Forestry in simple terms is the management of trees. Whether it’d be through planting, conserving, or caring for them, it can still be considered as ‘management’. Moreover, the course has developed to not only manage it but also use the knowledge learned in a future perspective. Of course, in conserving trees, you are not only conserving them for the present but also the future.

Aside from that, Forestry can be wide and varied when it comes to the subjects to learn from. It can branch out towards law and ethics or even philosophy. This is because not only are students under this field planning to conserve it using physical actions, they’re also preventing further exploitations from abusive companies or corporations. That is why students can also acquire jobs in the field of law or consultant depending on their areas of interest and expertise. In this article, we will be looking at the best forestry schools in the world!

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Top Forestry Schools in the World

1. University of California Berkeley, United States

The Master’s program at the University of California Berkeley aims to further the student’s knowledge and understanding of forestry, with their focus shifted towards environmental planning of sustainable systems in the context of the resource. They are encouraged to conduct research, especially since they would also have to pass a professional paper as a requirement of the school

Moreover, the University of California Berkeley is among the top forestry schools in the world and has consistently ranked the highest in the field of environmental science, guaranteeing the high quality of teaching when it comes to all other related subjects. Moreover, the curriculum also promotes internships and even an oral examination so students will be able to improve on their communication and collaborative skills while still under the graduate department of the university.

2. Oregon State University, United States

Oregon State University is one of the best forestry universities across the globe that prepares its students to properly manage the ecosystem, specifically in a forest setting. After completing the course, they should be able to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding as to why and how to protect the earth and its natural resources. This will include the management of landscapes and how to sustainably harvest timber.

The concentrations can be divided into three. One is Forest Restoration and Fire, the other is Forest Management, and the last is Forest Operations. This allows the broad subject to branch out to specific fields, whether it’d be to another broad subject such as Forest Management or a more specific one such as Forest Restoration and Fire.

3. Purdue University, United States

At Purdue University, students will be able to apply their ecological and economic knowledge by using it to develop or innovate sustainable forest practices. Students should be able to clearly understand ecosystem functions, natural and human disturbance, and ecosystem resilience. Moreover, they have around four concentrations such as Urban Forestry.

Moreover, the careers within this field aren’t that limited. One can expect to be a Forester, Arborist, Consultant, Restoration program associate, property manager, or pursue graduate school. Moreover, they can also find jobs within the field of agriculture, public service, or even science and research. This proves that not only is it a noble degree to take, but the interests within it are vast to be able to branch out to different types of jobs.

4. Beijing Forestry University, China

The Beijing Forestry University, as the name suggests, focuses on Forestry and other similar courses specifically ecological environment. Their degree spans up to four years, with one of their key aspects being forestry engineering. The Beijing Forestry University is one of the top institutions for forestry around the world and is known for having subjects such as sciences, engineering, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and even philosophy.

Basic qualifications for a program in this location are quite simple, you need to be over the age of eighteen, have good virtue, and be willing to abide by the law of the Chinese government, this also includes the proper respect for Chinese culture and traditions. Moreover, the success of the application is highly based on the applicant’s educational background, making the university very academically focused.

5. North Carolina State University, United States

North Caroline State University offers three graduate programs. A Master in Forestry, a Master of Science in Forestry, and a Ph.D. in Forestry and Environmental Resources. This is because the university is much more focused on furthering the knowledge of their students rather than instilling the fundamentals or basic knowledge in Forestry.

Moreover, it is among the leading schools for forestry in the world and an internationally recognized institution when it comes to graduate education. That is because they produce graduates that are passionate about contributing to the advancement or maintaining of society’s welfare through environmental management and the likes.

6. Michigan State University, United States

Michigan State University is another excellent university for forestry in the world that offers a hands-on experience with the study that allows the students to apply their knowledge through personally experiencing the management aspects of Forestry. This prepares them to be leaders in the field of sustainable development and allows them to develop necessary skills that can only be improved through personal experiences.

Moreover, graduates of the field can find themselves in the field of forest and land management, conservation and public policy, sustainable bioproducts, and tree care and consulting. The students within the university also maintain close contact with their professors which provides the students further guidance in their respective careers.

7. Virginia Tech, United States

Virginia Tech is focused on the sustainability aspects of forestry, students will get to know more about the life cycles of different tree species and their management. Students will learn how to lead as well as the land-use ethics which can be useful with finding a way to conserve and develop timber, especially during the time of the earth’s crisis.

Students in Virginia Tech receive world-class forestry programs and are expected to have an active role in defending nature, that’s why some of the graduate options are a career as a wildland firefighter, or a natural resource planning and policy advisor. Overall, students in this school are very hands-on and passionate about the importance of trees in our everyday life and how they’re an integral part of our survival in the world.


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