Many law schools in Malaysia are globally recognized and consistently positioned in world university rankings. Several renowned law schools offer English-taught degree programs. This is an excellent opportunity for international students interested in Asian law and its culture.

The Malaysian government prioritizes education in the country. The government assures that all academic institutions offer high-quality education in research and learning. With that being said, law education is no exception, and universities provide a range of law disciplines that equips students with outstanding legal knowledge, skills, analytical reasoning, and professional development.

Malaysia is the home of numerous outstanding law universities. Here is a list of top law schools in the country!

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Top Law Universities in Malaysia

1. University of Malaya (Universiti Malaya) – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The first top law faculty in Malaysia to be recognized is the Faculty of Law of the University of Malaya. It was founded in 1972, and since then, the faculty has been providing students with top-quality legal education and a variety of law-related academic courses. This, in turn, has equipped graduates and future leaders with copious amounts of legal knowledge and skills that are beneficial to their chosen professional careers.

Since its establishment, the faculty has offered a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program to aspiring law students. Ideally, this study program is completed in eight semesters and one special semester with 160 credits. At present, the faculty offers two undergraduate programs: the Bachelor of Laws and the Bachelor of Jurisprudence. Malaysian students with outstanding remarks may opt to complete the LL.B. program thru UM Open Channel or SATU. This special admission channel was created for qualified and exceptional local students, allowing them to enroll in selected undergraduate programs offered by the university. Its goal is to produce top-notch graduates by providing students with unparalleled academic programs and training.

Under the postgraduate study programs, the faculty offers four master’s programs and one doctoral program available for both Malaysian and International students. The programs offered are Master of Laws, Master of Criminal Justice, Master Commercial Law, Master of Legal Studies, and Doctor of Philosophy (Law). The faculty offers other substantial academic courses: the Legal Education Extension Programme (LEEP) and Clinical Legal Education program. The LEEP is a short course for law professionals and non-law professionals who are interested in recent advancements in the field of law, while Clinical Legal Education is a system that trains law students by engaging in practical experiences thru real client interactions.

2. National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The Faculty of Law of the National University of Malaysia is already considered one of the best law faculties in Malaysia. However, the school thrives on being the foremost law faculty in providing highly focused study programs structured in the country’s legal system, particularly the Syariah and Civil Law, and correlating its studies in Malay culture. It also promotes the Malay language as the preferential legal language in teaching.

The faculty offers one undergraduate program, three master’s programs, and one doctoral program. At present, it only offers one bachelor of laws (LL.B) program, which is completed in four years.

Postgraduate programs offered by the faculty are Master of Laws (LL.M), Master of Business Law (MBL), Master of Intellectual Property (MIP), and Doctor of Philosophy. The faculty only admit graduates and professionals that meet specific criteria in their chosen study program.

Students who seek to continue their postgraduate study in the university may apply for a Master of Laws (LL.M). To be admitted, they must present their bachelor of laws degree with a minimum of 3.00 CGPA. For law graduates with a 2.70 – 2.90 CGPA, the student must have at least three years of working experience in the legal sector or any related field for the faculty to consider its admission to the program.

Non-law graduates and professionals may continue their studies in the executive postgraduate programs either in Master of Business Law (MBL) or Master of Intellectual Property (MIP). Only eligible students who meet the desired requirements are accepted. The Doctor of Philosophy (Law) is offered for professionals that have obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree. This research study can take 6 to 12 semesters, full-time or 8 to 14 semesters, part-time.

3. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) – School of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

Universiti Utara Malaysia was initially established to become a leading university in management education. Its vision is to become the most distinguished management university in the country. The school offers numerous academic programs, and each faculty provides good quality education, including the School of Law of the university. The faculty supplies students with legal knowledge and training, and study programs include management courses giving students a broad range of expertise in other related fields.

The School of Law at the Universiti Utara Malaysia delivers an exceptional law program in Malaysia and has several degree programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. While most law schools offer undergraduate programs exclusively for Malaysian students, the faculty, on the other hand, offers all its study programs, including undergraduate studies, to international students. There are two bachelor’s degree programs offered in the faculty: the Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Philosophy, Law, and Business.

While, available postgraduate programs are Master of Commercial Law, Master of Corporate Law, Master of Human Resource Law, Master of Law, and Doctor of Philosophy (Law). All study programs are incorporated with management courses making it unique amongst law degrees offered by other universities.

4. Multimedia University (MMU) – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

Before it became an independent faculty, the Faculty of Law was initially formed as a law unit under the Faculty of Management at Multimedia University. Its function is to provide law subjects to business and engineering degrees. However, the law faculty then evolved and became part of the Faculty of Business and Law in 2004, and since then, Multimedia University has become a top law school in Malaysia. The faculty welcomed their first law students in their undergraduate law program during this time. In 2013, the university decided to establish a separate faculty known as the Faculty of Law.

To be accepted into the school’s undergraduate program, students must first take a one-year Foundation in Law program. This curriculum will qualify students to undertake a bachelor of law program upon completion. It will take about four to seven years to earn a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree in the university. The study program concentrates on the fundamentals in law at the national and international scope.

A handful of postgraduate study programs are available in the faculty. Master of Law LL.M program, a wide range of specialized LL.M programs such as Master in Contract Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Media Law, etc., and Doctor of Philosophy (Laws). Master’s programs can be taken in 2-3 years, full-time, or 3-5 years, part-time, while Ph.D. study programs are typically completed in 3-5 years, full-time or 5-7 years, part-time.

5. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The Faculty of Law at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) offers several study programs in Malaysia. The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B (Hons)) for the undergraduate program, Master of Law, Postgraduate Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice, and Doctor of Philosophy in Law for the postgraduate level. The undergraduate study (LL.B (Hons)) is a four-year program. It allows students to participate in student exchange programs with affiliated universities abroad. This will expose students to the legal system of other countries.

The master’s study program accepts law students with the following requirements: a bachelor’s degree in law with a grade point average (CGPA) of 2.75 or equivalent, a written research proposal, and a positive evaluation of the faculty’s postgraduate committee. The admission of Ph.D. applicants is similar to master’s program requirements. Law students must acquire and possess the following requirements to be admitted: a master’s degree recognized by the Malaysian government and University State with a CGPA of at least 3.0, a written research proposal, and a successful interview with the faculty committee.


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