When choosing the perfect place to obtain a top-tier legal education, Hungary should most definitely be taken into consideration. This central European country offers a contemporary and high-quality education with low tuition fees. Furthermore, the costs of living in this historic nation are among the lowest in Europe, which gives students the chance to immerse themselves in the cultural and artistic heritage that Hungary has to offer. To gain a better understanding of all the legal opportunities available, we will be discussing some of the best law schools in Hungary.

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Top Law Schools in Hungary

1. Central European University (CEU)

With campuses in both Vienna and Budapest, the Central European University is a prominent research institution accredited in the United States, Austria, and Hungary. It was established in 1991, by the world-renowned philanthropist and social activist George Soros. Presently, the university is considered to be at the forefront of higher education due to its social sciences and humanities programs. Its prominent position is in line with its primary goal of promoting open societies and its membership in the CIVICA Alliance, a group of European institutions for higher education concerned with social sciences, humanities, business management, and public policy.

The CEU Department of Legal studies is currently among the best law schools both in Hungary and internationally. On all academic levels, the program aims to provide its students with a sound foundation in both common and civic law, which results in the acquisition of unique skills in legal comparative analysis. Furthermore, great stress is placed on going beyond national legal systems and viewing legal and social dilemmas in a much broader context. In addition to this, the diversity of both the faculty and student body serves as a constant inspiration for developing new ideas both in the legal realm and beyond it.

2. Eötvös Loránd University

Founded in 1635, Eötvös Loránd University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions for higher education in Hungary. It is associated with five Nobel laureates, as well as winners of the Wolf Prize and Fulkerson Prize. However, its appeal is not solely academic but also stems from its location on the scenic banks of the Danube in the nation’s capital. Currently, the student body is comprised of a little over 28,000 members who are obtaining degrees in areas ranging from natural sciences to the humanities.

As one of the oldest members of the Eötvös Loránd University, the history of the Faculty of Law is a rich and vibrant one. Since its establishment in 1667, the faculty has been a witness to many political and legal disputes. During the last 350 years, its students were always at the forefront of fighting for legal reform and civil liberties. Today, the Faculty of Law prepares students for both classic legal careers in Hungary and abroad. It is known for its international relations with other law programs, primarily in Europe. Due to these international ties, its law students have the opportunity to participate in a legal exchange program during their studies which have proven crucial in determining their career paths later on.

3. University of Szeged

The University of Szeged is a renowned public research university located in the Hungarian city bearing the same name. In the 16th century, the school was originally intended to be as a Jesuit Academy, only to be re-established as a university during the 19th century. As of the present, the University of Szeged is comprised of twelve constituent faculties and nineteen doctoral schools, which all offer a wide range of degree programs in various academic fields. The university is renowned for its prominent alumni, who include Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

With regards to its law program, the University of Szeged is considered to be a top-tier Hungarian university for legal studies. The primary goal of the Faculty of Law is to remain competitive in both research and education. The faculty realizes this goal by maintaining an academically acclaimed and diverse faculty that offers its students a wide variety of courses on all academic levels. In addition to this, during their studies, law students at this excellent law school have various exchange and internship opportunities both at home and abroad.

4. University of Debrecen

Situated in the city of Debrecen, Debrecen University is the oldest continuously operating institution for higher education in Hungary. It is well-established in both fields of social and natural sciences. In addition to the aforementioned, the University of Debrecen is also highly acclaimed for its international exchange programs which yearly draw around 9,000 international students to the university. To remain a top-tier research institution, the university has focused on providing market-driven academic programs, while continuing to meet the socio-economic and educational demands of the region.

The beginning of legal education in Debrecen may be traced back to the 18th century. From its founding till the present, the Faculty of Law has managed to remain a student-oriented environment. It has received various academic excellence awards as a result of its interdisciplinary methods of teaching and research involving leading legal scholars. In addition to its legal courses in Hungarian, the Faculty of Law also offers legal programs in English for international students interested in legal and administration sciences. Its international legal program has established ties with acclaimed universities in both Europe and North America.

5. Corvinus University of Budapest

Located in the capital of Hungary, Corvinus University of Budapest is yet another one of the best law schools in Hungary. It is most commonly known as a research university oriented towards education. In total, it is comprised of six faculties offering courses and specializations on all three academic levels, which are taught in Hungarian, English, German, and French. Furthermore, the university has many notable alumni, among which are prominent figures such as the Minister of Finance and the chairman of the National Bank of Hungary. From its establishment in 1948, Corvinus University has chosen to maintain a relatively small student body for the sake of education quality.

The Department of Business Law is part of Corvinus University’s School of Business. In addition to this legal department, fundamental legal programs are also offered at the university’s School of Economics. During their studies, law students may choose to specialize in various legal fields ranging from corporate and commercial contract law to labor and European Union internal market law. All areas of study offered by the legal department are taught in both Hungarian and English. This gives both Hungarian and international students the chance to acquire their law degree at the university. Moreover, all faculty members are active legal practitioners, which gives them a unique opportunity to teach their students both legal theory and practice.


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