As one of the leading international forces, Russia has created a system for higher education that is worthy of envy. Due to its position between the East and the West, Russia offers its students a unique educational experience, as it incorporates the best practices from around the world. In addition to its reputable educational standards, studying in Russia allows students to immerse themselves in its vibrant history and heritage. Because of its vastness, there will always be more to experience and see.

One of its most prestigious programs is the study of law. Russian universities are ranked amongst the very best for the study of law. They offer a legal education at all academic levels and give their students the knowledge and tools to begin successful and prominent legal careers, both in Russia and the world.

To acquire a better understanding of the most prestigious law universities in Russia, here is a comprehensive list.

Top Law Schools in Russia

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Established in 1775, Lomonosov Moscow State University is considered to be one of the oldest and most reputable institutions for higher education in Russia. The university was founded by one of the leading engineers and scientists in Russia, Mikhail Lomonosov. During its long and prominent history, the university has educated numerous prominent alumni who have gone on to be some of the most notable and distinguished figures in Russian society. In addition to its scholars, it prides itself on its modern laboratories, lecture halls, museum, and breathtaking campus.

The Faculty of Law represents one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia for the study of law. It is also part of the three original faculties of the University. Presently, it offers its undergraduate students the chance to study in three areas of law: state law, civil law, and criminal law. After their bachelor’s program, students have the opportunity to continue their studies on the master’s and doctoral levels and participate in international programs and exchanges. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to find internships to help combine their theoretical and empirical knowledge, making the Lomonosov Moscow State University one of the best institutions for law in Russia.

2. Saint Petersburg State University

Situated in the city of the same name, Saint Petersburg State University represents one of the biggest and most prestigious Russian universities. From its founding in 1724 by Peter the Great, the university has maintained a focus on research in the areas of both natural and social sciences. Due to its academic standing, it is home to prominent alumni, amongst whom are nine Nobel Prize winners in fields ranging from Psychology and Literature to Physics and Medicine. Additionally, Saint Petersburg State University is known to be a top institution for Law in Russia.

Through its multi-disciplinary programs, the university aims to offer its students a well-rounded and comprehensive education. In this way, students acquire not only theoretical knowledge but the means of using it in the real world as well.

The Faculty of Law encompasses both undergraduate and graduate programs that equip students for legal careers in both Russian and international law. In addition to the courses taught in Russian, the Faculty offers three courses, specifically Public International Law, Judicial Review of Government Actions, and International Commercial Arbitration in English. Through these courses, the university aims to stress the importance of international cooperation in the study and practice of law.

3. Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University stands as one of the most reputed public research universities in Russia. Ever since its establishment in 1958, the university has pushed for a novel and contemporary approach to education. Namely, it has stressed the importance of integrating science and empirical research into standard educational practices. Consequently, its students are introduced and involved in various research practices at the very beginning of their studies. Led in this way by world-renowned schools, students gain both theoretical and empirical knowledge early on.

In addition to its contemporary educational programs, Novosibirsk State University is famous for its campus. In other words, the university is situated in a tranquil forest, away from the bustling and noisy city life. Along with its unusual and serene location, the universities theater and opera, the largest in Russia, have been known to captivate students from both home and abroad.

Potential students may choose to study either Legal Studies (Economics Russian and Law) or Law at the Institute for Philosophy and Law. The formed is a program specialized in the workings of corporate and economic law, while the latter prepares students for future careers and specializations in state and international law.

4. Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)

The Moscow State Institute of International Relations or MGIMO is widely acclaimed to be the most elite institution for higher education in Russia. Its prestigious reputation is known in both Central and Eastern Europe as well. Some refer to the university as the ‘Harvard of Russia’ as its alumni are amongst the most prominent scientific and political elite both in Russia and internationally. Today, MGIMO offers degree programs in 18 scientific fields and language courses for more than 53 languages.

The International Law School first opened its doors in 1949 and quickly came to offer one of the most sought-after law degrees in Russia. After obtaining their diplomas, MGIMO graduates commonly receive positions at some of the most prominent law firms in the county and abroad, proving that MGIMO is indeed one of the best law schools in Russia. Due to its many international relations, the university offers its undergraduate students the chance to study law in Russian, French, and partially English. Additionally, because of the university’s relation to the Swiss School for International Relations, students are given numerous internship opportunities in both Russia and Switzerland.

5. National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE)

Among the best law schools in Russia, the National Research University Higher School of Economics was established in 1992 in Moscow. In addition to its central campus in Moscow, the university has campuses located in the Russian cities of Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, and Saint Petersburg. It was the first institution of higher education in Russia to adopt the Bologna system and has made considerable efforts to offer its students a comprehensive and international education.

The Faculty of Law was amongst the first to be established at the university and has remained one of the most elite legal programs in Russia. Due to the faculty’s collaboration efforts with the University of London, the HSE offers its students the opportunity to obtain a degree in Common Law from an English-based school. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs that are available are though in Russian and English.


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