Spain is a nation rich in history and culture, making it a top destination for both tourists and students. Indeed, its educational background is also as rich as its beautiful sites, with its oldest university, the University of Salamanca, being established in 1218 – more than a century ago!

If you dream of getting a degree in Spain but are not fluent in the language, many options are still available for you. Many schools offer English-taught programs and courses, which you can take up while studying Spanish. This makes the transition for many international students easier and better.

In the guide below, we let you in on some of the best English-taught universities in Spain.

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Top English-taught Universities in Spain

1. Universitat de Barcelona

The Universitat de Barcelona or the University of Barcelona is a large public university located in Catalonia, Spain. More than 70,000 students are welcomed into its facilities every year. It is also one of the country’s most ancient institutions, established in 1450.

Various subject areas are covered by the programs offered at the University of Barcelona – humanities, sciences, and engineering. Its degree programs have high-performance ratings – 89% for undergraduate degrees and 95% for master’s studies. The institution is also part of the League of European Research Universities and a top-notcher in innovation.

The Universitat de Barcelona is recognized as one of Spain’s best English-taught universities and offers a variety of undergraduate and master’s level programs in English. Some may be taught solely in English (100%) or partially only. The 100% English-taught bachelor’s programs are bioinformatics, business administration and management, English studies, international business, physiotherapy, and tourism. They also offer many master’s degree programs like labor economics, plant biology, pure and applied logic, translational medicine, and some Erasmus Mundus master’s programs.

2. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona or Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was created in the same year as the Autonomous University of Madrid, in 1968. It is among Spain’s leading universities, often competing for the top slots with other elite universities. More than 20,000 students enter the university’s halls every year.

More than 100 academic programs and courses are offered at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and many of them are available in English. These courses allow thousands of international students to pursue their studies in the university.

Here are some of the institution’s English-taught undergraduate programs: business administration & management, economics, tourism, primary education, English & Spanish, etc. They also offer around 80 English master’s level programs, graduate diplomas, and specialization courses such as data science, advanced genetics, bioinformatics, specialized economic analysis, etc. They also have Erasmus Mundus master’s programs. There are also more than 65 Ph.D. programs you can choose from, categorized into arts & humanities, sciences, social & juridical sciences, health sciences & engineering.

3. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid or the Autonomous University of Madrid was founded in 1968. It is among Spain’s top-ranking institutions and Europe’s most prestigious universities. The institution is currently committed to thousands of international agreements and conventions and hundreds of research projects.

While the university’s primary language of instruction is Spanish, this institution is also a. top English-taught university in Spain. They offer a couple of English-taught master’s, undergraduate, summer, and tailor-made courses. Some of their English-taught master’s level programs are mathematics & applications, biotechnology, quantitative economic analysis, nuclear physics, etc. These programs may last for a year up to two years.

On the other hand, they also collaborate with universities worldwide to conduct tailor-made courses available during the academic year or in summer. For instance, they have a science program taught by the Autonomous University of Madrid’s professors to Boston University students. The program’s courses are part of the regular courses for Science major students.

4. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)

The creation of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) or the Pompeu Fabra University can be traced to 1990. Since then, the institution has remained dedicated to its principles and objectives, training individuals with values and contributing to research. It has grown into seven schools, a polytechnic school, and eight departments.

The programs in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra are centered on three areas – social sciences & humanities, health & life sciences, and ITC & communication sciences. More than 10,000 students pursue these programs at various levels (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral).

The university offers seven English-taught undergraduate programs: audiovisual systems engineering, computer engineering, international business economics, law, and telecommunications network engineering. For master’s level, their programs are categorized into health & life sciences, economic & business sciences, political & social sciences, communication, law, information & communication technologies, and translation & language sciences. Examples of master’s programs are biomedical research, data science, marketing, international relations, global law, strategic communication & public relations, etc. Doctoral students may choose from four English-taught Ph.D. programs: biomedicine; political & social sciences; economics, finance & business; and information & communication technologies.

5. IE (Instituto de Empresa) University

Another one of the best English-taught universities in Spain is IE University, a private business school established in 1973 in Madrid, Spain. It currently has campuses in the cities of Segovia and Madrid. The institution is top-ranking in terms of business administration and employability. Different accreditation bodies also recognize their undergraduate programs. For instance, its bachelor’s in business administration program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

The university has seven learning pathways – business & management; leadership & talent development; finance, economics, & trade; technology & data; marketing, communication, & media; design & architecture; and law, international affairs, & public policy. These pathways help group together related programs and subject areas, allowing you to decide on one that fits your career goals.

Many bachelor’s degree programs are available at IE University: business administration, economics, applied mathematics, international relations, behavior & social sciences, design, etc. Some English master’s programs are applied economics, finance, and management. Its two doctoral programs – Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor in Management (Ph.D.) – are both in English.


I hope that you found this article on the best English-taught universities in Spain informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!