Humanities is a broad discipline. If you’re looking forward to taking humanities and related programs for your undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, you need to build your skillset and competencies. One way to do that is to study humanities abroad.

One country that offers a strong educational system is Switzerland. This country is located in Central Europe, and they are one of the world’s best providers of education in various disciplines. As they greatly value education, they deliver research, training, and other teaching services of the highest quality. With this, we can ensure Swiss universities will provide you with the most outstanding higher education for your degree, and you’ll hone the skills you need in the humanities field.

For the past years, Sweden has been a top choice for international students. As you prepare for your studies in this country, we’ve listed down the leading Swiss universities for humanities!

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Top Humanities Universities in Switzerland

1. University of Zurich

Tracing its history back in 1833, the University of Zurich started with 161 students only. Now, they are one of the top-tier educational institutions in the country that houses more than 28,000 local and international students. They have built their reputation for their research and education, and in fact, they have a long list of Nobel prize winners.

The University of Zurich is a recognized university for humanities in Switzerland and has seven faculties. One of them, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, holds academic programs and degrees in humanities. They offer a wide range of humanities disciplines, ranging from history, language, and more. What’s unique in the faculty’s academic programs and courses is that they allow their students to combine major and minor subjects. With this, you can choose your subjects based on your interests, so it’s more exciting!

Now, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the largest in the university, with a student population of over 11,000. They are also equipped with facilities, libraries, and centers as they foster education for their students.

2. University of Geneva

Moving forward with their 463rd year, the University of Geneva has a long history of development as a Swiss educational institution. Today, they are one of the leading providers of education and research in the country and globally. They are included in the top 100 best universities in the world.

The University of Geneva is a leading humanities school in Switzerland that covers a wide range of academic disciplines open to local and international students. Specifically, the Faculty of Humanities delivers academic programs and degrees relating to human studies, such as history, language, linguistics, and more. In this faculty, you have a variety of options in choosing your subjects. They even have Japanese, Chinese, and other subjects available to students, and these are the unique features of the faculty!

As the faculty widely opens its doors to incoming local and international students, they foster education to develop your skills as a humanities major. They take a modernized approach in teaching while studying human studies, and with this, students are able to build their competencies in the field. Today, they are home to more than 2,000 students, making them one of the university’s largest faculties.

3. University of Bern

The University of Bern opened its doors in 1834, and for the past decades, they’ve reached milestones that built their reputation today. This university is one of the leading academic institutions as they provide a variety of programs and degrees for local and international students. Since their establishment, they’ve created a high reputation in multiple disciplines. They have a consistent position in national and global rankings.

The University of Bern’s Faculty of Humanities delivers an exceptional humanities curriculum in Switzerland and offers many disciplinary paths. In this faculty, they offer a variety of subjects under the classics and cultural science. As they provide these subjects and programs, they have developed a good environment for their students.

Additionally, the faculty is built with an impressive set of instructors and professors. They also have a lot of resources open to students, such as libraries and lecture theaters. Together with the university, this faculty continues to excel in research, teaching, and training.

4. University of Basel

The longest operating university in Switzerland, the University of Basel, has a long record of promoting higher education in the country. For over a history of 560 years, their success in teaching and research wend internationally. Their international students’ population is growing, making up more than 20% of their total population.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Basel offers an outstanding humanities program in Switzerland and has a strong reputation for its research and education. First, in terms of education, they have a variety of subject areas in humanities and related degrees. The programs and departments under the Faculty of Humanities trace their roots back to the university’s establishment, showing their long and successful education.

On the other hand, in the research area of humanities, this faculty continues to strive as they generate research in humanities. They’ve contributed significantly to the university’s research, and they are made up of excellent faculty members.

5. University of Neuchâtel

One of Switzerland’s outstanding universities and an excellent school for humanities, the University of Neuchâtel, has four faculties covering the discipline of humanities, law, science, and economics. They take pride in their vast academic programs offered to local and foreign students.

In the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the university, they cater education to undergraduate and graduate programs. Within this faculty, they offer a broad range of subjects, and they maximize flexibility among their subjects and programs. As they develop their students’ skills and competencies, they provide in-depth training.

For research, the university’s Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences has a local and global network for research collaborations. Additionally, they are involved in research projects and cultural events as they promote learning in the field.


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