A Scandinavian country based in Northern Europe, Sweden is another country to consider if you’re eyeing to study abroad, especially if you’re taking a humanities program. Aside from its breathtaking views, Sweden is popular for its music, art, and history – all relating to the humanities.

Another reason to study in Sweden is that they offer internationally recognized education. Their universities and colleges have had a consistent position in global rankings, emphasizing their outstanding teaching and research. One unique characteristic of Swedish institutions is that they promote unconventional learning. So, you’ll expect an innovative and dynamic form of a learning experience.

In this country, you’ll maximize your study years as you finish your humanities degree. You’ll also have a lot of choices in picking a university for your degree. In this article, we’ll help you choose a university, as we list down the five best universities in Sweden for humanities!

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Top Humanities Universities in Sweden

1. Stockholm University

Located in the heart of Sweden, Stockholm University is an excellent humanities school in Sweden and is one of the top-performing educational institutions in the country. They are one of the well-respected universities with an excellent standing nationally and globally. As they prepare their students for their careers, this university has built its reputation in conducting research and teaching local and international students.

Today, Stockholm University offers a wide range of academic programs and degrees. In total, they have four faculties and 53 departments. The Faculty of Humanities has 19 departments, and they have a long list of academic programs available. As an incoming student here, you’ll have a lot of choices in the humanities field. Their specializations range from archaeology, language, history, and a lot more.

Stockholm University’s Faculty of Humanities is the biggest humanities faculty in the country. Out of the university’s total population, this faculty houses more than 10,000 students. As a whole, Stockholm University is included in the top 100 universities of the globe, proving their excellence in the field.

2. Lund University

Home to more than 44,000 students, Lund University is one of the oldest universities and is an excellent school for humanities in Sweden. Since its establishment in 1666, they have provided quality education and research to local and international students. As this university continues to operate, they strongly promote their world-class research and teaching. They have established their reputation internationally by making collaborations and activities with other universities abroad.

In terms of humanities studies, they have the Joint Faculty of Humanities and Theology. In this faculty, they have eight departments that cover human and religious studies. Same with the university, this faculty had a long record of providing education, as they have been a part of the university since its establishment. Now, they are one of the country’s leading providers of humanities programs.

To support their student’s learning, the Joint Faculty of Humanities and Theology of Lund University provides enormous resources. They have libraries and facilities open to students for education and research. As a whole, Lund University has had a consistent position in global rankings for the past decades, emphasizing its outstanding quality of teaching and research.

3. Uppsala University

Since its foundation in 1477, Uppsala University continues to serve a student population of more than 50,000 students. They are considered the longest-running university in Sweden and Nordic countries. For centuries, they have produced thousands of professionals in the field that became prominent in the country. They have built their global reputation and established a strong network in other institutions abroad.

The Uppsala University is a top school for humanities in Sweden and has three main disciplinary domains. One of them, the Humanities and Social Sciences, holds the faculties and departments relating to humanities. The faculties under this category are broad, ranging from arts, theology, and social sciences. In every faculty, they have specific departments for every humanities discipline. As you can see, the humanities discipline in the university is wide. As a student here, you’ll be exposed to a comprehensive foundation, creating a good foundation for your career.

Additionally, Uppsala University is consistently listed in global rankings. These numbers and positions prove their strong and continuous excellence in teaching and research.

4. University of Gothenburg

From the second-largest city, Gothenburg, the University of Gothenburg is another leading institution in Sweden to consider if you want to take a humanities degree. For the past 130 years, this public university has gained high standing in Sweden and internationally.

If you’re looking forward to taking academic programs related to philosophy, language, history, and others, the University of Gothenburg’s Faculty of Humanities is the right place for you! This faculty offers various programs for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees. This faculty offers a long list of freestanding courses available to students.

In terms of research, this faculty plays a huge role in producing and creating studies in humanities and related disciplines. They are active in hosting research groups as they promote humanities. Facilities and campus for the humanities students in the university are also modernized and well-equipped.

5. Örebro University

Established in 1999, the Örebro University results from the merging of four different institutions in Sweden. Since then, they’ve become a top-performing university in the country that houses more than 15,000 students. Even though they are a young institution, they have been awarded by National councils and agencies for their teaching, degrees, and research.

One of Örebro University’s schools, the School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, delivers an outstanding humanities program in Sweden and is widely open for local and international students. This school takes pride in its innovative research and academic programs. They offer diversified programs tailored to the student’s interests.

Like Örebro University’s pride in research, the School of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences also creates studies in a wide range of topics in humanities. They have a long list of research subjects and centers for humanities and related studies.


I hope that this article on Best Universities for Humanities in Sweden was helpful. To know more information on how you can study in Europe, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.