The learning environment in Denmark is something to aspire for. The academic culture is superb, and aside from the apparent high-quality education it offers, regardless of the student’s field of study, collaboration with fellow students is mostly prioritized by all universities and institutions in the country.

Many Denmark universities provide free tuition fees to EU/EEA students. As for non-member states, there are a handful of scholarships offered. Since the country saw an increasing number of international students coming every year, most institutions provide English-taught study programs at all levels. A wide variety of academic programs from Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, and even Music are entirely taught in English.

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive list of some of the best English-taught universities in Denmark. This list will be very useful for students who plan to study in Denmark in the near future.

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Top English-Taught Universities in Denmark

1. University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The University of Southern Denmark is among the best English-taught universities in Denmark. It is also an excellent choice for students who prefer an informal learning setting where the student-instructor relationship is quite casual. The academic culture is the university’s pride, making them unique to other universities in Denmark.

There are several bachelor’s programs offered in SDU. The area of study in Engineering, Humanities, and Business and Social Sciences has several study programs taught in English. The institution offers eight study programs in the Engineering department alone, one in the Humanities department, and three in the Business and Social Sciences department. Also, the university offers numerous master’s programs entirely conducted in English. For aspirant students, a comprehensive list of programs can be viewed here. The highest educational level the university can award is a Ph.D. degree. Professionals from all over the world can pursue a degree in the university as it offers numerous doctoral programs from different fields of study.

Moreover, EU students taking up an English-taught Engineering program do not need to pay tuition fees. This is a great opportunity not to miss for individuals residing in any EU member state.

2. VIA University College

In VIA University College, the academic programs are structured by incorporating traditional Danish learning with advanced learning to create comprehensive and innovative courses. Also, while still retaining these unique academic structures, the institution now offers English-taught programs to promote internationalization within its campus.

Several field-specific and bachelor’s programs are offered at VIA University College. From Character Animation, Graphic Storytelling, Construction Technology to a more traditional study program in Software Technology Engineering and Climate Supply Engineering. These in-demand specialized programs are mostly what the current market is looking for. Moreso, to keep up with the digital age, master’s programs are offered online in partnership with top-rated universities abroad. Focusing more on health science, the online programs offered are Occupational Therapy, Nursing Practice, Gerontological Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Neurological Physiotherapy, and General Master of Rehabilitation.

3. The Royal Danish Academy of Music

For music lovers, Denmark is probably one of the places in Europe that offers an outstanding curriculum in Music. Situated in the metropolitan city of Copenhagen, the Royal Danish Academy of Music is a highly respected music academy regionally and internationally. Musically inclined students from around the globe aim to be part of this renowned institution as it offers high-quality education in Music.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is a top English-taught school in Denmark, with most bachelor’s and master’s programs being taught in English. Among all its bachelor’s programs, only the Music Teaching program is not in English. Music degree programs specializing in Aural Training, Conducting, Harp, Piano, and Voice are also available as master’s programs. The academy’s primary goal is to produce highly qualified and respected musical professionals. Student aspirants must be determined to pursue this kind of degree as admission qualifications are pretty challenging.

4. Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School is one of Denmark’s most prominent business schools. The institution has devoted itself to producing business professionals and leaders that can occupy high positions in large companies regionally and abroad. Most of its academic programs are research-based, and with continuous research and study, the school only provides advanced and modern programs to its students.

A lot of its study programs are taught in English. There are about eight English-taught study programs at the bachelor’s level and more than twenty English-taught master’s programs. Some of the undergraduate degree programs offered are BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture, BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management, and BSc in International Business and Politics. Graduate programs range in MSc in Business Administration and Data Science, MSc in Economics and Business Administration (with numerous specializations), and MSc in Social Science. As for doctoral aspirants, there are four ways to become a Ph.D. student in the institution. These are to become a Research Fellow, an Independent Ph.D. Student, an Industrial Ph.D. Fellow or Visiting Ph.D. student. Either way, all applicants will be thoroughly assessed, and only limited slots will be available for eligible researchers.

5. Aalborg University

Aalborg University is also among the best English-taught universities in Denmark. It follows the problem-based learning approach to all its academic programs. To put it simply, students will have to work in groups and work on a specific project every semester. Applying this method will allow students to think analytically and develop essential teamwork capabilities. Also, this is a way of preparing students to build core competencies seen in the labor market.

Currently, there are three undergraduate programs offered at Aalborg University. Bachelor’s degree programs in Applied Industrial Electronics, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, and Language & International Studies are the only English-taught programs provided. As for master’s and Ph.D. programs, international students can study various graduate programs in Humanities, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Technical Sciences, and Natural Sciences.


I hope that you found this article on the best English-taught universities in Denmark informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!