Sports Management is a field of study that covers the business aspect of sports. It’s the integration of other relevant fields, such as Law, Marketing, Finance, and of course, Management. Through Sport Management professionals, the sports industry maintains economic stability, providing continued enjoyment and financial gains to all stakeholders.

In this guide, we talk about some of the best countries to study sports management abroad.

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Top Countries to Study Sports Management

1. The United States of America

  • Reasons: World-class education, vast opportunities, and better employability

The United States of America is undoubtedly one of the best countries to study Sports Management abroad. A world-class education is a norm in this country, ensuring that all graduates are capable of pursuing their desired careers. Sports management programs are offered in numerous universities. But, make sure to choose the best institutions to provide you the best education, such as the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Florida.

Completing your studies in the United States also offers vast opportunities. You can find jobs in all professional levels of Sports Management. On top of that, you’ll have access to universities that offer graduate degree programs to help you achieve higher career aspirations.

Finally, a degree from an American university opens doors to work opportunities anywhere. You’ll have better employability as professionals from this country are often most preferred worldwide. Of course, it also helps that sports are among the industries that the United States excels in. Sports companies and talents in the country tend to be successful and learning from them makes Sports Management graduates highly considered everywhere.

2. Canada

  • Reasons: Huge selection of universities, thriving Sports industry, and work flexibility

Canada is another country to consider for aspiring Sports industry professionals. The country offers related programs and has a huge selection of universities. These universities aren’t just recognized in the country, but also take top spots in the world rankings, such as the QS rankings. Some of the universities you should apply to are:

Besides the huge selection of universities in Canada, another reason to choose this country is its thriving Sports industry. This implies many advantageous economic outcomes for yourself, such as the availability of jobs and higher earnings. You’ll also have a better chance of stepping up the career ladder or even starting your own sports agency. Besides these, learning from a thriving industry provides you with valuable insights and best practices that can help you start a career even outside Canada.

In relation to finding work in different places, Canada also provides graduates with varied career options. With a Sports Management degree, you can work as a manager, coordinator, supervisor, or coach for a sports team. Or you can choose to manage individual athletes. Whichever you choose, you’ll have the unique opportunity to join a billion-dollar industry. Sports management is also a combination of various fields, such as marketing, finance, and even law. Considering how extensive and inclusive it is, you’ll surely find jobs requiring these specializations in the sports industry.

3. Switzerland

  • Reasons: Diversity, and great opportunities to start a career

Switzerland joins the list of the top countries to study Sports Management. Among the reasons is that the country is known for its cultural diversity. As an international student, you might find it easier to adapt to a place where culture is more inclusive. Switzerland hosts successful industries, such as Finance and Technology. It’s why the country attracts professionals from around the world and it’s quite normal to see people from all walks of life comfortably interacting. Even languages are quite diverse, as the country recognizes four national languages: Italian, Romansh, German, and French.

What’s also ideal about studying in Switzerland is that there are great opportunities here to start a career. Aspiring sports managers may not always find their dream team right after graduation. It helps to start a career by learning first how the industry works, particularly in the management and finance fields. Switzerland is home to some of the Fortune 500 companies. Besides that, some of the universities in Switzerland are in direct partnership with major industry players, making it easier for graduates to secure jobs.

To start your education in Switzerland, make sure to send your application to these academic institutions:

4. Lithuania

  • Reasons: Internationally recognized academic system, relatively budget-friendly, and more receptive to international students

Lithuania is a country located in Northeastern Europe, next to the Baltic Sea, and is among the places international students go to for Sport Management degrees. One of the reasons for this is its internationally recognized academic system. Universities in this country follow the Bologna process for Higher Education, which is a standard for European academic institutions.

Considering that, you can be assured that completing your studies in Lithuania is quite the same as doing it in other European countries. Although, you might still prefer Lithuania since this country is also relatively budget-friendly, unlike other countries in Europe. Besides paying for less tuition, you also get to enjoy lower costs of living than 50% of the world’s countries.

If the academic system and the budget-friendly society haven’t enticed you yet, you might want to consider how receptive Lithuania is to international students. The Lithuanian people are incredibly welcoming and friendly, two qualities that can make your stay in a foreign land pleasant at the least, and memorable and life-fulfilling at the most. To get started on your studies, make sure to check out these universities in Lithuania:

5. Spain

  • Reasons: Sports culture, learning a new language, and renowned universities

Pursuing a managerial career is technically possible wherever you choose to study. But, becoming a sports manager, or any related job is only possible in countries that have high regard for the sports industry. And when it comes to the most sports-competitive countries in the world, Spain surely takes a spot. The country offers a lively sports culture, with tennis, basketball, and football as some of the favorites. It makes sense how Spain is also one of the best countries to study sports management.

While you can study English programs in Spain, studying here still affords you the opportunity to master your Spanish. If you’re looking to manage the likes of Pau Gasol or Rafael Nadal, learning Spanish is surely worth it. Before anything else, make sure to choose from renowned universities in Spain for your studies. Some of the top contenders are:


I hope that you found this article on the best countries to study sports management informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!