The human mind never ceases to amaze you, and that is awesome! Your future in psychology awaits you. What do you do next? Study abroad!

Psychology is taught in universities all over the world. Grab the opportunity to explore other countries’ perspectives on psychology. Today, we visit 7 countries with exceptional psychology programs.

Best Countries to Study Psychology Abroad

1. Austria

  • Reasons: home of influential figures, beautiful landscapes, range of outdoor activities

Austria may be a small country in the middle of Europe, but it delivers a significant impact on research worldwide. Austria is a good country to study psychology because of its universities’ international recognition. Take a day off to see the dreamy landscapes of meadows and brick villages. Streetlife in Austria is bustling with flea markets and carnivals. For every type of student, Austria has something exciting to offer.

Austria is the homeland of well-known figures like psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, physicist Erwin Schroedinger, and economist Friedrich Hayek. With one of the world’s oldest foundations in research, Austria is a conducive environment for studying psychology. The University of Vienna is a public university regarded highly in the field of Humanities. 21 Nobel Prize winners are alumni of the university, including Hayek. You can expect intensive research on human behavior and thought patterns. Tuition fees of the University of Vienna begin at $865 per semester.

2. The Czech Republic

  • no tuition fees, affordable cost of living, a safe environment

The Czech Republic is another excellent country to study psychology. Unlike other European cities, the Czech Republic is less populated. Beautiful architecture and quaint shops are perfect for spicing up your Instagram feed. You can also travel to another country with Czechia’s new and exciting train programs. The Czech Republic is brimming with opportunities for you to experience.

The Czech Republic follows Europe’s trends of delivering world-class education to all. The capital city Prague is a historically intellectual place for the sciences. The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is an English-teaching institution and one of the Czech Republic’s finest universities. You can complete a psychology degree with both American and European accreditation in UNYP. It is also the country’s only university to offer a dual psychology degree.

3. France

  • Reasons: learn to speak French, high standard of living, pioneers in education

France is famous for Paris and the stylish Parisian lifestyle, but this country has more to offer. France boasts a stable economy, providing its people with high-quality healthcare. French history includes royal families and revolutions. You can visit the castles and witness firsthand the grandness of medieval France. It is also the land of pioneers in fashion design, film, and more.

Armand-Marie-Jacques de Chastenet was a French neurologist known mainly for the discovery of hypnosis. France is a fitting backdrop to pursue a psychology degree. The University of Strasbourg is a public research university in Alsace, France. It offers competitive psychology courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Take your pick from the range of specializations such as social psychology, psychopathology, and behavioral and cognitive therapies.

4. Japan

  • Reasons: plenty of job opportunities, travel-friendly, highly respected degree programs

Japan is among the most popular study destinations in Asia. Japanese culture and cuisine are all the rave today in the West. Japan is a productive country, and its job market is always on the lookout for graduates with excellent degrees. Get a ticket for the speedy Shinkansen and be amazed by the landscape’s transition from towering buildings to brick houses and green fields.

Japan’s rapid economic growth in the 1990s took the entire world by surprise. This led to a growing curiosity for Asian philosophy. Step out of Western thinking and consider studying psychology and its relevance to Japan’s history at The University of Tokyo (Todai) Explore Japan’s aging community and the Japanese people’s views on office work. Todai is a public university in Japan with an emphasis on catering to international students.

5. Germany

  • Reasons: no tuition fees, affordable cost of living, high-end technology and facilities

Germany historically revolutionized the field of social sciences and humanities, making it one of the best countries to study psychology. Germany’s long history of contribution to the academic field is a testament to its commitment to lifelong learning. A lot of advanced technology is in Germany. You can see it in their sleek, streamlined cars and healthcare facilities. The icing to the cake? German universities charge no tuition costs at all.

Germany is a haven for higher education. You can expect any university you walk into to provide an experience of a lifetime. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) is a public research university and ranks among Europe’s top-performing institutions. You can accomplish your master’s degree in psychology through LMU’s prestigious English-taught degree programs.

6. Fiji

  • Reasons: friendly locals, gorgeous nature spots, environmentally conscious community

Fiji is just a few kilometers north of New Zealand. A favored tourist destination, Fiji also takes pride in becoming a center for education and research. Fiji actively studies and works on solutions in preserving the environment. Swim with the fish as you participate in ocean cleanup drives. In Fiji, every day is filled with adventure.

Fiji is a paradise for marine studies but is confidently growing in other fields like psychology. The University of the South Pacific (USP) is Fiji’s premier higher education institution. USP offers international-level psychology courses with a Pacific perspective.

7. Cyprus

  • Reasons: small and safe, well-preserved history, sunny weather

Cyprus is not a typical study destination choice, but did you know that it has the highest percentage of tertiary education in the European Union? Cyprus offers a range of activities to broaden your experience. It is favored for its safety and sunny weather. Museums and galleries are the perfect getaways from your studies.

Cyprus caters to students coming from over 50 countries in the world. A Cyprus degree is highly sought after because of partnerships with reputable international companies. The European University of Cyprus (EUC) offers world-class psychology programs, making Cyprus a good country to study psychology. Know more of the human mind and thinking patterns with EUC’s undergraduate and graduate psychology programs.


I hope this article on the best countries to study psychology was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!