Interior Design is much deeper than placing furniture in a room and testing if it’s aesthetically pleasing. Interior Design focuses on an individual’s needs while also addressing their environment. Most designers also have to keep in mind the proper utilization of spaces and/or structures. Moreover, successful interior designers also need to have good collaborative skills, well-rounded techniques, and a knowledgeable mind to properly execute their tasks.

That is why many schools or universities are tailoring their teachings to these standards. Institutes have realized the importance of Interior Design in everyday living and as such, they have answered the call of producing high-quality graduates and future workers in the industry. However, some chose to prioritize different aspects of a Designer, making each school unique based on their criteria.

This list includes the best schools for Interior Design, based on state/world rankings, student reviews, and statistics such as employment rates. We have also highlighted each school’s specialization/prioritization, as well as the identity that their students carry due to the distinctive molding of the institutes.

Best Interior Design Schools in the World

1. Pratt Institute, New York

Pratt Institute is located in one of the most multicultural places in America, giving the students a diverse experience during their stay in the university. Being an institute that gives importance to multiformity, it seeks to employ, and admit talented students regardless of their backgrounds. Thus, it is a guarantee to meet someone of a different belief or gender expression at Pratt Institute.

This top interior design school aims to not only teach students the necessary foundations of an Interior Designer but also to be leaders of their respective fields. Those teachings are very effective as the institute boasts a 94% job placement with the 2019 BFA Interior Design Class. As such, the alumni and staff members that carry the pride of the institute are well-known and admired for their innovations. Overall, it is an institute that produces social contributors, and responsible artists in society.

Speaking of social contributors, the institute further progresses itself through different initiatives such as civic action and engagement. There is a dedicated section for their “Initiatives” that help in bringing awareness to the students, faculty, and aspiring applicants, proving their duty of inducing renowned world leaders.

2. Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia

Savannah College of Arts and Designs houses one of the most famed urban designs in the world, with the college having a focus on creative, and culturally rich teachings. It is located in a Historical District in Georgia with its different facilities integrated into the city as a whole, branding them as one of the largest university locations.

Moreover, SCAD has consistently won the 1st for the Red Dot Design ranking in the US. This is due to the students gaining about 37 recognitions in the categories of Red Dot which proves that they deserve the 4 consecutive top ranks of the seals of quality. And it isn’t just Red dot, famous companies such as Coca-Cola and Forbes are also classifying SCAD as the top of the echelon, giving the Institute much more accreditations than before.

Surprisingly, even though it is highly accredited, the college is not selective at all. It has a 96% acceptance rate in 2020, which is already quite high, regarding its overall reputation. However, there’s a significant gap in the graduation rate, with only 66% managing to pass the journey of getting a diploma.

3. Royal College of Art, London

The Royal College of Art is one of the best interior design schools in the world, with most of its efforts focused on social, environmental, and global change. One of the students had an exhibition dedicated to the negotiations of COP26 (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) named “Polar Zero” as a representation of what they would like their legacy to be, as a student of RCA.

RCA is expecting a similar approach when it comes to those applying in Interior Design. Research and exploration will be interwoven with Interior Design to address issues, burdens, or challenges that the world is currently facing. In this college, one will not only grow as an Interior Designer but also as a person of initiative and ingenuity.

Furthermore, QS World University Ranking has given the top rank to RCA back in 2016. This means they conquered around 1,376 other institutions that are offering the same programs. And because of that, the RCA is also one of the most selective institutes, with only a 28% acceptance rate out of thousands of enrollees.

4. Florence Design Academy, Florence

Florence Design Academy, an institute located at the heart of Florence is a wonderland for designers and artists alike. With a location full of history that’s worth over 2,000 years, students can have abundant inspirations and opportunities. FDA takes pride in showcasing their students’ artworks and designs, as well as being accredited as one of the best Interior Design schools in Europe.

FDA is looking for people that can properly utilize the history of the place, and also the teachings of the Academy. Moreover, the program can be tailored to each student as there is an option to either undertake the one-year, two years, or three years program. In a sense, a person’s experience in FDA can be solely up to them, depending on their individual needs, and their learning pace.

This top interior design institute is currently offering online classes, promoting equitable learning for those that are unable to travel during this time. Even though most of the students in the community are from abroad, all the learnings are exclusively in English. There are also available courses, such as the academic programs, that are fit for those with little to no experience in Interior Design, making the FDA one of the best schools to enroll in, if one is a beginner.

5. The Interior Design School, London

The Interior Design School, as the name suggests, is a school that is entirely focused on Interior Design. The institute has a straightforward, yet unique approach in teaching wherein the learnings will be much more practical but responsive. It adjusts the principles based on what is needed or what is in high demand at the moment, which makes it all the more relevant. With that, the students graduating from this institute are prepared for upcoming changes in the industry and have the proper skills to address the aforementioned changes.

With an offering of a professional diploma, the level of accreditation to each student is between a Master’s and a Doctorate. And since it is a school that specializes in Interior Design, the quality of the learning materials is not second-rate and comes directly from practitioners in the field. Aside from that, what this school offers are the flexibility of its students, which is a highly-appreciated trait for employers. Not many schools adjust to the trends of the world, that’s why the graduates coming out of this institute are highly anticipated, and regarded by different companies.

6. Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

Whitehouse Institute of Design is another top interior design school in the world. It promotes equity to the students, and most of the people that build the community of Whitehouse are from diverse cultures and backgrounds, especially since they hold exchange programs that will guarantee foreign students in the mix. And because they prioritize equity learning for all, the scholarships offered here are one of the best among the schools on this list.

The offered degree program is unique, it is the only one in Australia that offers a combination of commercial, industrial, and residential design in one program. This means that the students under this program are well-rounded when it comes to the skills and knowledge of a designer.

Aside from that, it is a two-year accelerated degree, which means that it only takes two years to complete the course, rather than what is usually a four-year degree. However, beware of the acceptance rate, as statistics show that only less than 10% manage to pass the admission stage, it is highly selective and difficult.

7. Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver

Visual College of Art and Design has been operating online for the recent year, but now, it is preparing for a backward transition to a traditional setup. Due to the hardships or complaints that the school has received when it comes to the difficulty of the online lectures, VCAD has decided that it’s best if they were to move back and slowly remove the online classes from their curriculum. This is a test of their willingness to compromise for the students’ sake, and their compassion when it comes to unprecedented events such as the pandemic.

VCAD has a more idealistic approach with its institute, they give importance to the individuality of the students, and care more about their students achieving their dreams through their passion, rather than advocating for the better good, as per the other schools on the list. With that, it is one of the most pro-student institutes that gives importance to the stakeholders’ welfare and overall health.

Because of its pro-student approach, they only take the best of the best. Since they’re putting all their resources into prioritizing each individual of the community, it has become highly selective, with less than a 10% acceptance rate to the institution.


I hope this article on the best interior design schools in the world was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.