The field of international relations pertains to how nations and organizations relate and interact with each other. There is also the analysis of the systems at international, national, and local levels. By studying this, individuals will gain knowledge and understanding of how these systems work, and how current issues in the world may be addressed. In this article, we will be looking at the best schools for international relations in Europe!

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Top International Relations Schools in Europe

1. University College London

The University College London, or UCL, consists of a diverse population of employees and students, and it has made collaborations with different institutions globally. With its community, the university has made itself known for the high-quality academics it provides. The UCL is a recognized institution for international relations in Europe and is also recognized to be the top multidisciplinary school within London.

In the school’s Department of Political Science, they offer a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations. The program is said to fit individuals who aspire to learn about what is truly happening in politics and other systems that shape the world today. With a duration of three years, students will encounter both local and international challenges. Through the program, they will be trained in conducting and writing research, as well as analyzing data. In the last year of the program, students have the freedom to choose the subject areas they would focus on. There is also the chance of having study abroad placements where the students will complete their last year overseas.

2. King’s College London

With its delivery of outstanding teaching and advanced research, King’s College London is one of the distinguished international universities across the globe and among the best schools for international relations in Europe. Included in the university’s achievements is its Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy, which offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in international relations.

The school’s Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is an honors program, and it is taken for three years. The curriculum is focused on the following areas: international history, international political economy, international relations theory, and international practice. This also includes foreign policy, diplomacy, and strategy. In the final year of the program, there are optional courses that the students can choose from. Along with this, a dissertation on the preferred issue of the student must be submitted. The master’s program in International Relations usually can be completed in a year, but there is an option to take it part-time and it will be accomplished in two years. In this degree, the students will gain more in-depth knowledge on topics like globalization, ethics, human rights, and security in relation to politics, international relations, and social theory.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

Being ranked as one of the top universities across the world, the Department of International Relations in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is also one of the most acclaimed in the field of both Politics and International Studies in Europe. In this department, there are bachelor’s and master’s programs for International Relations, which were included in the list of best UK institutions and top international relations programs in several rankings.

The bachelor’s degree is a three-year program, wherein during the first year, the students are required to take courses on theories and concepts, and contemporary issues related to international relations. There is a list of options provided for the other courses needed to complete the program’s curriculum. The assessments done throughout the program are a combination of examinations, essays, and other projects. There is also a solo master’s program for international relations, or students may also opt for the joint masters-PhD program if they are aiming for a doctorate as well. Postgraduates are given opportunities to explore a wide range of topics which includes the conceptualization of policies, and global conflicts.

4. Sciences Po

Known as an international research institution, the Sciences Po has continuously ranked high among the leading universities for the areas of humanities and social sciences and a top university for international relations in Europe. The research and programs being offered by the school are recognized globally, and it has a diverse community of staff and students along with its international partnerships.

The school’s Paris School of International Affairs employs an innovative approach that combines both practice and theory for facing global issues. It has also ranked among the international universities in the field of politics and international studies. Previously named as a master’s program in International Public Management, the school now offers a master’s degree in International Governance and Diplomacy. With a shift in its title, the program has become more focused on the issues around governance in local, national, and international settings. In this two-year degree program, the students will encounter the core courses like international law and leadership and management in diplomacy. There is also a practice semester where they are given the option of proceeding with an internship, exchange program, or a master’s thesis.

5. Leiden University

At Leiden University, students should expect that their perspectives would widen as the school consists of a big community. This is because the university has units in both Leiden and The Hague, and the staff and students welcome are coming from different parts of the world. Leiden University is an excellent institution for international relations in Europe and they are also recognized by their way of teaching wherein it is ensured that students are given personal supervision.

The university has a bachelor’s program in International Relations and Organizations and a master’s program in International Relations. The bachelor’s degree has a duration of three years, and it is taught in the English language. The courses are taken up focus on the current issues and diplomacy in various regions like the EU and the USA. Students will also be given the chance to experience what is it like in The Hauge, as this is where the program is based. On another note, the master’s program can be further divided into the following areas of specialization: culture and politics, European Union studies, global conflict, global order, and global political economy. The postgraduates will be given training that is humanities-based which will improve their skills when engaged in the field.


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