Robots are more than kids’ toys. With the rise of technology and science, robots were created and designed to help humans in various ways. Today, many global industries such as manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace use robots to make more efficient, productive, and quality products or services.

As technological advancement continues, more and more educational institutions offer studies about robots. Since they move with the innovation, universities globally have developed programs focusing on robotics, and they are open to different degrees. If you’re interested in this field, there are a lot of opportunities for growth because it can open many career paths in the future.

Now, the question is, where should you study? Robotics is a wide field, as it combines various academic disciplines, and you’ll need to build your skillset and competencies. In this article, we listed down the best countries to go to if you’re studying robotics.

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Top Countries to Study Robotics Abroad

1. Sweden

  • Reason: World-class universities, excellent educational system, highly innovative country, broad working opportunities

Located in Northern Europe, Sweden is an excellent country to consider if you’re taking a robotics degree. First of all, the country is self is highly advanced, making a good exposure to students. Sweden has a long list of robotics companies and start-ups in different industries. This shows that this country maximizes their advancement as they continue to use robot technology in different fields.

Secondly, as you study here, you’ll surely gain the best higher education for your studies. The Swedish educational system has been recognized as one of the best systems in the world. They have comprehensive and quality programs offered to robotics students. With this background, as a student here, you’ll be able to build your competencies.

Plus, Swedish educational institutions are world-class. They have consistent and high positions in European and global university rankings, emphasizing their performance in research and studies. Finishing a robotics degree in a Swedish institution can open broad working opportunities in Europe and in the country. Educational institutions like KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Lund University have degrees and programs in robotics.

2. Japan

  • Reason: Highly competitive research areas, advanced robotic technologies, internationally recognized degrees, high-tech laboratories

Since the late 1970s, Japan started using industrial robots, and after a decade, they have adopted more of these machines in their industries. Now, they are the leading country in the robotics industry. Japan is a leading country to study robotics and has the highest number of industrial robot production, and they have a high manufacturing rate of these machines that are globally recognized. As they continue to lead the robotics industry, they are also good to study this field.

Since Japan places a high value on education and has a global reputation for the technology industry, it’s a good combination for studying robotics in various degrees. Japanese universities have an outstanding foundation in science, technology, and engineering programs, and they are highly respected as they promote robotics programs. As an incoming robotics student here, you’ll be widely exposed to their innovative community.

Another interesting reason why you should study here is their research. Japanese universities have excellent and competitive research activities and works that are highly acknowledged in Asia and globally. Japanese educational institutions such as Kyushu University and Shibaura Institute of Technology are some top universities that offer robotics and related programs.

3. Germany

  • Reason: Top-performing educational institutions, affordable tuition and living fees, innovative quality of higher education

Come to think of it, the best car companies like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen can be found in Germany. As this country manufactures the best cars and other technology-based products, Germany is considered as a progressive country to study robotics and the most innovative economy globally. Since they have a well-developed technology, they also produced robots in different industries.

Now, robotics education is offered in German institutions. If you want to study robotics in a European country with a limited budget, you can consider Germany because they have more affordable tuition fees than other European countries. You’ll gain extensive teachings and training in top-performing institutions that are globally acknowledged for their contribution to education, science, and technology. As a student here, you’ll be able to learn from universities that have a long record of producing engineers in the field.

Also, scholarships are available to international students. You can grab those opportunities to maximize your robotics education. The Technical University of Munich is a public research institution that takes pride in its engineering and other technology-related programs. Another one, the RWTH Aachen University, provides several programs in robotics. You can consider these institutions for your robotics program.

4. South Korea

  • Reason: Wide range of employment opportunities, well-developed robotics industry, excellent quality of higher education

Flying to East Asia, South Korea is a top country for robotics. Looking at their robotics industry, they have a well-developed technology that delivers and produces robots in various sectors. Samsung, Hyundai, Neuromeka, and other South Korean technology companies are investing in the robotics industry, emphasizing the growth in this field. As a robotics major here, you’ll be widely exposed to technology-related companies, giving you more opportunities in the field.

South Korean universities are highly respected in Asia as they provide a comprehensive quality of education. Since they move towards development and innovation, their programs are built with a strong foundation in the field. The instructors and professors in robotics are well-experienced. If you’re considering this country for your robotics degree, you can check Hanyang University and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

5. Denmark

  • Reason: Innovative educational system, quality learning environment, a hub of technological advancement

Denmark’s robotics industry has grown fast and steady. For the past years, this industry has developed rapidly, garnering a global reputation for its advancement. They have more than 290 companies that are robotics and automation-related. It can open many internships or work possibilities for students majoring in robotics.

As an international student here, you’ll experience a quality learning environment. Danish universities have a world-class reputation for producing various professionals in robotics, so you’ll surely receive a quality education, especially in robotics. You’ll benefit from their well-developed educational system. Danish universities such as Aalborg University and the University of Southern Denmark have various degrees in robotics.



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