Interior design is a unique artistic endeavor in the industrial careers in the fields of arts. Thus, it is challenging in a manner that it brings out the most creative perspective of an artist in the most practical way possible. Interior space organization, lighting, color, materials, geometries, furniture design, and architectural features in an ambient environment are all significant concepts in this field that designers must study and explore.

To those who aspire to channel their creative individuality into this ever-changing, modernized world, we have compiled a list of some of the best interior design schools in Europe for you.

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Top Interior Design Schools in Europe

1. Florence Design Academy

Florence Design Academy is Italy’s most prestigious design school and one of the top destinations for students of interior design, graphic design, and industrial design worldwide. They are a creative melting pot of foreign students and outstanding minds from all over the world who have gathered to learn together. Students will be part of a community of experts who will become their second family, and they will receive a comprehensive and innovative education. Florence Design Academy is in the center of Florence, a playground for past and future designers and artists.

The interior design academic and master’s programs are available at this top interior design school in Europe. The academic programs are open to students of all ages who have no prior design experience or education in the field of design, and they are available in three distinct course lengths to match the needs of the students: one year, two years, and three years. Master’s degree in Interior Design is available to students with a bachelor’s degree. The major goal of the Interior Design Master’s program is to help students and faculty reach their maximum potential in terms of creativity and to develop a comprehensive portfolio. The Master’s program will help students learn how to use the wide spectrum of modern technology that is available to designers.

2. Kingston University

Kingston University is committed to improving their students’ life chances by assisting them in making the most of their educational opportunities and preparing them with the skills and competencies necessary in the demanding industry of the twenty-first century.

In the Guardian University League Tables 2020, Kingston University is placed first in the UK for design and crafts, which includes graphic design, interior design, illustration, animation, and product and furniture design. Bachelor of Arts–BA (Hons) in Interior Design is offered at the school. In this program, creative students will be able to build exciting and thought-provoking interior settings as part of this course. They will get practical skills in order to construct inventive environments that fulfill the necessities of modern life and enrich the experience. They will also improve their technical expertise to aid in their professional practice. They will have access to a devoted art and design library as well as engage in purpose-built design studios.

In addition, Winch Design, an award-winning design firm, is offering a scholarship to a student studying Interior Design or Product & Furniture Design. The scholarship will pay the full cost of undergraduate tuition as well as a monthly stipend for the duration of the program. This generous donation covers the student’s tuition and living expenses, allowing them to concentrate on their studies.

3. Marbella Design Academy

Marbella Design Academy is among the best interior design schools in Europe and was established in 1994. It has evolved into the sophisticated, great Academy it is now after 25 years of expertise. Marbella Design Academy is a prestigious design school with a close-knit community of students and faculty from all over the world.

Teachers provide personalized instruction and one-on-one instruction to the learners. They are always extending and updating their curriculum to meet the most recent industry demands. The atmosphere is upbeat, creative, and motivating. They encourage their students to work in small groups or one-on-one with their tutors to connect and experiment with their creations. The standard of living is among the most affordable in Europe, so the majority of students can focus on their studies and avoid wasting valuable time on extra paid jobs after school hours.

The Bachelor of Arts with Honors—BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design program at Marbella Design Academy equips students with the highest level of education available in the interior architecture/design sector. From the start, young designers will receive top-notch instruction. Their students also gain enough one-on-one attention in order to assist them develop their interior architectural and design capabilities. Graduates of Marbella Design Academy’s BA Interior Architecture & Design are well-prepared as well to work as self-employed designers or to find work in a variety of firms around the world. The institution’s graduates have a very high employment rate. Almost everyone has a successful career in their chosen sector, as independent designers or as workers in companies all across the world.

4. Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth College of Art is a private university-sector art school established by and for artists and designers and is largely viewed as a strong catalyst for artistic education and social justice. More than ever, the world requires creative people. Their premise is that creating is just as vital as reading and writing, science and math and that learning is inextricably linked to living one’s life. Socio-economic justice, as manifested in community impact and social mobility, and creative learning, as manifested in pedagogical innovation, is at the school’s heart of what they do. They provide a crucible, a venue where people may connect together, explore new frontiers, and push the limits of the creative process.

Plymouth College’s BA (Hons) Interior Design & Styling course produces inspired alumni who are both visually astute and well-versed in technical drawing programs. Students will acquire a fantastic approach to designing interiors for a variety of situations, including residential and commercial spaces, public realm, and even transportation.

Color, surface, decoration, and atmosphere in a variety of interior situations, both public and private, will be emphasized in the School of Design and Communication’s education. To make their design visions a reality, students will establish their own personal taste in style, curating, studying lighting, décor, materiality, and textural finishes.

5. Chelsea College of Arts

Another one of the best interior design schools in Europe, Chelsea College of Arts is known for producing some of the most influential artisans and designers today. Material-based research and the creative process are central to the school’s curriculum. Fine arts, design, and curating are among the courses available. The Chelsea College of Arts examines art and design from the perspective of political, cultural, and political issues. Globalization’s consequences are of particular interest to them. This could be about creative practice in general or about how it reacts to it in particular. London’s faculty empower students to try their ideas both on and off-campus as the city serves as a basis for forming new connections.

Through modern situations, the BA Interior Design program at Chelsea College of Arts attempts to define consumer interactions and experiences with items and places. BA Interior Design collaborates with design-related firms, activities, and significant members in the industry. Students will have the opportunity to work on a variety of live projects during the semester. These projects span from small-scale furniture and product design to large-scale public and residential interior proposals. The Chartered Society of Designers professionally accredits the program in the entire U.K.


I hope this article on the best interior design schools in Europe was informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!