Law, by itself, is a challenging field to undertake but studying international law brings that up by a notch. Thankfully, though, we have compiled this list of some of the best international law schools around the world.

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Top International Law Schools in the World

1. Harvard University

A well-known and prestigious Ivy League institution in Massachusetts, Harvard University is one of the best international law schools in the world. Its law school, founded in 1817, has the largest academic law library in the world.

The Harvard Law School offers the following programs: Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Juridical Science. Besides these, they also offer special joint degree programs in law and business, law and government, law and public health, law and urban planning, and J.D./LL.M joint degree program of Harvard Law and the University of Cambridge.

In the Harvard Law School, all Juris Doctor students must take up an international or comparative law class at some point to fulfill a program of study requirement. This gives them insight into different cases around the globe through immersions and projects conducted abroad.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in England is among the world’s most prestigious and oldest universities. Its roots go back to 1096 and have since then established a reputation for academic excellence in many fields, including law.

The University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law offers a part-time degree program for aspiring lawyers and human rights advocates who want to focus on international law. This degree is the MSt in International Human Rights Law, which can be accomplished within two academic years.

The MSt in International Human Rights Law aims to mold the students at this excellent international law school to be knowledgeable in international human rights laws’ depth, application, and implementation. It is delivered through online learning and summer residentials in New College, Oxford.

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is considered an offshoot of the University of Oxford, leading to many similarities between these two institutions. The two are even dubbed as ‘Oxbridge.’ It is also among the world’s most known and oldest universities, founded in 1209.

The university’s Faculty of Law offers a Postgraduate Diploma in International Law, which can be undertaken within two years and either through full-time or part-time studies. Students must accomplish a dissertation to be awarded the degree. This course aims to impart to students the knowledge to conduct research on international law, develop skills relevant to their research, and participate in innovative work.

Besides the said postgraduate diploma, the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law also offers an undergraduate degree (BA Tripos Degree in Law) and postgraduate degrees (Master of Law, Masters in Corporate Law, Doctorate in Law).

4. Yale University

Like Harvard University, Yale University is also a private, Ivy League Institution. This university founded in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut, and is the third-oldest higher education institution in the United States.

Students at Yale’s Law School may choose from the five degree programs it offers. These programs are the Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Doctor of the Science of Law, Master of Studies in Law, Doctor of Philosophy in Law, and Joint Degrees with other schools and departments.

The university’s law school also has an International Laws Programs that brings together and oversees the many programs that engage with international law. It helps students of this prestigious international law school find opportunities within and outside the law school. They also offer traditional courses, workshops, student-generated courses, clinical courses, and other options.

5. Stanford University

Among the best international law schools, Stanford University is located in Stanford, California and is part of the top schools worldwide.

In international law, Stanford University’s Law School offers a Master of Laws Program specialized in International Economic Law, Business, and Policy. It aims to provide expert knowledge in international trade, dispute resolution, business transactions, environmental law, and other matters that affect international business. However, only students with a primary law degree from outside the United States are allowed into the program.

Their law school also offers the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies. This leads to completing a Master of the Science of Law degree for students who earned their primary law degree outside the country. Besides these programs, they also offer other programs granting master’s degrees, a Juris Doctor program, and joint degrees.

6. The London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a constituent college of the University of London. It was founded in 1895 but only started granting degrees in its name in 2008.

The institution’s law school offers various degree-granting programs, including an undergraduate law program (LLB), a Ph.D. program in law, and master’s programs (Executive LLM, LLM Master of Laws). They also offer a double degree program (LLB/JD).

Their law school considers its public international law programs an essential part of teaching and research. Undergraduate students are educated in general public international law and human rights. An advanced public international law course and other specialized courses are also offered to Master of Laws Students. Their faculty also oversees the research of doctoral students focusing on international law.

7. Columbia University

Columbia University in the City of New York, or Columbia University, is an Ivy League university established in 1754. It is one of the most ancient higher education institutions in New York and among the oldest in the United States.

Recognized as one of the most prestigious international law schools in the world, Columbia Law School offers the following degree-granting programs: Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Executive Master of Laws, and Doctor of the Science of Law. They also have an area of study that focuses on international and comparative law.


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