Studying Medical Engineering offers one the opportunity to learn about the approaches and innovation in medicine and healthcare. This field covers technical foundations in Engineering while providing students a deeper understanding of Life Sciences, Medicine, Biology, and Chemistry. Also, students develop problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.

In the industry, medical engineers deliver a wide range of complex tasks. These include managing medical equipment, designing and developing imaging and diagnostic programs in computers, and quite recently, employing the use of robots in surgery and rehabilitation care. Ultimately, studying medical engineering allows one to take advantage of technological advancements, using these in various ways to preserve human lives.

Below, we will talk about some of the best countries to study medical engineering.

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Top Countries to Study Medical Engineering

1. Austria

  • Reasons: ideal location, social security, and high quality of life

Austria is one of the best countries to study medical engineering. It is located in Central Europe, surrounded by several countries, such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and Italy. With its landlocked position, it offers an ideal location to explore Europe. This is especially advantageous for international students looking for career opportunities in other European countries. Moreover, its location on the map allows international students to visit and enjoy the beautiful spots European countries have to offer.

Another thing that makes Austria a favorite destination for international students is the social security it offers. The country is hailed as one of the safest places on the planet. The crime rates are extremely low, which is something that can put your mind at ease when you are living away from family. Additionally, the country has stunning recreational infrastructures, which is perfect for international students looking to destress without having to go far across the continent.

Finally, Austria offers a high quality of life. In fact, the capital city of the country, Vienna, ranked first for this category, competing against other metropolises on the planet, such as Munich, Vancouver, Auckland, Geneva, and Copenhagen. To start your Medical Engineering degree in Austria, make sure to check the top universities here:

2. The United Kingdom

  • Reasons: Top quality education, better employability after graduation, and language

The United Kingdom is another great place to study medical engineering. Its top-quality education is apparent in how universities perform. In the recent 2022 QS World University Rankings, four universities from the UK took four spots in the top 10. These are the University of Oxford (2nd), University of Cambridge (3rd), Imperial College London (7th), and UCL (8th). These are the top universities you should check out if you’re looking to pursue a degree in Medical Engineering.

What also makes the UK one of the best countries for international students is that it increases their employability ten-fold. Simply put, you have a better chance of getting hired at a company with a degree from a top university in the United Kingdom. For that, you can practically choose to work anywhere in the world and be happy with your choice.

Finally, studying in the United Kingdom means you don’t have to learn a new language. As a native English speaker, you’ll be at home here, although you might likely adapt to the charming English accent. International students who are speaking English as their second language also have the ideal opportunity to enhance their skills.

3. Belgium

  • Reasons: Low tuition rates, available scholarships, and culture

Belgium makes it to the list of best countries for international students. One of the reasons this is true is its low tuition rates. For at least $5,000 per year, you can start your academic journey and acquire a degree in Medical Engineering. Besides the tuition, the cost of living is affordable, too. On average, international students pay around $900 per month. This is considerably lower than other countries around the world.

You also have a chance to lower your costs during your stay in Belgium. By applying for government scholarships, such as the Belgian Development Agency scholarships, you’ll have more money to cover your tuition and living expenses. It also makes it possible for international students to afford to explore and experience Belgian culture at its finest. You’ll have the chance to see in action the architecturally rich cities, as well as their tranquil gardens, historic battlefields, and castles.

Some of the top universities in the country are KU Leuven, Ghent University, and the Catholic University of Louvain.

4. Lithuania

  • Reasons: Excellent academic institutions, budget-friendly, and stunning places to explore

Lithuania is another excellent choice for international students looking to study Medical Engineering. This European country is host to excellent academic institutions, such as the Vilnius University and the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Both universities offer a master’s program in Medical Engineering.

As an international student, managing finances during your stay in the host country can be challenging if you’re dealing with a high cost of living. Fortunately, Lithuania is budget-friendly, and you can usually get by with $300 to $600 per month. This already includes your accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous costs. Transportation tends to be costly for international students but you can get a discount using your student ID.

Exploring the country is quite affordable, too. After all, you don’t need to spend large amounts of cash to see stunning sceneries and historical sites. There are also museums where you can learn about Lithuania’s independence in the 1990s.

5. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: World-class academic facilities and innovative teaching strategies

Aside from being a hotspot for tourism in Europe, the Netherlands is also one of the best countries to study Medical Engineering abroad. Its top universities boast world-class academic facilities, which is an absolute requirement for Engineering students. Some of the top universities in the Netherlands are the University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, and Utrecht University.

You’ll also experience unique, yet innovative teaching strategies in the Netherlands. Professors and students tend to communicate on a more personal level, easily overcoming any learning challenges. Moreover, classes are held in small batches, usually with only 15 students. This encourages, at the same, requires students to be more participative in the class discussions. By having an active role in the learning process, you’ll have greater chances of succeeding in your studies.


I hope that you found this article on the best countries to study medical engineering informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!