For people passionate and eager to study law, Poland may be just the right choice. From an academic standpoint, Polish universities are ranked amongst the best in the world and offer a majority of programs in both Polish and English. Additionally, studying in Poland gives students the chance to live in some of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in Europe and learn about their rich history. To get a clearer picture of how beneficial studying in Poland may be, here is a closer look at the five top law schools in Poland.

Top Law Universities in Poland

1. University of Warsaw – Faculty of Law and Administration

Established in 1816, the University of Warsaw is the best law university in Poland. Presently, it is comprised of eighteen faculties which all together offer a variety of degree programs ranging from the humanities to natural and technical sciences. The University campus is located in the heart of the city and includes several historic palaces. Because of its ties to other acclaimed universities around the world, the University of Warsaw is part of several interesting exchange programs.

The Faculty of Law and Administration is one of the five original faculties, established in the 19th century when the University first opened its doors. For more than two centuries, it has remained one of the most reputable academic institutions for the study of law, attracting students from all corners of the world. The Faculty offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in different fields of law and administration.

2. Jagiellonian University – Faculty of Law and Administration

Located in the Polish city of Krakow, Jagiellonian University is considered to be the oldest and most prestigious academic and research institution in Poland. Due to its exceptional reputation and numerous degree programs offered by its sixteen faculties, the University is a truly multicultural environment, welcoming students from all over the world. The University’s library, one of the largest in Poland is also home to many medieval manuscripts, as well as other historical texts dating from the 14th century to the present day.

The oldest scientific center of Jagiellonian University is the Faculty of Law and Administration, founded in 1364. Although the Faculty’s history envelops several centuries, today, this top law school in Poland offers its students a unique blend of tradition and modernity concerning their studies. During their time at the Faculty, students receive a chance to discover their own paths, while being taught by some of the most prominent figures in the area of law and administration. Additionally, during their studies, students are encouraged to put their theoretical knowledge to practice through various internships.

3. The University of Wroclaw –Faculty of Law, Administration, and Economics

The University of Wroclaw, centered in the Polish city of the same name, is one of the leading law universities in Poland. Currently, it encompasses ten faculties that offer degree programs on the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. Because the University has numerous global exchange programs with other academic institutions, at least one master’s program in English is provided by each faculty.

Lead by its fundamental values of truth and freedom of expression, the University of Wroclaw aims to be an open and tolerant institution. Its academic philosophy is closely connected to its turbulent historical situation on the borderland between the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. Because of its history, studying at the University of Wroclaw allows students to step out of their fields of study and expand their knowledge in other areas as well.

The Faculty of Law, Administration, and Economics provides students with the opportunity to study law at the bachelor, master, and doctoral academic levels. During their studies, students may choose to focus on different schools of law, ranging from German and French to American and Ukrainian law. Additionally, supplementary courses are available at the Faculty as well.

4. SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Situated in the Polish capital, The SGH Warsaw School of Economics offers an unusual and noteworthy law program. Founded in the early 20th century, it remains the oldest and most distinguished business school in Poland.

What is interesting about the Warsaw School is that even though it offers courses on all three levels of academic study, it does not have a traditional departmental structure. Rather than dividing students based on their majors, the Warsaw School groups itself into five Collegiums, which offer different research and teaching programs.

Thus, at different Collegiums, students are allowed to study different branches of law. The Collegium of Economy and Social Sciences, for example, allows students to learn about European Law, while at the Collegium of Management and Finance, students have the chance to familiarize themselves with Economic Law. Additionally, two other Collegiums, the Collegium of World Economy and the Collegium of Business Administration offer courses related to International and Administrative and Financial Corporate Law, respectively.

5. The Lazarski University – Faculty of Law and Administration

One more prestigious law university in Poland worthy of mention is Lazarski University and its Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw. Unlike the previously mentioned academic institutions, Lazarski University is a private institution. However, it still offers education at all thee academic levels, as well as additional training and language courses. The University is argued to provide the finest education of all non-public universities in Poland.

It is comprised of three faculties, amongst which is the Faculty of Law and Administration. The faculty is highly ranked in the academic world thanks to its distinguished faculty members as well as its collaboration with other law programs around the world. Its students of law are given the unique opportunity to practice law outside of the classroom, in the University’s Student Law Clinic. After completing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, each student is given the chance for further education in obtaining the title of Doctor of Law.


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