Qatar has been gaining traction over the years, both economically and academically. Indeed, as more universities are being established in the country, more international students are enticed to earn their degrees here. While many may think that the language barrier would make the transition hard for international students, that may not be the greatest challenge in Qatar.

In 1997, the Education City was launched, which is now the home of many branches of prestigious universities worldwide. Some of the well-known institutions with a campus in this city are Virginia Commonwealth University, Georgetown University, HEC Paris, and University College London. Many offer English programs or courses, making it easier for international students to adapt to Qatar. In this article, we will be looking at the best English-taught schools in Qatar!

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Top English-Taught Universities in Qatar

1. Qatar University

Qatar University in Doha is the country’s leading English-taught university in research and academics and was established in 1977. The institution makes sure that its programs meet international standards to ensure that high-quality education is being delivered. The same standard is also imposed upon its research centers. No wonder then that 17 of them are regarded as centers of excellence.

The language of instruction at Qatar University is English and Arabic. Depending upon the program, it may solely be English or Arabic, or a combination of both. The university offers the most diverse array of programs, ensuring that students have many academic paths to choose from. Specific programs may also have restrictions, such as only being available for a certain gender. For instance, the English Literature and Linguistics major offered in English is available for females only.

Students may pursue undergraduate, master’s, doctorate, and diploma studies at Qatar University. The institution has ten colleges that offer various programs and requirements. The College of Arts and Sciences offers all its undergraduate science majors in English. Meanwhile, other colleges may offer specific programs in Arabic only or both English and Arabic. Should English be the program’s language of instruction, you may have to submit proof of proficiency or undertake an English foundation program.

2. Texas A&M University in Qatar

Texas A&M University in Qatar is a branch of the prestigious engineering forerunner Texas A&M University in the United States. This branch was established in 2003. It is located in Al Rayyan, Qatar. The same high standards and quality of education are imposed on this campus to ensure that students receive high-caliber training in engineering.

Texas A&M University – Qatar also teaches in top programs in English. This makes the transition into university life easier for university students. However, one must present proof of English proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL scores.

There are several undergraduate programs students may pursue at Texas A&M University Qatar. This includes chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, and other minor programs. However, options for graduate programs are limited since there are only two master’s programs in chemical engineering currently offered at this branch.

3. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, United States, is one of the world’s top educational institutions, especially in computer science, management information, and business. It would then be no surprise that its first campus branch in Qatar would offer the same high-level quality education sought-after by many.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar was established in 2004 after Carnegie Mellon University accepted Qatar Foundation’s invitation to join Education City. Since then, students from various countries have been accepted into the Doha branch. They even have an International Day to celebrate such diversity.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is among the best English-taught schools in Qatar and also requires proof of English proficiency through language exams or SAT scores. Currently, only four undergraduate programs are being offered in the institution – biological sciences, business administration, computer science, and information systems. No graduate programs are being offered at this branch.

4. Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Hamad Bin Khalifa University is also a member of the Qatar Foundation and was founded in 2010. It can also be found in Education City, similar to Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and Texas A&M University in Qatar. It is a graduate research university; hence, more graduate programs are offered than undergraduate courses.

Students must demonstrate English proficiency to be accepted into English-taught programs. Most graduate programs in Hamad Bin Khalifa University are taught in English, thus, requiring that the student know the language. However, some, like M.A. in Contemporary Islamic Studies: Specialization in Fiqh and Society, require Arabic proficiency.

Hamad Bin Khalifa University currently offers only one undergraduate program, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. On the other hand, the institution provides many master’s and doctorate programs through its six colleges. They also have a Juris Doctor program.

5. Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar

Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar is another academic institution and an excellent English-taught school in the country established in Education City. It was founded in 2001, making it the first American medical school to open overseas. It is a branch campus of Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University.

Weill Cornell Medicine is one of the United States’ most prestigious and selective medical schools. Out of thousands of applicants, only a few hundred are accepted annually. Its overseas campus also extends the same quality education and training level to its students.

This medical school offers an integrated medical program. It is a six-year program that helps reduce the number of admissions procedures aspiring medical students must overcome. Thus, instead of applying again after two years of pre-medicine courses, six-year curriculum students may immediately proceed to medicine proper studies. However, those who undertook pre-medical training in other institutions may pursue their four-year medical curriculum.


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