Cyprus is an island situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The country enjoys a subtropical climate with long summers and winters that experience light to moderate weather.

Cyprus used to be under the British empire until it gained independence in 1960. This is evident in the country’s legal system, as the law of Cyprus is greatly influenced by English Law. International and exchange students who want to expand their knowledge in Cyprus Law, Greek Law, and English Law would make this island country an ideal place to study law.

There are many law schools in Cyprus. However, only a few universities can be considered to provide high standards in law education. Here’s a list of some of the best law universities in Cyprus that offers top-quality education.

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Top Law Universities in Cyprus

1. University of Nicosia (UNIC) – School of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The high-quality law education at the University of Nicosia sets graduates apart from other law universities because law degrees obtained are acknowledged and accepted by the Cyprus Legal Council. This serves as a gateway for students to likely secure top-level positions in their chosen professional career in law.

The School of Law offers meticulously selected study programs for aspiring law students across the country and abroad. Acquisition of law degrees at the University of Nicosia is not restricted to local law students; international students may obtain law degrees even at the bachelor’s level. There are two bachelor’s programs offered at the university: International Relations and European Studies, entirely taught in English, and Bachelor of Laws (LLB), taught in English and Greek.

On the other hand, postgraduates are presented with different options in pursuing Master’s degrees. The faculty offers numerous study programs in Greek, English, and a combination of Greek and English. Students at this top-notch law school can also choose the learning format they prefer: face-to-face learning or distance learning. For law professionals who want to acquire the highest degree level, the faculty is open to admitting qualified students in their doctoral programs that can be completed in three years.

The institution has partnered with renowned universities across the globe to offer joint degree programs for postgraduates. The joint master’s degree in Master of Science (MSc) in Criminal Law and Addictions is in partnership with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). And a joint doctoral degree in Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance is handled by the University of Padova (Italy), University of Zagreb (Croatia), Western Sydney University (Australia), and Panteion University (Greece).

2. Neapolis University Pafos – Department of Law

Neapolis University Pafos is another one of the best law universities in Cyprus. It started its operation in 2010. This newly established school has already proved to be an outstanding university as it continues to be included in the country’s top academic rankings. The institution offers numerous innovative and advanced study programs recognized and approved by the country and EU member states.

The Department of Law offers two undergraduate programs and two postgraduate programs. Prospect students whose study focus is on deepening their knowledge in Cypriot and Greek Law may take up Bachelor of Law (LL.B.). The Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) in English Law is based on the fundamentals of English law. This study program is suitable for local and international students who want to pursue a legal career in another country and other related industries.

Postgraduate programs include Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LL.M.) and Master (MA) in Financial Crime and Criminal Justice; both taught in Greek and English. Presently, the faculty offer law students taking up Masters of Laws the option to study in distance learning. This program is intended for individuals who cannot attend courses held on the campus grounds. Students of the program should not be wary as the curriculum is similar to the degree program held in face-to-face teaching.

3. European University Cyprus (EUC) – School of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The School of Law of European University Cyprus is among the best law schools in Cyprus. It is also the first independent law faculty to be established in the country. Students are provided with high standards of law education and regular engagements in practical training. Graduates of the faculty will have a surplus amount of knowledge in the basic fundamentals of law and will have developed skills in analytical reasoning.

The faculty offer study programs from all levels. Bachelor’s degree programs are different from undergraduate programs offered by other universities. Currently, it provides programs solely concentrating on a specific legal system. The two law degrees offered are LL.B in Cyprus Law and LL.B in Greek Law. Entirely taught in Greek, each program may be completed with 240 ECTS credits in four years.

Distance Learning is one of the standard options for taking up a master’s degree. This permits learners to study on their own time. The university offers three master’s programs: Criminal Law taught in Greek and is only offered through distance learning, International Commercial Law, and Public Law. Both are taught in English and Greek and can study in traditional or distance learning. Each postgraduate program must complete 90 ECTS credits in 18 months to acquire a master’s degree.

Limited slots are only made available for students seeking a doctoral degree in Law during the Fall and Spring semester. Eligible students are selected based on the assessment of the submitted credentials and a series of interviews. The study program must be held on campus using the traditional approach in teaching, and the medium of instruction is Greek and is ideally completed in three years.


Hopefully, this guide on the best law universities in Cyprus was informative. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!