Europe is surely one of the most fascinating continents for pursuing higher education. It is rich in culture, history, and opportunity. Moreover, students at European universities have a unique and affordable chance to travel and acquaint themselves with a diverse array of traditions all over the continent. One of the most prominent academic programs in Europe is without a doubt the study of law. This article will introduce five of the most renowned law programs in Europe!

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Top Law Universities in Europe

1. University of Cambridge

Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. It was founded by an association of scholars who had abruptly left Oxford university due to a dispute. Even today, in addition to their academic excellence, the two universities share many common features, which is why they are fondly referred to by the term Oxbridge. Presently, the University of Cambridge is among the leading law universities in Europe that has numbers over 30 semi-autonomous colleges and more than 150 departments, faculties, and other research institutions. It does not possess a main campus, rather all its academic and research facilities are scattered throughout the city of Cambridge. This way, students have a chance not only to study at the university but to acquaint themselves with the city as well.

At the University of Cambridge, the law has been the subject of study since the 13th century. During the early years of the university, the focus of any legal study had been Common Law and the Canon law of the Church. In 1800, the study of English law was added to the curriculum. Throughout its many centuries, the Cambridge Faculty of Law has strived to be at the forefront of legal education and has graduated prominent legal figures, historically as well as today. As of the present, its main missions include providing equal opportunities to all students and educating them to create and fight for a legal system that will do just the same.

2. Vrije University Amsterdam

Vrije University Amsterdam is a public research university located in the capital city of the Netherlands. Ever since its founding in 1880, it has been recognized as an excellent university for law in Europe and has been ranked among the 150 most prominent universities in the world. The Dutch word ‘Vrije’ which is found in its name translates to freedom and thus represents the universities autonomy from both the state and the Dutch Reformed Church. Its student body currently numbers around 30,000 members, studying in areas ranging from biomedical engineering to social sciences and gender studies.

As it was established in 1880, the VU Faculty of Law represents one of the constituent faculties. From the beginning, it has been at the forefront of social development and public service. Moreover, it has kept the university looking towards the future, concerning both research and education. In addition to its mission, the faculty takes great pride in its alumni, as many of them have created exceptional legal careers, the most prominent among them being Peter Kooijmans, the minister of State and Justice in the International Court of Justice.

3. University of Oxford

In addition to being the second oldest university in continuous operation, the University of Oxford is also one of the most prestigious and renowned research institutions for higher education and a top-ranked law university in Europe. In much a similar way to Cambridge, Oxford University does not have a central campus, but rather has academic buildings scattered all through the city. Alongside an abundance of academic buildings and research centers, the university is home to the worlds’ oldest university museum. It is presently comprised of thirty-nine semi-autonomous colleges and all students are considered members of their respective colleges.

From the time it first opened its doors in 1096, the Oxford Faculty of Law has educated some of the most prominent jurists, judges, and lawyers in both the United Kingdom and abroad. In addition to its prominent alumni, the faculty also places a great deal of importance on its current students. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to participate in decision-making processes at the faculty and contribute to the innovation of the curriculum. Due to the student’s active participation, Oxford is considered to offer one of the most progressive law programs in the world.

4. University College London

Although it is considered among Europe’s younger universities, University College London is continuously deemed as one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. In 1826, it was the first university to be established in London. Moreover, it was also the first and only university in England at the time to be completely secular and admit students regardless of their religion. Over the centuries, the University College London is a leading law institution in Europe and has grown and developed into the second-largest institution for higher education in the United Kingdom.

With respect to its faculty of law, University College London has led legal reform and innovation for more than two centuries. The faculty was the first in England to offer a course in English, rather than civil law. Today, it is focused on solving the most important legal issues on both the national and international levels. By creating a faculty full of acclaimed legal experts and researchers, it continues to encourage students to pursue new unexpected avenues when advocating their legal solutions.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science

As it was founded at the very end of the 19th century, the London School of Economics and Political Science is considered to be one of the most renowned younger universities in Europe. In addition to its academic excellence, the university is also appealing due to its location. Namely, it is situated in Westminster, near the boundary of Covent Garden and Holborn, which positions it right in the cultural and historical heart of London.

The LSE Faculty of Law delivers one of the best law programs in Europe and has gathered both national and international acclaim. It describes itself as an international community of students, staff, and alumni who have come together to create an unmatched interdisciplinary approach to law. The university’s legal community has had a crucial role in policy debates as well as policymaking. Its primary goal is to educate future leading legal experts that will be able to advocate for meaningful and sustainable reform in the fields of ecology, equality, and civil rights.


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