The South American country of Brazil is an ideal place to obtain a tertiary education. Firstly, it is known as a melting pot of various cultures, religions, and values. Thus, a student at a Brazilian university may feel as if they have the entire world at their feet. In addition to their welcoming and international nature, Brazilian universities are also among the best academic research institutions in the world. Ever since gaining independence, the Brazilian government has worked tirelessly on modernizing the system of higher education, especially concerning their legal programs. With this in mind, here are the five best law universities in Brazil.

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Top Law Universities in Brazil

1. University of Sao Paulo

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  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.

Situated in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, the University of Sao Paulo is the largest and most prestigious institution for higher education in Brazil. On the international level, the university is also considered highly prominent and has continuously been ranked as the best university in Ibero-America. It is involved in both teaching and research, which can be observed through its wide array of academic programs and scientific fields. It should also be noted that the University of Sao Paulo has been home to an abundance of prominent alumni, among whom are twelve Brazilian presidents.

The University of Sao Paulo is one of the top universities for law in Brazil and also has the oldest law program in the country. Furthermore, as the law school was established shortly after Brazil gained independence, it played a crucial role in the formation of the Brazilian government and legal system. In turn, many law students at the University of Sao Paulo went on to become notable political and legal figures both at home and abroad. Currently, legal education is provided on all three academic levels and concerns both the study of national as well as international law.

2. University of Brasilia

The University of Brasilia is a public research institution located in the Brazilian capital. Ever since its establishment in 1960, it has continuously been ranked among the most prestigious academic institutions in the country. Presently, it offers around a hundred academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, which all require a standardized entrance exam. Academically, the University of Brasilia is most renowned for its social science and law programs. However, the university’s appeal is also connected to its location, as it is situated on the northwest bank of Paranoá Lake, as well as at Fazenda Água Limpa, a farm on which ecological, agricultural, and forestry research is conducted.

With respect to its law program, the University of Brasilia has repeatedly been considered a leading institution for higher education and an excellent law university in Brazil. The revolutionary principles that helped establish Brazil and its capital are at the core of the Brasilia Law School. Its main goal is to educate students for the future. In other words, the school’s law programs give students a necessary and universal skill set that will help them tackle important legal issues both in the present and future.

3. Federal University of Rio Grande de Sul

Based in Porto Alegre, the Federal University of Rio Grande de Sul is one of the most renowned research-educational centers and is recognized as a leading law university in Brazil. For a little over a century, the university has been recognized for having one of the largest student bodies in Brazil, as well as an enviable amount of scientific publications in numerous academic fields. In addition to this, it has been home to an abundance of prominent alumni who have managed to excel in fields ranging from politics and jurisprudence to the arts and humanities.

Originally founded in 1900, the Faculty of Law was envisioned to be the Liberal Law School of Porto Alegre. During its century-long existence, the faculty has been transferred several times, only to find its home in the replica of the “Palais du Rhin”, on João Pessoa Avenue. Throughout the years, the faculty has aimed to expand its law programs to include more than just theoretical legal knowledge. Thus, it has managed to establish various expansion programs, which are all in some way beneficial for the community. Currently, the Faculty of Law’s primary goal is to educate its students in the fields of both national and international law, while conveying the values of pluralism and democracy.

4. Federal University of Minas Gerais

In addition to being one of the largest federal universities in Brazil, The Federal University of Minas Gerais has also been highly acclaimed for both its undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Its main campus is located in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, one of the most industrialized regions in the county. Over its almost a century-long existence, the university has managed to position itself at the very top of education, culture, and scientific research.

One of the most prominent fields of study at the Federal University of Minas Gerais is surely its study of the law as it offers a world-class law program in Brazil. During their academic years, law students are not only given an exceptional theoretical education but are taught to search and debate novel and innovative legal solutions. In addition, faculty members frequently encourage their students to seek legal internships and in this way further their legal knowledge. After they have received their diplomas, students may begin their legal careers at some of the most renowned law firms in both Brazil and abroad.

5. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro has been recognized as a Brazilian center of excellence for both teaching and research. Its cultural and academic prestige are international and stem from its world-renowned scholars, innovative teaching programs, and abundance of international relations. The university has been continuously open ever since 1792 and is thus the oldest institution for higher education and an excellent institution for law in Brazil. Although it is primarily located in Rio de Janeiro, the university has established campuses in ten other Brazilian cities.

The university’s Faculty of Law is highly acclaimed for several reasons. Firstly, it has been recognized for its unmatched innovative pedagogy and teaching methods. However, the faculty’s appeal comes from its recognition as an international and cultural hub that welcomes an abundance of international students every year. While obtaining their legal education, students from both Brazil and abroad will have the opportunity to live in the birthplace of samba and the traditional Carnaval. In addition to cultural location, its geographical one is also one to envy, as the campus is situated on the seashore and enveloped by mountains and forests.


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