Going to Southeast Europe, Croatia is a small yet abundant country. Surrounded by breathtaking natural sceneries and a diverse population, you’ll surely love to stay in this country. More than that, Croatia is a good option for international students wanting to explore Europe.

Moreover, Croatia offers an outstanding quality of engineering education. If you’re an incoming engineering student, choosing this country will benefit your future as it provides a proven excellent education. This country has a long record of giving education to various areas of studies. You’ll have an established foundation in your field.

Since they are a diverse country, Croatian institutions will give you a worldwide point of view while learning. You’ll be amazed by the land itself and the education. In this article, let’s dig into some of the best engineering universities in Croatia!

Top Engineering Universities in Croatia

1. University of Zagreb

With more than 300 years of history in providing education, the University of Zagreb is continuously operating as they produce thousands of graduates in Croatia. They hold the record as the oldest university in the country and Southeast Europe. Today, they are accommodating more than 70,000 local and international students.

The University of Zagreb holds numerous faculties, offering a broad range of studies. In terms of engineering studies, they have different faculties per area of focus. As an incoming student here, you’ll have the option to choose your language, as they offer Croatian and English-taught academic programs. Together with the university, the engineering faculties here also have a long history of teaching and research in the field.

Engineering studies at the University of Zagreb is leading in Croatia. As they move towards globalization, their international activities in research and teaching are increasing. They also have accreditations to ensure the high quality of their academic programs. They are also a part of the European Union.

2. University of Split

The University of Split is known as a scientific-based institution. For the past decades, this university has focused on generating scientific research and teachings. They have a strong record of being a scientific and research center in Croatia in various academic fields, including engineering. They have collaborations in other European countries as they widen their education. It is no surprise that the University of Split is known as one of the best engineering universities in Croatia.

The University of Split has several engineering faculties. Since most of their faculties are science and technology-based, they have a wide range of engineering programs in every faculty that are open to undergraduate and graduate degrees. These engineering faculties have a strong foundation and record, ensuring the highest quality of learning and research. They aim to deliver education and research for the advancement of society.

Another feature of the University of Split is the numerous science and technology-related offices. As they promote research, they make sure that they produce studies and support the needs of scientific researchers. As an international student here, you’ll be exposed to various learning activities in the field.

3. University of Rijeka

A modernized Croatian educational institution, the University of Rijeka is one of the nation’s top-performing universities. It was established in 1974, and it is located in Croatia’s third-largest city, Rijeka. Its location is ideal for foreign students because you’ll find many places to visit and you’ll meet the country’s unique culture.

More than its location, there are a lot of reasons why you should study at the University of Rijeka. As they move towards innovation, this university offers a well-developed teaching method to its students. Engineering programs are available for undergraduate and graduate students, and these programs are under the Faculty of Engineering and the faculty of Civil Engineering. Today, these faculties are active in research and collaborations. Engineering students are widely exposed to their fields.

The engineering programs at this top-notch engineering school are built with a modernized structure for better learning. They are continuously developing their methods, campus, and the quality of education. Additionally, the university has an innovative campus made conducive for students. International students will feel comfortable in their environment as they finish their chosen programs.

4. Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (University of Osijek)

A leading educational institution in Croatia, the University of Osijek has been around since 1975. They offer numerous academic programs, and they have a broad range of disciplines available to local and foreign students. This university aims to create more research and contribute to various fields of study.

The engineering programs at the University of Osijek are under several faculties. The engineering faculties at the university have a long history of development as they build their reputation nationally. Together with the university, the engineering faculties are actively joining national and European collaborations.

The University of Osijek has a high national ranking in terms of rankings. They are included in the top five best universities for engineering Croatia, and globally speaking, the rankings of the University of Osijek continue to rise, emphasizing their excellence in the field.

5. University of Dubrovnik

A young public educational institution in Croatia, the University of Dubrovnik is considered the youngest university in the country. It was established in 2003, and they are positively growing in the education and research field.

They have engineering programs for local and international students with different degrees. Since the university has a strong background in science and technology-related subjects, you can expect high-quality engineering programs at the University of Dubrovnik are high-quality. As one of the best engineering universities in Croatia, the University of Dubrovnik provides an innovative environment for their students.

Additionally, the University of Dubrovnik provides extensive training and research for their future engineers. As they mold their students in their respective fields, the university continuously offers a dynamic and innovative education. In terms of international activities, this institution regularly participates in collaborations and others. Also, their medium of instruction is offered in different languages such as English, Italian, and others.


I hope this article on some of Croatia’s best engineering universities was insightful and helpful to you. You can also find more information about studying in Europe by checking out the Available Programs for International Students.