Many of us had a childhood dream of being a doctor. It’s a profession that takes a lot of years to finish, as it will require you to study and practice a lot. A big thanks to doctors; they are able to save our lives, improve our health, and treat our diseases.

Today, as the medical industry rises, more and more aspiring doctors enter pre-med. Pre-medical or pre-med for short is a prerequisite education you need to take before entering medical school. The courses and lessons will cover science and all laboratory requirements to help you establish your background in the medical field.

Choosing a school for your pre-med can affect your next years in medical school. Since we want to build a strong foundation, we want to enter an excellent school. In this article, we will be looking at top countries to study pre-med abroad, as a lot of universities globally offer pre-med programs.

Best Countries to Study Pre-Med

1. United States

  • Reason: top-performing universities, good research, and innovative education

One of the leading countries for medical and scientific innovation, the United States is a good country for pre-med programs. It is the home of top-performing universities globally, and yearly, a lot of international students choose this country as their destination for college. The United States prepare their students in a fast-paced society with good research and innovative education as they hone the skills and knowledge they need for their subsequent years in medical schools.

Yale University is considered one of the oldest universities in the United States. For more than 300 years, this university produced outstanding doctors and health professionals. Another university, Brown University, is a research university that takes pride in its quality education and facilities.

2. United Kingdom

  • Reason: High academic standards, internationally recognized degrees, and scholarship opportunities.

The United Kingdom is an excellent country for studying pre-med. This country is known for providing quality and creative education that challenges students. As an incoming pre-med student, you’ll see how their educational system works and how it can affect you. British universities have a high academic standard that makes them world-class, as they produce competent graduates in their respective fields.

Additionally, the United Kingdom has a lot of scholarship opportunities ranging from full to partial awards or merits; you can apply for these. The University of Oxford has been continuously operating since 1096, and they have programs for pre-meds. The University of Manchester is also a good institution to take pre-med, and they have various programs ranging from undergraduate up to post-graduate degrees.

3. Germany

  • Hands-on learning experience, quality education, and affordable cost of tuition fees

Germany is known for producing high-quality graduates. German universities have had an excellent reputation for providing quality education to local and international students. Their higher education is committed to establishing the skills and knowledge of the students, so they provide hands-on learning to students. Incoming pre-med students in the country can build a strong foundation for their next years, especially if they continue their medical studies here.

Compared to other European countries, Germany is an excellent country to study pre-med because it has affordable tuition fees, or they can be free. The government shoulders the cost of education in public higher education institutions. The University of Augsburg is a public school that has health and medical-related programs. It’s a good university for pre-med students since it has a medical school and a huge student body.

4. Denmark

  • Reason: Strong educational background, a suitable environment for international students, and innovative teaching.

A highly developed country, Denmark offers innovative and advanced higher education to local and international students. Pre-med students in the country gain a strong foundation in the science and medical field as they are taught the theory and practice in their respective programs.

Denmark also provides a good environment for its international students. These students enjoy a wide variety of learning opportunities, and they have the chance to explore the great culture of Denmark. Most of the international students are satisfied with their learning experience.

If you’re going to continue your medical school here, you’ll develop the expertise you need for your respective specializations. Top universities such as Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, and Southern Denmark have pre-med programs open for international students.

5. France

  • Reason: Practical and extensive training, top-performing universities, and reasonable cost of studies.

If we’re going back to dates, France has a long history of medical expertise. They are known for their contribution to medicine as they made breakthroughs in the field that made a global impact. If you’re going to study pre-med programs at this country, you’ll be exposed to one of the world’s historical education and be trained under well-known mentors. Since their medical schools are selective, you’ll receive extensive training in your pre-med programs to ensure that you’ll have a strong foundation.

The Sorbonne University in Paris is an established research university with a global reputation. Their faculty of medicine and health sciences programs continues to excel, and their research is one of the most cited in journals globally.

6. Japan

  • Reason: Internationally recognized degrees, well-rounded education, and high ranking universities

If you’re looking forward to studying pre-med in an Asian country, you can choose Japan. A technologically advanced country places a high value on education; it will be a good choice for your pre-med programs. In terms of the health and medical industry, Japan has modern facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Also, the degrees and programs here are globally recognized. Japanese universities have high academic reputations. For example, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University are Japan’s top-performing educational institutions that offer pre-med programs.

7. Singapore

  • Reason: English taught programs, and internationally recognized degrees, excellent learning faculties

A Southeast Asian country, Singapore has a high reputation for providing higher education to local and international students for providing higher education to local and international students. As the country advances, the quality of their educational system has moved up as their curriculum is innovative and student-centered. Through this, they develop the skills they need for medical school.

The programs in Singaporean institutes are taught in English. Additionally, students experience learning in excellent facilities, in and out of their respective universities. The National University of Singapore is the country’s leading institute with faculties and pre-med programs.


I hope this article on the best countries to study pre-med was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!