Studying in other countries is one of the best ways to explore and open a lot of doors in your chosen field. Especially in the engineering field, numerous learning and research opportunities will come your way if you study abroad. You’ll have a set of global perspectives, skills, and experience.

If you want to study engineering in Europe, you can consider the Czech Republic. This European country is a good option for incoming engineers because they offer affordable yet outstanding quality of education. Czech universities have a good standing in research and teaching, so you can expect that you’ll gain your competencies.

Also, you’ll meet their unique culture and people while getting your engineering degree. Whether you’re looking for an engineering undergraduate or graduate program, Czech institutions have them. In this article, let’s look at some of the best universities for engineering in the Czech Republic.

Top Engineering Universities in the Czech Republic

1. Czech Technical University in Prague

A modern technical institution, the Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the best engineering universities in the Czech Republic. It is also among the oldest institutions in Central Europe. This 300-year-old technical university continues to operate and provide engineering studies to local and foreign students. They are home to over 17,800 students, and as these students live in the country’s capital city, they enjoy the vibrant environment that the city offers.

The Czech Technical University in Prague currently has eight faculties focusing on engineering and related programs. Same with the university, the engineering faculties had a long and established record of excellence in training, research and education. For example, the Faculty of Engineering has been given numerous awards for their research, contribution, and teachings.

To expand the students’ learning experiences and more, the Czech Technical University in Prague has various partners and memberships in different organizations. For national rankings, they are currently the top institution for engineering in the Czech Republic. In the global rankings, they belong to the top 25% of the universities worldwide, emphasizing their expertise in the field.

2. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

One of the top-performing institutions in the Czech Republic, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, provides various engineering programs. They reached their 100th year in 2016, and they are continuously operating as they offer different degrees and programs for the local and foreign students. As they move forward, the percentage of their international students’ population is growing.

The engineering programs at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague are under one faculty. The Faculty of Engineering of the university started in 1952, and they have undergone numerous developments as they strive for innovation. Incoming engineering students of this excellent engineering school can choose from a wide range of academic programs in the faculty as they have ten engineering departments.

For the past decades, the Faculty of Engineering of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has produced thousands of graduates in the field. They are also a part of numerous organizations, and they are actively contributing to research and others. Additionally, the instructors and faculty members have a strong background in engineering, ensuring the high quality of education they provide.

3. Brno University of Technology

Beautifully located in one of the Czech Republic’s modernized cities, the Brno University of Technology is the leading educational institution for engineering studies. They have a student population of more than 19,000 students, and their campus is located near huge engineering companies, making it a good opportunity for their future engineers.

The Brno University of Technology has eight faculties, and six are engineering-related. The university takes pride in the high quality of education for local and international students. The engineering programs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, making them more nurturing. They have invested millions of money in having the latest technology for their students.

As a result of their top-performing education and research, they have a high employment rate for their graduates. Most of their students are easily employed within six months after their graduation. This emphasizes that the university fully equips its engineering students with the practical knowledge and necessary skills they need.

4. VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

Highly acknowledged for its outstanding engineering education and research, the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava is one of the best engineering universities in the Czech Republic. This polytechnic university was built in 1849, and as they celebrate their 173rd year, they continuously produce top-performing graduates in engineering.

The VSB – Technical University of Ostrava provides engineering students a unique learning experience as they offer hands-on learning and a good environment. Additionally, they have well-equipped facilities for their programs. Students have access to these laboratories and facilities to create research and make discoveries.

In terms of rankings and awards, the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava is included in the top 4% of universities globally. Also, they have a good standing for student satisfaction, as they offer a conducive learning environment for their students.

5. University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

The leading expert in providing Chemistry and related programs, the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is another Czech institution that you should consider if you’re going to study engineering in the country because aside from chemistry programs, they have highly competitive engineering programs.

This university has produced a lot of researches in various scientific fields, including engineering. They have an established background in producing studies, as they are home to some Noble laureates and award-winning researches. Together with this, we can expect that you’ll get the highest quality of education in your chosen engineering field.

Moreover, engineering students are exposed to hands-on learning. The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, practically prepares students for their fields with modern facilities and equipment. International students are highly satisfied with their learning experience in the field.


I hope this article on the best engineering universities in the Czech Republic was insightful and helpful to you. Feel free to check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.