Going to the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is another country to choose if you’re aiming to study humanities abroad. Aside from its grand mountains and beaches, there are many reasons why you should study there and take a humanities degree.

First, when talking about history and culture, the United Arab Emirates has a great tradition of arts, architecture, music, and others. With this, humanities students here are widely exposed to an abundant field. In terms of diversity, this country has populous and globally known cities. Dubai is one example of a highly diversified city that attracts people.

Additionally, higher education in the United Arab Emirates is outstanding. Universities here use the English language for their academic programs, and their degrees are internationally recognized. They also have excellent learning facilities made for students. In this article, let’s talk about the best universities in the United Arab Emirates in humanities!

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Top Humanities Universities in the United Arab Emirates

1. Zayed University

Opened in 1998 as one of the United Arab Emirates’ public educational institutions, Zayed University is government-owned. For the past years, this university has been considered one of the country’s pride in the academic industry. Zayed University provides an enormous list of academic programs for undergraduate and graduate programs. As they mold their students in various disciplines, they offer high-quality teaching and training.

Out of Zayed University’s seven colleges, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in humanities and related disciplines. They have six departments focusing on Arabic and international studies, social sciences, literature, etc. As a recognized international university, this faculty produces an education that promotes a global perspective through interdisciplinary subjects.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Zayed University delivers an exceptional humanities program in the UAE and takes pride in their modernized facilities for their students as they receive experiential learning. Through this, students are well-equipped with their respective humanities degrees. Also, by studying here, they’ll be greatly exposed to the country’s diversified cities.

2. United Arab Emirates University

The longest operating institution in the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates University was founded in 1976 with only four faculties from the start. Now, they’ve become the top-performing educational institution that houses more than 13,000 local and foreign students. As they move forward with their goals, they have reached several milestones that built their national reputation.

United Arab Emirates University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences is known for its outstanding humanities curriculum in the UAE as it is one of the first faculties of the university, and today, they have the largest student population. The college is further divided into eight departments, ranging from Arabic studies to different social sciences. In every department, they offer exceptional academic programs to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

As a whole, the United Arab Emirates University has a reputation for its excellence in research and education. As a comprehensive university, they have also built their international identity as they enter the global rankings. On the other hand, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a lively environment for their students. They also have innovative facilities to give students the utmost quality of learning experience.

3. Al Ain University

One of the United Arab Emirates’ private educational institutions, the Al Ain University, is a well-respected institution open to local and international students. This university received many achievements from the previous years as they entered the global rankings and garnered high ratings for their teaching and service to students. With this, we can see how their growth takes place nationally and internationally.

Humanities degrees and programs are in the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The humanities programs in the university are offered in undergraduate and master’s degrees. In this faculty, programs are designed to cover the academic and professional side of the programs. In this college, they have an outstanding set of instructors and professors to ensure learning in the field.

Specifically, they have programs specializing in Arabic languages, Islamic Studies, and English languages and translations for the undergraduate degree. On the other hand, the master’s program has majors relating to Islamic education and Arabic languages.

4. University of Sharjah

Home to roughly 17,000 students, the University of Sharjah is another educational institution and a top school for humanities in the United Arab Emirates, and it was established in 1997. They have fourteen colleges with more than 100 academic programs open to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Same with the university, the College of Sciences and College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences was also built in 1997 as one of the university’s first colleges. It mainly covers Foreign Language, Arabic Language, and Islamic History and Civilization. All academic programs are highly accredited by the country’s national and research councils.

Currently, the College of Sciences and College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest division in the university. As they continuously promote education and research in these disciplines, they offer an interactive environment for students’ learning and growth.

5. Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

The Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is a leading school for humanities in the UAE that is an affiliated educational institution of Sorbonne University and the University of Paris. This university primarily focuses on humanities, languages, social sciences, and sciences. Since their roots are from Europe and have 700 years of history, they offer the highest proven quality of education.

The academic department at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is broad. For humanities studies, they have French studies, Archeology, Art, and others. Each program is highly recognized in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. These programs take a multidisciplinary approach in teaching and training as they put emphasis on students’ learning.

In 2019, the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi was acknowledged as the best institution for humanities in the Middle East, proving their outstanding commitment to providing education. As they produce world-class education in the country, they also provide modernized facilities and campuses for their students.


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