Are you eager to pursue your artistic dreams? We have compiled just a few of the top drawing schools in this article. These institutions have had an excellent reputation in arts and design, having honed the skills of thousands of artists over the years.

Learn more about some of the world’s best drawing schools through our guide below.

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Top Drawing Schools in the World

1. Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art, regarded as one of the best drawing schools globally, is based in London but has more campuses across the country. It was founded in 1837. They offer only postgraduate degrees and short courses.

The Royal College of Art offers various degrees and short courses across its four schools – school of architecture, school of arts & humanities, school of communication, and school of design.

However, for drawing or illustration specifically, you can choose from eight relevant programs: MA Animation, MPhil/Ph.D. Communication, MRes RCA Communication Design Pathway, MA Print, MA Visual Communication and short courses on Art & Design Portfolio Development, Editorial Design, and The Graphic Novel: Visual Storytelling. They have also led drawing workshops for students from other schools, enhancing one’s art and skills.

2. University of the Arts London

The University of the Arts London is an English institution dedicated to arts, design, fashion, and performing arts. It was formed from the federation of six art colleges and was established in 2003.

The University of the Arts London offers short courses on drawing. These aim to improve your abilities by teaching new techniques or developing observational skills. Their courses are varied, with some intended for children, beginners, or all levels, making it one of the best drawing schools for all.

Besides the short courses, the university also has an undergraduate course called BA (Hons) Fine Art: Drawing. This program explores the world drawing by expanding students’ perception and interpretation. It is a three-year, full-time course that consists of three stages.

3. Parsons School of Design at the New School

Parsons School of Design is part of The New School. Located in New York City, United States, it was founded in 1896. A private institution offering programs in design and advertising, Parsons has produced hundreds of artistic alumni.

This institution offers an undergraduate program in illustration: BFA Illustration. It hones students’ skills in visually representing ideas and emotions through various media. Besides technical skills, their knowledge in history, theory, and the influence of visual art is also developed.

The BFA Illustration degree is a full-time, on-campus program set for four years. Graduates of this excellent institution for drawing may later pursue careers in illustration, comics, fine art, animation, and other opportunities. Parsons School of Design also offers many short courses, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in different fields of art.

4. Rhode Island School of Design

Another great institution for drawing, the Rhode Island School of Design was founded in 1877 to open more opportunities in design education to women. It is also home to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, one of the country’s largest college art museums.

Their illustration major in Rhode Island School of Design is more than just about technical skills and media. It is about making imagery that imparts messages and meaning. With that, they offer two programs for which students may pursue the field – BFA Illustration and MFA Illustration.

The BFA Illustration is a four-year program that allows students to explore media and understand contemporary themes and concepts. Meanwhile, their MFA illustration programs expose students to complex projects grounded on critical issues around illustration theory. They also participate in various seminars and studios, supplemented by further studies and elective courses.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Even though the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is more renowned for its science, engineering, and technology programs, it is also a forerunner in the arts. Indeed, the first architecture program in the country was established in this institution in 1865. So it’s not a surprise at all how MIT is considered as also one of the world’s best drawing schools.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, drawing classes, such as the Drawing for Designers class by Oana Botez and Sara Brown, are offered to students. This class aims to develop critical hand-drawing skills architects, artists, and designers need.

The institute’s School of Fine Arts & Applied Arts also offers undergraduate and master’s degree programs in applied arts, painting, and sculpture. The undergraduate courses can be accomplished within four years, while the master’s degree programs are set for two years.

6. Aalto University

Aalto University is a public institution in Espoo, Finland, that was established in 2010 through the merging of three major universities. Being Finland’s second-largest university, it welcomes more than ten thousand students.

Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design, and Architecture offers various workshops for ARTS students during the spring semester. One of these workshops includes drawing and painting, intended for core and optional courses in life drawing, freehand drawing, and contemporary art.

Besides the workshops, Aalto’s School of Arts, Design, and Architecture offers degree-granting programs. For undergraduates, a Bachelor’s Program in Design hones students’ skills in designing products, services, and systems. They also provide many options for master’s degree programs in the arts.

7. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the premier institutions in the United States that teaches art and design. It has its museum, on-campus galleries, and world-class facilities. For over 155 years, it has produced many notable artists and alumni.

Aspiring artists at this institute have the freedom to study any of their areas of study, including painting and drawing, and illustration. Under the Painting and Drawing Department, students get the opportunity to learn from its sterling faculty composed of more than 70 artists. All of them have had works presented in various galleries and museums.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree-granting programs. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio and a Master of Fine Arts in Studio programs. Students of these programs may opt to pursue painting and drawing.


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