Quebec is considered to be one of the most egalitarian, inclusive, and democratic regions of Canada. Because of all its previously mentioned characteristics, it is an ideal place to obtain an exceptional legal education. Quebec universities have a long and notable history of being at the forefront of legal reform and the fight for civic and minority rights. To get better acquainted with their law programs, here are the five best law universities in Quebec!

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Top Law Universities in Quebec

1. McGill University

Founded in 1821 in Montreal, McGill University is considered to be a top-tier institution for higher education and among the leading universities for law in Quebec. It bears the name of a Scottish merchant James McGill who was responsible for establishing its predecessor the University of McGill College. In addition to over 300 available academic programs, the university takes great pride in its alumni, among which are 12 Nobel laureates and over 100 Rhode scholars. Today, McGill University is known for attracting the best and brightest students from both Canada and abroad. Its students have the highest average entering grades in the country.

One of the most prominent faculties at the university is the Faculty of Law that delivers a world-class law program in Quebec. The faculty is made up of a diverse group of legal academics who are well versed in the practices of both common and civil law. Due to this, the faculties put great emphasis on a comparative and trans-systemic approach to teaching. In addition, when teaching the letter of the law, it also considers minority and indigenous perspectives. During their studies, law students are also given various opportunities to find legal internships that will be beneficial to both their education and the community.

2. University of Montreal

Located in the city of the same, the University of Montreal is a world-renowned French-language research institution. As of the present, it comprises thirteen faculties that altogether offer over 600 undergraduate and graduate programs. From its humble beginnings over a century ago, the university has grown into an institution for higher education that serves society as a whole. Moreover, the University of Montreal is a recognized law university in Quebec that insists on student involvement in the decision-making process, which is why it has two prominent student unions advocating for the rights of students on all academic levels.

Ever since its establishment in 1878, the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Law has been highly regarded for its academic excellence. It is at the forefront of legal education, as it strives to incorporate the ideas of intellectual pluralism and groundbreaking scientific research into their curriculum. Faculty members encourage their students to get involved in academic research at all academic levels. Through this practice, even during their studies, law students come to understand the amount of effort and dedication needed when advocating for meaningful and long-lasting reform. In addition, through arguing their diverse legal stances a vibrant learning environment is formed.

3. Laval University

Laval University is a top-tier research institution for higher education located in Quebec City, Quebec. It was founded in 1852, through the issuing of a royal charter by Queen Victoria. However, because the universities roots may be traced back to 1663, it is taken to be the oldest institution for higher education in Canada and the first one in French. Over its century-long history, the Laval University is recognized as one of the best law universities in Quebec that has acquired several prominent alumni, among which are former prime ministers of Canada as well. Presently, the university aims to educate students who will make impactful changes in their communities and society as a whole.

The Faculty of Law was established in 1852, making it the oldest French-speaking legal program in North America. Throughout its many years, the faculty has acquired a reputation for its academic excellence. Upon graduation, many of its students go on to have prominent legal careers both in Canada and abroad. Presently, the faculty is focused on creating an international learning environment by offering various exchange opportunities and creating a faculty of diverse legal scholars. Through these practices, it aims to educate legal experts able to tackle the most important problems of today’s world.

4. Concordia University

Another university located in the city of Montreal, Concordia University is a world-renowned comprehensive research institution. Although it is considered to be quite young as it was founded in 1974, the university has managed to build an international reputation for academic excellence. By enrollment, it is one of the largest universities in Canada, with a student body numbering over 50,000 students. It is also one of only three universities in Quebec to have English as the primary language of instruction. Moreover, Concordia University is an excellent institution for law in Quebec that aims to align both its curriculums and methods of teaching with larger trends and challenges facing society today.

The Concordia Law Program is a part of the Faculty of Arts and Science. As part of a larger faculty, the legal department has aimed to create a multidisciplinary curriculum that will help students understand how the law intertwines with all other aspects of society. Furthermore, during their legal studies, students are taught to understand the relationship between how the law may affect the individual and how it may affect society as a whole. The primary focus of the department is to equip students with exceptional theoretical knowledge as well as a legal skillset needed to obtain the letter of the law.

5. Université du Québec à Montréal

The Université du Québec à Montréal is a highly acclaimed institution for higher education and the largest constituent of the Université du Québec system. It was founded by the government of Quebec in 1969, through the merger of various other smaller academic institutions. Currently, the Université du Québec à Montréal is well-known for being a top school for law in Quebec and is considered to be among the largest universities in Canada, as it yearly welcomes over 40,000 students.

The Department of Legal Science is a pivotal part of the Faculty of Political Science and Law. It bases its core teachings on the defense and promotion of social justice. Thus, the department encourages students on all academic levels to participate in both the student and local communities. Through their volunteering and internships, students enhance their critical thinking and debate abilities. Moreover, they come to understand the most prominent concerns of their community and the different social groups within it.


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