their related fields. However, some places truly stand out from the rest. Here are the best countries to study Kinesiology abroad!

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Top Countries to Study Kinesiology Abroad

1. China

  • Reasons: Low cost of living, good infrastructures, and rich culture

China is among the best countries to go to if you’re looking to study Kinesiology, and there are several reasons why this is true. To start, the cost of living here is relatively low. You can spend as low as $200 for food and basic necessities here. Moreover, tuition fees here range from $1,000 to $14,000 yearly, with Kinesiology degree programs costing international students only around $4,000. This way, you won’t have to worry about facing financial difficulties during your stay abroad.

Another reason to choose China is that most universities here have good infrastructure. For example, the Shanghai University of Sports where you can study Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Kinesiology has top-notch facilities. The university boasts dormitories, gyms, courts, and botanical gardens. It also has two stadiums and a natatorium.

Finally, Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world, accounting for its richness and vastness. By studying here, you get to experience China first-hand. Forget about eating westernized Chinese food at home as you can easily go to the nearest market and try out authentic dishes. Besides food, you can also travel around the country and explore more than fifty ethnicities. There are many customs, beliefs, even religions, you can learn in this culturally diverse country.

2. Australia

  • Reasons: high-quality education, great outdoor adventures, and language

Another top country to go to for aspiring Kinesiologists is Australia. Known for its natural wonders, the country promises great outdoor adventurers for the wandering soul. Some of the activities you can try here are island hopping, sunbathing with kangaroos, cruising, swimming with humpback whales, and more. You can even ride a hot air balloon at Canberra and see the capital city from above.

Spending most of your time going through adventure every adventure sounds tempting. However, Australia is also known for its high-quality education, and it’s not surprising that students find themselves easily turning their backs on holiday trips. After all, what can be more motivating for students than to know that your education is being taken seriously? Aspiring Kinesiologists can pursue their studies at Victoria University of Technology, where the Functional Kinesiology course is being offered through the Bachelor of Exercise Science. There are also related degree programs offered to international students at prestigious universities in the country, such as Monash University. Also, some accredited institutes like the Kinesiology Schools Australia and Bayside Kinesiology offer diploma courses.

Finally, what makes Australia one of the best countries to study abroad is language. Because English is the primary language of instruction here, you won’t worry about learning a new one. You only have to meet the English proficiency requirement in your host university. And if English is not your first language, your everyday life in Australia provides the opportunity to master this skill.

3. Russia

  • Reasons: Facilities, learning a new language, and sports life

Russia is one of the best countries to go if you’re looking to study Kinesiology. It’s because the country is popular for its take on sports and physical activities, which are among the applications of Kinesiology as a science. People here enjoy sports and have a great selection of athletic facilities. Most universities have facilities, such as gyms, stadiums, swimming pools, and outdoor workout areas. It’s no surprise that the country is among the top medal earners in the latest Tokyo Olympics.

While other international students prefer to go to countries where learning a new language is not a necessity, you might be one of those who see the benefit of being multilingual. The Russian language is among the top spoken in the world, with more than 253 million speakers across Europe and other continents making it one of the official languages of the United Nation. Some of the universities in Russia where you can study Kinesiology and its related programs are St. Petersburg University and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

4. the United States

  • Reasons: Wide selection of universities, high-quality education, and global employability

Kinesiology is among the degree programs that can be narrowed down to specializations. For example, graduates of this program can pursue specific careers in Physical Education, Exercise Science, even Fitness and Nutrition. And the thing is, a lot of universities in most countries offer degree programs in these specializations already, instead of the more generalist Kinesiology. For that, it can be challenging for International Students to look for universities that offer Kinesiology only. This is also the same reason that makes the United States one of the top destinations to study kinesiology for international students.

The country is popular for its wide selection of universities that offer Kinesiology degree programs. From bachelor to masters to Ph.D., you can follow a career track and achieve the highest level of your education. Some of the universities you can consider are Michigan State University, Kansas State University, and Pennsylvania State University. Considering that the United States is popular for its high-quality education, you’ll be sure to build a career anywhere in the world.

5. Canada

  • Reasons: Availability of degree programs, research opportunities, and high living standards

Canada joins the list of best countries to study Kinesiology abroad. After all, there are numerous available Kinesiology-related degree programs for international students here. Among the universities that offer Kinesiology are the University of British Columbia, the University of Ottawa, and the University of Waterloo.

If you’re looking to pursue research, Canadian universities also provide opportunities. For example, the University of Waterloo’s Department of Kinesiology supported numerous research studies aiming to understand human movement, optimizing health and physical performance. The university has several laboratories fitting for whichever you’re looking to conduct a scientific investigation.

Finally, what makes Canada one of the best choices for international students is its high living standards. Here, you have a greater chance of achieving financial freedom due to its excellent economy. You’ll also enjoy employment opportunities, quality health care, and living in a safe society.


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