Journalism is quite a complicated subject. Graduates under this course are required to know a lot of things when it comes to specific subjects or specializations, meaning they have to assess trends and updates whether it’s local or international news, as long as it is within their scope of the topic. Of course, their contribution to society cannot be forgotten. With volunteers who fly to countries with war or are in a dangerous predicament for the pursuit of truth and awareness, journalism is truly not an easy job.

At this point, universities are evolving to provide students the ability to share their work through updated mediums such as social media. It is necessary to translate usual written works from paper to word documents as we go into a new age of technology. Having said that, most of the schools in this list are recognizing the same facts, thus applying these methods to their curriculum.

Without further ado, here are some of the best journalism schools in the world.

Top Journalism Schools in the World

1. Northwestern University, USA

NU’s Journalism course is quite popular. Having a website page that’s just dedicated to journalism shows that the school gives importance and prizes to that course. They have quite many programs with different specializations. One of them is the Knight Lab wherein they take technology to create different innovative ideas for storytelling and timelining events.

Moreover, NU’s alumni are packed with professionals working at ESPN and even the White House. They also have globally recognized authors such as George R. R. Martin which produced the renowned Game of Thrones adaptation in HBO. Not only that, but they also have journalists who have achieved a Pulitzer Prize, telling you all you need to know about Northwestern University and how it is one of the best journalism schools in the world.

2. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

The University of Amsterdam offers a unique study program when it comes to journalism wherein you can take your studies in two different countries which gives the students a wide perspective on an international scale. The first year of study is automatically done in Denmark before going into one of the four specializations in journalism. Business and Finance Journalism is in London, Comparative and Transcultural approaches are in Germany, War and Conflict will be taken in Wales, and lastly is Media studies, a focus on media and politics, which is in the Netherlands. They also select students who will have the opportunity to further their studies by going to a third university, either in the USA, Australia, or Chile.

3. University of Southern California, USA

The University of Southern California is a top journalism school that focuses on a more digital approach to journalism. With a prioritization on navigating multiple social platforms, it has a wide range of media that can be useful when it comes to information dissemination or reaching multiple people from different backgrounds. Other than that, they also require students to make a digital portfolio or personal website as a conclusion to their program, a fitting endgame project for such a digitally-centered university.

It is a university that also gives importance to its student’s freedom of thought and independence. As it is one of the main core values of a journalist, USC understands the importance of these aspects and includes it in one of their learning objectives for every student.

4. University of Missouri, USA

The University of Missouri is the first university in the world to offer a doctoral program in Journalism, way back in 1934. It also gives employment assistance and mentorship to better provide opportunities for their graduates.

Their curriculum is quite easy to understand and follow. First is developing the core knowledge necessary in journalism, it will be the focus of the first year of study before building on that knowledge and skill for the second and third years in Mizzou. Moreover, it offers a project entitled the “Senior Year Capstone” which is seen as the overall application of one’s studies, tailoring the subjects of the project to the student’s needs and areas of interest.

5. The University of Texas at Austin, USA

The University of Texas at Austin provides the students necessary skills by being hands-on with their learning experience. That means the faculty members, specifically the professors are an integral part of the student’s studies, guiding them throughout their progress. That is why most of the students in this outstanding journalism school develop a close relationship with their mentors, which is a testament to the community of this university.

It has a progressive outlook, opting to challenge the traditions or ideas that are already in place as long as it’s for the benefit of society as a whole. This is because the university is future-oriented, especially when it comes to news about technology and how it can be applied to the learning experience of the students.

6. Boston University, USA

Boston University is a top school for journalism as it prides itself on having produced over 20 alumni that have achieved a Pulitzer Prize – which is an achievement of itself for a university. BU looks for students with high potential and those who can win another Pulitzer Prize after graduating. Students in BU are already doing quite well in terms of achievements, garnering the “station of the year” for two years consecutively, as well as winning the top spot of NESN Next Producer.

Moreover, they have fellowships and internships such as the Boston: WBUR Fellowship that are available for both undergrads and graduate students. This gives a lot of opportunities to those who are seeking experience or credible references that would help them with job applications.

7. Stanford University, USA

Being one of the best journalism schools in the world, Stanford University requires every journalism Master’s student to take on a thesis project which allows them to showcase their abilities and areas of specialization/interests. This provides students an opportunity for their work to be published if approved by the journalism faculty member which is beneficial to those who have not yet graduated.

Moreover, their facilities are filled with high-quality technology, being one of the generally esteemed top schools in the United States. Stanford provides its students with iMac computers as well as applications like Final Cut Pro X that teach students how to translate outdated modes of writing to a more exciting and relevant platform.


I hope this article on the world’s best journalism schools was informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.