Students are becoming increasingly interested in data science, and it’s easy to see why. Skilled data science graduates are in high demand as businesses around the world realize the value of their information. As a blend of statistics and computer science, a career in data science is a wonderful fit for those who enjoy math and computers and who are analytical thinkers. Students who wish to pursue degrees in data science can find some of the greatest programs in the world by studying overseas.

Studying abroad in Poland is an excellent idea. A large variety of classes are available at a low cost. It is not only possible for their institutions to accommodate international students, but the university cities themselves provide a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities as well. As a result of the abundance of public and private institutions in nearly every major city, the educational options available to students are diverse and robust. They’re always tweaking their education and adding to it.

In this article, we will be discussing the best data science schools in Poland.

Top Data Science Schools in Poland

1. SGH Warsaw School of Economics

SGH Warsaw School of Economics is Poland’s oldest institution of higher education in economics. SGH is known for its long history, its ability to tailor its programs to the needs of its students, and its successful alumni. The university is considered an institution of higher learning that cultivates intellectual capacity and prepares leaders for the challenges of the future.  Academics and graduates, along with representatives from business, community organizations, and public administration are all involved in the creation of new ideas and activities at the university. An independent and socially sensitive institution, the SGH fosters civic and ethical attitudes through its teaching, research, and opinion-shaping efforts. ​​

The university provides students of this top data science institution with excellent abilities and knowledge in the collection and analysis of data from a wide range of sources through their data science programs. They can find employment as expert data analysts in a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing and banking. They can also work for the government or in academic research institutes after completing their degrees. Additionally, if students so want, they will be well-prepared to continue their own research and pursue a higher level of education.

2. AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH University of Science and Technology brand’s strength is something to be commended. The university has a well-established position in the country and is steadily gaining strength in other countries. Their greatest advantages are a solid budget, modernized facilities, experienced research and teaching personnel, talented and ambitious undergraduate students, graduate students, and PhD students. Their ERC award is one of the most significant achievements in AGH’s history, putting them at the forefront of scientific excellence. They also leave behind a trail of alumni who have carved out successful professions in the business, industrial, and research and development sectors.

The data science programs at the university are primarily concerned with the modeling and verification of information technology systems, as well as the analysis of enormous amounts of data. The graduates get a theoretical understanding as well as practical skills in a variety of topics such as information technology system modeling and verification, knowledge representation and reasoning, data mining, and sophisticated data-based systems and data warehouses, among other things.

3. Gdańsk University of Technology

Founded in 1897, Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) is one of Poland’s oldest and largest technical universities. The university has even been awarded the renowned ECTS Label for its commitment to educational excellence. Furthermore, most GUT Technology graduates also say they’re happy with their education as most of their graduates are working, and their salaries are some of the highest in Poland, according to surveys.

When it comes to making crucial judgments, it is always necessary to collect and analyze large amounts of information. The data science programs at the university contribute to this goal by bringing together the experience and expertise of two different fields: information technology and management. Students in this field of study will learn how to deal with vast volumes of data from a variety of sources and how to evaluate that data with the assistance of the university’s experienced instructors. Computer programs and algorithms, as well as a working grasp of mathematics, statistics, and economics, underpin all of this. Because of the large number of practical classes, one can be confident that upon graduation, students will not only be theoreticians but also experts who are prepared to function in the commercial sector as well.

Furthermore, after graduation, students can work in both IT departments of companies, where their IT expertise can be applied to the strategic objectives of the business, and economic departments, where they can apply their knowledge to identify the economic needs of a company. They can also work as members of development teams in fields such as information technology, banking, finance, and marketing. Knowing all these, it’s really no surprise that Gdańsk University of Technology is one of the best data science schools in Poland.

4. Kozminski University

Students at Kozminski University (KU) can choose from a wide selection of programs, all of which have full academic privileges. It was in the year 1993 that the university was established. It is a non-public university in Poland with a long history. With their international and national accreditations, KU has proven that they are committed to providing students with the best education and research opportunities possible while also demonstrating their socially responsible values. Employers are assured that new hires who hold degrees from this prestigious university will be well-versed in their fields and possess the necessary abilities to carry out their responsibilities professionally and successfully.

In addition, the university’s data science programs prepare students to work with big data in banking. Students will learn technical skills such as data identification, data gathering, analysis, interpretation, and transformation, as well as general finance knowledge. The latest trends in these fields, from venture capital to cloud computing, will be also be thoroughly examined.  Their curricula will also allow them to focus on professional business projects. Students can even choose to be paired with Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Accenture Operations, Oracle, Discovery, and others. Graduates will be able to handle business processes from data acquisition through processing and visualization, allowing them to contribute to strategic or financial decisions by applying their problem-solving skills and creative thinking. As a result, graduates will have the most career opportunities in all sectors.

5. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw ranks highly in comparisons of educational quality, particularly study programs. Aside from the university’s own annual evaluations, most students are happy with the university and its educational offerings. The university’s strengths include its reputation, development possibilities, and the atmosphere in which students may learn. More than 94% of the students who graduated from the University of Warsaw found work within six months of graduating, according to the survey results.

The University of Warsaw is one of Poland’s best data science schools as its data science program teaches students how to process and analyze ever-increasing volumes of data. Students learn data processing and analysis tools for both structured and unstructured data. Their courses emphasize natural language processing and network data analysis, particularly social network data analysis.

The programs also assist students in learning programming languages like Python, which are often used for data processing. Expertise in Big Data processing using Apache platforms and Cloud Computing is also provided. Furthermore, Machine Learning techniques are given special consideration in their data analytics. Artificial intelligence is even being used to increase the field’s understanding through deep learning and network and text analysis. That knowledge is combined with hands-on experience in tackling real-world challenges identified by industry experts.


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