Built with over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is another country to consider if you want to study humanities for your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. This country its abundant natural places, delicacies, and more. Aside from that, they had a long list of historical events, starting from their discovery. Studying here will give you a diverse perspective on culture, people, and traditions.

In terms of education, Filipinos place huge importance on being educated or finishing a degree. So, as an international student here, you can expect that you will receive a quality education. In Asia, the Philippines’ educational system is acknowledged as more developed compared to their neighboring countries.

A lot of learning opportunities await you in the Philippines as you study humanities here. In this article, let’s look into the best universities for Humanities that you can consider if you study here!

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Top Humanities Universities in the Philippines

1. University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines is the top-performing educational institution and a top school for humanities in the country. This university has several campuses located in different parts of the Philippines, and proudly speaking, they pioneered the development of the educational system. Being the only National University of the Philippines, this university continues to serve Filipinos and international students wanting to take their degrees here.

Humanities studies are under several colleges of the University of the Philippines, and the Arts and Letters Cluster of the university focuses on humanities. This cluster includes arts and letters, fine arts, human kinetics, mass communication, and music. Same with the university, these colleges have a long history of academic development as they move with modernization. Additionally, these colleges are fully active in research, activities, and more.

As a student at the University of the Philippines, you’ll be provided with the highest quality of teaching. You will also gain the global skills you need in your chosen field, especially in the humanities field.

2. Ateneo de Manila University

More than 160 years of providing education to Filipinos and international students, Ateneo de Manila University is one of the top-tier universities and a leading school for humanities in the Philippines. Since they have a long record of producing education and research, this university has played an important role in the innovation of education in the country. Today, they have numerous academic programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Ateneo de Manila University’s School of Humanities has eight departments ranging from Filipino studies to theology. They have various academic programs for the undergraduate, masters’, and doctoral degrees specializing in humanities and related disciplines. They have an impressive list of educational programs that emphasize their strength in different aspects of humanities. In the undergraduate programs, you can enroll specifically in a Bachelor of Arts major in Humanities.

Moreover, students in the School of Humanities can explore their options in choosing their majors. Since the school aims to develop its students with a strong background in humanities and related disciplines, they provide a well-built curriculum to ensure learning in the field.

3. University of Santo Tomas

With 410 years in the educational history of the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas is the oldest operating institution in the country and Asia. It was built in 1611, and for the past centuries, they have undergone milestones that made their reputation today. The University of Santo Tomas is a recognized institution for humanities in the Philippines and is acknowledged for its education in various fields such as engineering, medicine, arts, and humanities.

The University of Santo Tomas offers various humanities programs and related areas of study in different degrees under the Faculty of Arts and Letters. It has nine departments open to local and international undergraduate students. The university’s graduate school also provides numerous specializations under the Humanities and Social Science department.

Since the birth of the Faculty of Arts and Letters and the Graduate School, they have produced many professionals that have created a huge impact in the country’s various industries. They also have research journals and publications dedicated to humanities and related disciplines, showing their active role in the industry.

4. De La Salle University

One of the outstanding universities and a leading school for humanities in the Philipines, the De La Salle University is a private university widely known for its excellence in producing research in various disciplines and education for undergraduate and graduate degrees. This private Catholic institution is situated in the heart of the Philippines, Manila, making it more accessible to many students, including foreign ones.

The College of Liberal Arts of the university has come a long way of history and milestones. They are one of De La Salle University’s pride as they offer a broad range of humanities and related programs. As an incoming undergraduate or graduate student here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various programs in humanities that you’re interested in.

The College of Liberal Arts is built with active researchers, leading instructors, and professors in the field. As they aim to mold their students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the field, they provide many resources to their students as they study in the university.

5. University of Asia and the Pacific

The University of Asia and the Pacific is one of the best universities for humanities in the Philippines that has a well-known reputation, and they take pride in their liberal arts education. Since 1967, the university has provided several academic programs in the field of economics, management, and humanities.

One advantage of studying humanities at the University of Asia and the Pacific is that they offer an integrated curriculum that builds the student’s foundation in humanities, then moves to a specialty. They also have a five-year academic program in humanities, which after three years of undergraduate education in liberal arts, they can continue it to a Master’s degree. The university’s programs are known to be comprehensive.

The University of Asia and the Pacific also have a wide range of humanities majors. They have a direct bachelor’s degree, a major in creative writing, or health humanities. If you are interested in these specializations, you can consider this university.


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