Based on the Department of Education, Skills & Employment (DESE) data, in 2021, more than 550,000 international students went to Australia to study. It is 17% less than the number of incoming international students in the previous year. Despite the significant decrease in the number due to the pandemic, Australia remains one of the most popular destinations among students from other countries who seek high-quality education.

Australia has rich culture and history and numerous globally renowned universities with outstanding Arts and Humanities programs. In addition, its excellent living standards and relatively high compensation package for workers make it an attractive place where Humanities degree holders can find good career opportunities.

On the other hand, one downside of studying in Australia is the high education cost. Fortunately, the Australian government, most universities, and many private organizations or individuals offer generous scholarships for promising international students to encourage them to pursue higher education in the country. Let’s take a look at the best universities for humanities in Australia!

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Top Humanities Universities in Australia

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is among the top higher education institutions and an excellent humanities school in Australia. It opened in 1853 and became the second oldest university in the country. From its humble beginnings, the university has now expanded into a world-class institution with almost 50,000 students and 8,000 teaching and administrative staff. Its global reputation helps it attract international students, who comprise more than a quarter of its student population.

The Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Melbourne ranks first among Arts and Humanities programs in Australia and 18th globally. The university also boasts state-of-the-art facilities that offer the best educational environment for its students.

The program lasts three years for full-time students and six years part-time. It provides a flexible and interdisciplinary approach where students are free to select their Humanities major and explore a wide range of minor courses. Upon graduation, students will have gained knowledge and skills that prepare them for promising career opportunities in various fields like research, academe, museums, journalism, politics, and social work.

2. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is another top humanities institution in Australia that started as a public higher education institution in 1850, making it the oldest in Australia. Throughout its over 170 years of history, the university has produced some of the most influential people in the country, including seven Prime Ministers and numerous industrial and social leaders. Today, the university enjoys the prestige of being one of the best academic institutions nationally and globally.

Many Arts and Humanities programs at the University of Sydney, including Archaeology, English Language & Literature, Geography, History, Psychology, and Sociology, are considered among the top three in Australia and top 10 – 40 worldwide.

The university’s Bachelor of Arts program allows students to select a major and a minor from a wide range of Humanities courses. In addition, they can choose some electives to expand the breadth of knowledge they can gain in the discipline. Depending on their course combinations, students may also pursue a Master’s program to deepen their understanding and experience in their chosen field.

3. Monash University

Monash University is a leading university for humanities in Australia that opened in 1958 as a global university with campuses in various locations in Australia, Italy, and Asian countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With its extensive network of educational centers, the university now hosts almost 86,000 students and over 16,000 staff.

The university’s Bachelor of Arts degree is available at the Caulfield and Clayton campuses on a full-time basis that lasts for three years. It offers a flexible course structure where students can explore various courses in their first year and focus on a major from over 30 choices starting in their second year. Students may also apply for a double degree by combing a Humanities or Social Science major with a degree in business, education, or technology.

Interested students may also pursue a two-year Master of Arts program available at the Caulfield, Clayton, and Malaysia campuses. The graduate program is also available full-time or part-time off-campus for those interested in remote learning.

4. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a recognized humanities school that officially opened in Sydney, Australia, in 1949. The university specializes in research and innovation and has gained global recognition because of it. Currently, the university has roughly 7,000 administrative, teaching, and research staff and approximately 59,000 students.

UNSW has a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree program where students can choose a study area relevant to their future career goals. Students may also study one semester abroad in one of UNSW’s over 200 partner universities to expand their network and gain a solid background that would make it easier for them to secure a globally competent job.

UNSW students have a high chance of getting employed upon graduation, thanks to the university’s high employability rating. Meanwhile, those who want to further specialize in their selected field of study may pursue a two-year combined Master of Arts and Social Science degree.

5. Australian National University

Plans to establish a national university began in late 1944, and the Australian National University (ANU) was officially established in 1946. It is currently the top university for humanities in Australia and takes pride in six Nobel Laureates and numerous globally outstanding alumni who have reputable positions in politics, business, research, and more.

The most popular degree at ANU is its Bachelor of Arts program, where students must complete a 144-unit curriculum in three years by selecting from a wide range of Humanities study areas one major, a second major or two minors, and electives offered by the university. The courses range from Ancient History and Philosophy to Linguistics and Digital Humanities. With the massive course offerings, students are sure to find those they are interested in.

ANU also offers two-year Master of Philosophy and four-year Doctor of Philosophy research programs in Humanities and the Arts to provide graduate students with skills to secure promising professions in the academe, government, and research sectors.


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