With more career opportunities focusing on goods and services, the field of Economic studies is booming with aspiring economists to help shape the economy for the better. If you are good at data analysis, numeracy, and decision-making, you might want to consider being a professional Economist! Refer to the list below for a guide to some of the best economics schools in Europe.

Top Economic Schools in Europe

1. The London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Ranked as the number one social science university in Europe, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) creates a global impact while ensuring an inclusive learning environment for its diverse students. Their students have access to one of the largest economic and social science libraries in the world, making them well-equipped with academic and research excellence.

Their curriculums in economic, social, and political sciences have solid reputations in Europe. With over 15 undergraduate programs for economics, the university is a powerhouse of economic and social students with a high employability rate. They also offer postgraduate Economic programs such as Master’s and Ph.D. in Economics. All of these make LSE one of the best economics schools across Europe.

2. University of Oxford

As the oldest English university, the University of Oxford has centuries of learning experience in honing students to become scholars, scientists, social science experts, and world leaders.

Located in the UK, Oxford is a world-leading university that caters to local and international students. They have the largest library systems in the UK and offer facilities for learning and research in their numerous departments.

With over 30 colleges, students can choose which college location is best suited for their program and preferred environment. Oxford is considered as a leading school for economics in Europe. They offer undergraduate programs in economics, including BA in Economics and Management, BA History and Economics, and BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Students can also choose to take a 5-year joint Master’s and Ph.D. of Philosophy in Economics program, among over 10 postgraduate programs specialized in Economics.

3. University of Cambridge

A multicultural university with 31 constituent colleges, the University of Cambridge is the fourth oldest university in the world. It is a global university that has established international collaborations with large continents such as Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. They value technology and innovation in continuously progressing their academic excellence. With 110 Nobel Prize Laureates, 47 Heads of State, and 190 Olympic medalists, the University of Cambridge is a long-standing production house of brilliant alumni.

They offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Economics, including BA Economics, Master of Philosophy in Economic Research, MPhil in Finance and Economics, and Doctoral degrees. These programs are tailored to equip students with extensive knowledge in theoretical and practical economics that is key to solving real-world economic issues.

4. Bocconi University

A private university in the culturally rich city of Milan, Bocconi University shapes students to become innovators and future leaders since 1902. They specialize in programs that apply data analysis and political science while emphasizing globalization to establish partnerships with over 250 international partner schools.

Bocconi University is one of the best economics schools in Europe. They offer 3-year undergraduate programs in Economics with distinguished curriculums in International Economics and Management. They also offer other programs under Finance, Political Science, and Data Science.

Bocconi offers four master’s degrees that provide a complete learning experience that opens international opportunities to students. Their Ph.D. in Economics and Finance is also a great avenue for economic experts to learn with brilliant and motivating peers.

5. University College London

UCL is known as the first university in England to accept students regardless of religion, gender, and social background in England since 1826. As the top university for research studies, UCL is a pioneer in new teaching and learning approaches to produce groundbreaking research across many disciplines. UCL students are innovators and problem-solvers who are in demand during employment.

This excellent economics institution offers undergraduate programs for economics, including a unique BS in Economics with a year abroad. This provides students with a rigorous economic foundation and a year at an overseas university where they are taught by experienced experts with an innovative curriculum. They also offer postgraduate programs such as Master’s in Financial Economics and Urban Economic Development, among over 15 top-notch postgraduate programs.

6. The University of Warwick

Warwick is a world-leading university dedicated to challenging and inspiring students through excellence. Graduates from Warwick ranked among the top 10 highest earners in the UK after five years of university education. Warwick is home to diverse students, offering overseas opportunities with its international scope.

With 15 undergraduate and 15 postgraduate programs for economics, the University of Warwick provides students with an effective curriculum and expert professors that actively engage in both research and academic practice. Their wide array of economic specializations and countless career opportunities makes Warwick a university that fulfills the students’ academic and professional ambitions.

7. London Business School

As one of Europe’s leading economics schools, the LBS is dedicated to delivering a global outlook to students and bringing business ideas on a global spectrum. With a dynamic campus in London and Dubai, their state-of-the-art facilities produce business-minded students that can make it to the top of the finance world.

LBS exclusively offers Master’s and MBA programs that are centered in Finance and Global Management. They also offer a Ph.D. in Economics with a small number of specialist courses integrated with a rigorous academic curriculum. These programs encourage students to form motivating work relationships with their peers and faculty within a research-rich environment.


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