Throughout history, Spain has been known as a vibrant country with a colorful past. What most people do not know is that the Spanish system for higher education and particularly its law programs are among the most sought out in the world.

Along with providing exceptional legal education, both public and private universities in Spain provide numerous scholarship and exchange opportunities for their students. In this way, law graduates at Spanish universities become global citizens as well.

This article talks about some of the best law schools in Spain.

Top Law Universities in Spain

1. IE Law School

Multiple ranking systems have recognized IE Law School as one of the best law schools in Spain. Since its early days, IE Law School has aimed to create innovative law programs and provide a well-rounded multi-disciplinary education for its students. In addition to a strong foundation in legal theory, students also acquire the skill set needed to practice law in a global and technologically advanced legal system. The university puts possibly the greatest emphasis on business law, as it believes that this legal field touches on all aspects of today’s society. Within both business and other types of law, students are taught to find technologically advanced solutions to pressing legal issues.

In part, the excellence of IE Law School comes from its diverse and exceptional educational faculty. From its founding in the 1970s, the university has sought to employ notable academics from the legal field as well as beyond. To become prominent legal figures in a multi-cultural global society, students must be knowledgeable in fields such as social sciences and technology, in addition to the law.

2. University of Navarra

Situated in the Spanish city of Paloma, The University of Navarra has been continuously ranked as a top-tier institution for legal study. In 1952, the School of Law was the first faculty to be established at the University of Navarra. As of the present, this private research center has six campuses in both Spain and the United States and offers 35 official degrees. The School of Law has programs on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, that span from Spanish Law to Global and Anglo-American Common Law.

Over the years, the University of Navarra, as well as its legal faculty have stressed their commitment to improving and bettering society. The institution aims to give back not only through scientific work but by teaching its students to recognize burning social issues and provide ample and sustainable solutions. In the field of law, students in this excellent law school are educated to get involved in their local communities and seek legal justice while upholding the letter of the law both at home and abroad.

3. ESADE Law School

Created in 1992, the ESADE Law School is part of the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. It is run by ESADE, a private Jesuit educational institution. The institution represents a global organization renowned for its academic excellence and international outlook. In addition to the ESADE Law School, this institution oversees the ESADE Business School and Executive Language Center within the University, as well.

Along with other top-tier universities, the ESADE Law School has created the European Joint Degree in Business Law. Presently, it is the only university in Spain to offer this degree.

The Law School’s academic activity is centered around three major areas – education, research, and social debate. In regards to education, the faculty focuses on guiding students through their studies while gradually allowing them more independence in their educational and professional careers. Upon graduation, the law school aims for its students to not only have legal competencies but be compassionate and conscious members of an international community. Its leading philosophy is to educate highly capable individuals that can recognize their role within the community. With respect to the ESADE Law School, this means educating future legal experts who will champion reform in areas such as human rights, ecology, and business.

4. University of Barcelona

One of the oldest and largest universities in Spain, the University in Barcelona holds a prestigious position amongst universities both in Spain and abroad. Founded in 1450, this public university is the oldest one in Catalonia. Presently, it has over 5.000 full-time researchers and encompasses 106 departments that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Due to its long and vibrant history, the University of Barcelona has one of the most impressive and beautiful libraries in Spain, numbering over two million volumes. In addition to this, it provides numerous exchange opportunities and welcomes international students from all corners of the world.

The University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Law is one of the best law schools in Spain. It has a tradition and reputation that dates back to the 15th century. Over the course of its existence, the faculty has aimed to find a balance between modernity and tradition. Thus, while gaining theoretical knowledge, students are also encouraged to debate relevant social issues with both their peers and professors. Currently, the Faculty of Law offers its students course in Law, Political Science, Criminology, Labor Relations, and Public Management and Administration, as well as various master’s degrees, and a doctoral program.

5. Pompeu Fabra University

Another university situated in Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University is considered to be one of the most renowned institutions for higher education in Spain. It was established to create a modern academic institution intimately linked to the city of Barcelona.

Presently, it is one of seven young universities worldwide that have shown the greatest academic progress. However, even though it is quite young, the university has already been globally recognized as a leading research center in the fields of economics, political sciences, and law.

With regards to its law program, the university offers programs on all three academic levels. Moreover, because Pompeu Fabra University strives to remain as one of the best law schools in Spain, its faculty is comprised of established and up-and-coming experts in the field of law. In this way, its students can learn from various generations of legal scholars and acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition to its faculty, the law program and university, in general, insist on limiting the number of students, as this allows professors to work with their students individually and pass on their knowledge in the best possible way.


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