Sociology is the study of human behavior in different groups and areas of society. Having a degree in Sociology provides you with a wide range of career choices – education, human resources, medicine, law, politics, social services, etc.

Pursuing a degree in Sociology abroad will make you appreciate social phenomena and the forces affecting them on a much deeper level. Meeting different people, immersing in different cultures, and experiencing new adventures will also make you understand yourself better and how your social relationships affect the way you behave. It is also worth mentioning that a degree in a well-known university abroad will make your resume stand out and attract many potential employers.

In this article, we have listed some of the best countries to study Sociology abroad and the reasons why you might want to consider enrolling in one of their universities.

Best Countries to Study Sociology Abroad

1. Ireland

  • Reason: high-quality education and safe and supportive learning environment

Ireland, also known as the Land of Saints and Scholars, is a global frontrunner in education and research. Universities receive tremendous amounts of support from the Irish government, and most of them consistently make it to the top in university world rankings. Ireland is also known to be one of the safest countries in the world, and Irish people are known to be friendly and welcoming.

Irish universities focus on research and training Sociology students to become analytical and critical thinkers in understanding human interaction and societal issues. The opportunity to stay in the country for one year is granted to international students for them to look for employment or start a new business.

Some universities in Ireland that offer Sociology courses are Trinity College Dublin, Technological University Dublin, Dublin City University, University College Cork, and Maynooth University.

2. New Zealand

  • Reason: study-life balance, safety, access to recreational activities, and practical learning.

If you’re looking to study sociology in a country where you will get to enjoy study-life balance, New Zealand is a perfect choice. It is a peaceful country with friendly locals and a low crime rate, making it a safe place for international students. Its landscapes also provide a great venue for outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, bungee jumping.

New Zealand’s universities are also widely known for academic excellence, making it to the top 3% in the list of top universities in the world. Interactive and practical learning plays a big part in studying Sociology through study groups and assessment tasks. Students are trained to understand and explain social dynamics and issues on a critical and much deeper level, as well as propose solutions on how to make society better.

Here are some of the universities where you can study Sociology in New Zealand: the University of Canterbury, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, and the University of Otago.

3. United Kingdom

  • Reason: excellent education system, shorter courses, and practical learning.

The United Kingdom is recognized for its excellent education system making it one of the top countries to study sociology for international students. It will only take you 3 years to finish an undergraduate degree in most majors, and the practical way of teaching in UK universities will equip you with skills that will make you excel in the professional world.

Sociology students are guided by supervisors in taking part in academic research and workshops, and eventually, come up with proposals and ideas for them to present.

Some of the top universities where you can study Sociology are the University of Oxford, University of Portsmouth, University of Cambridge, Loughborough University, London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of Bath.

4. Malaysia

  • Reason: a safe environment, stable economy, and cultural diversity.

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country with a stable economy and low crime rate. The cost of living is lower and tuition fees are cheaper in comparison to American and European universities. Still, Malaysian universities are recognized to be the best in Asia and among the best in the world. Several programs in the country collaborate with famous universities in America, Europe, and Australia.

Malaysia is a great country to study Sociology because of its cultural diversity. Some of the best universities to enroll in are the University of Malaya, Sunway College, University of Malaysia Sarawak, Taylor’s University, and HELP University

5. The Netherlands

  • Reason: English medium, approachable teachers and peers, and interdisciplinary learning.

Dutch educational institutions use the English language in teaching, so expect no language barrier if you decide to study in The Netherlands. Approachable professors, friendly students, and a casual approach to imparting knowledge make it a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone.

Sociology in Dutch universities looks at the different forces that affect human interaction including culture, media, communication, economics, politics, and the like. Some degrees even use mathematics and data analysis to understand why people behave the way they do in different areas of social existence.

Here are some universities in the Netherlands that offer Sociology courses: Tilburg University, Leiden University College, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, and Erasmus University College.

6. Singapore

  • Reason: access to technology, scholarship grants, and interdisciplinary learning.

Singapore is another great country to study sociology since it is one of the most advanced countries in Asia in terms of economics, technology, and education. Though academic fees are comparatively high, several universities provide scholarships and financial programs for both local and international students.

Universities in Singapore teach Sociology in an interdisciplinary manner. They aim to equip students to excel in any industry or career they wish to pursue in the future. Students also learn through experience in various internships and fieldwork.

Here are some known institutions in Singapore that provide courses in Sociology: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, James Cook University, Singapore Institute of Management, and Kaplan Higher Education Institute.

7. Canada

  • Reason: high quality of education, high standard of living, a culture of inclusivity, and several employment opportunities.

Canada has been a great country to study sociology for international students because of the high quality of education provided in universities, high standard of living, and inclusive environment towards all cultures and nationalities.

Sociology programs in Canada train students to develop their research, analytical, and critical thinking skills, as well as their communication and leadership skills to prepare them in becoming the next generation of leaders in the country. In Canada, you will find endless employment opportunities available, and you can apply for permanent residency in the country after you graduate.

Some universities in Canada that offer Sociology courses are the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Lakehead University, and the University of Windsor.


I hope this article on the best countries to study sociology was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!