Along with Mandarin Chinese and English, Spanish is recognized as one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. It is the official language in 21 countries and is also considered one of the best languages to study for business. Adding fluency in Spanish as one of your skills in your resume will make your application stand out and will increase your career prospects. Studies also show that learning a new language helps improve one’s memory.

Whatever your reason is in studying Spanish, the best way to learn and practice the language is traveling abroad and enrolling in a good school that allows you to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, participate in conversations and other social activities, and spend time in Spanish-speaking environments.

Here are a few of the best countries to study Spanish. The list also includes brief insights as to why they are the best as well as some institutions that offer Spanish language programs.

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Top Countries to Study Spanish Abroad

1. Mexico

  • Reason: Spanish is widely spoken, vibrant culture, welcoming people, affordable tuition

Mexico is one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and the world which makes it an excellent country of choice if you want to be fluent in the language. It is also a top cultural, gastronomic, and study destination for tourists and students across the globe.

Mexican culture is known for its color and vibrancy. The country offers a fusion of influences from its ancient civilizations and western cultures. The locals are very friendly and welcoming toward foreigners that make starting conversations relatively easy. The cost of living and studying in Mexico is also more affordable compared to other countries.

Because Mexico is among the best countries in the world to study Spanish, several universities and language schools in the country offer Spanish language programs such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Guadalajara, the University of New Mexico, and the Solexico Language and Cultural Center.

2. Bolivia

  • Reason: neutral accent, cultural diversity, cheap fees

Bolivia is also an ideal place to study and practice Spanish because the language is spoken in a more neutral accent in the country making it much easier to understand and communicate. Studying in this central South American country will also expose you to its rich and diverse culture with its 36 indigenous groups and Spanish influences.

Several Spanish schools in Bolivia offer both private and group classes at relatively cheaper rates. These schools also conduct extracurricular activities that allow their students to interact with each other as well as the locals to practice their Spanish.

Some of the best schools to study Spanish in Bolivia are Me Gusta Spanish School, Sucre Spanish School, Instituto Exclusivo Language Institute, Academia Latinoamericana de Español, and Ayni Spanish Institute.

3. Spain

  • Reason: many tourist attractions and top-rated schools

Spain is one of the most popular study destinations for international students because of the outstanding quality of education provided by its institutions. It is also a top tourist destination because of its beautiful cities and beaches, thriving nightlife, warm climate, and exquisite food. Studying Spanish in the country will allow you to learn about the origins of the language and appreciate Spain’s dynamic culture.

Spain has numerous language schools that provide basic and advanced Spanish courses, many of which are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, a government institution dedicated to promoting the Spanish language and culture. These schools also conduct cultural immersion programs, city tours, and other social activities.

Some of the top-rated schools to study Spanish in Spain are El Carmen Spanish School, Academia Internacional de Lenguas Madrid, Taronja School, Hispania, and FU International Academy Tenerife.

4. Colombia

  • Reason: neutral accent and friendly locals

The Spanish accent in Colombia is also known as one of the clearest and easiest to understand because of its neutrality. Colombians, especially residents of Bogota, the nation’s capital, pronounce all vowels and consonants in each word and are known for speaking slowly and with a rhythm.

Colombia, next to Mexico, is also the second-largest country in the world where Spanish is the official language. Locals are warm and welcoming and are very patient and encouraging to people who try to communicate with them in Spanish. It surely is an excellent place to study Spanish.

Colombia also has an abundance of institutions where foreigners can learn about the Spanish language and culture. Some of them are the Universidad de La Sabana, Alegre Spanish Schools, OLSA International, Lingua Viva Spanish Institute, and Acento Spanish School.

5. Guatemala

  • Reason: tourist attractions, cultural diversity, neutral Spanish accent

Guatemala is another one of the best countries to study Spanish. It is in Central America and attracts numerous travelers for its volcanoes, ancient ruins, historical sites, colonial architecture, and natural beauty. Around 40% of the population in Guatemala is indigenous which makes it an ideal location for those who would like to study Spanish, go on several outdoor adventures, learn about the country’s unique history, and immerse themselves in its diverse culture.

Even with the presence of multiple indigenous dialects in Guatemala, Spanish is still widely spoken and the Guatemalan Spanish accent is also one of the most neutral among Hispanophone countries. The country also has several institutions that offer Spanish language courses for beginners and advanced learners. Most of these programs are available for all ages and consist of a blend of lectures, conversations, and other social and immersive activities.

Here are some of the best Spanish language schools in Guatemala: Academia Escuela de Español Tecun Uman, Escuela de la Montaña, Utatlan Language School, Antigueña Spanish Academy, and Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School.


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