Mathematics requires a huge amount of mental discipline and academic rigor. It deals with a lot of problem-solving skills that encourage students to think critically and rationally. However, people don’t need to be geniuses to be a mathematician. To some, it might seem like people are talking in a different language with mathematics. In reality, that is not the case. Mathematics simply needs a lot of devotion and patience to be able to understand it, that’s why to some it might seem difficult at first.

Moreover, it mostly has two separate specializations, one is pure mathematics and the other is applied mathematics. Pure Mathematics delves into an exploration within the subject, testing out boundaries and concepts which are independent of the application. Applied Mathematics on the other hand is reactive when it comes to solving problems, it is mostly done through engineering or science.

Today we talk about some of the best schools for mathematics across the world.

Top Mathematics Schools in the World

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Career opportunities in Mathematics aren’t limited. With the alumni at Massachusetts Institute of Technology branching over to software engineering or bank investing, it isn’t short of career options. As one of the best mathematics schools, MIT teaches a broad perspective with Mathematics, ranging from general math to theoretical physics, and computational biology.

It is also an institute that focuses on diversity, having programs that act against the lack of inclusion within its walls. Moreover, they even have a “Women in Math” section that advocates for the active inclusion of women not only in the course of Mathematics but also in the STEM community as a whole. This is proof that MIT recognizes the importance of equity and that they focus on the student’s potential, not their background or personal identities.

2. Stanford University, United States

Stanford offers a lot of programs in mathematics, however, their master’s degree is only available for current undergraduates, those who want to pursue a graduate’s degree at Stanford can only apply for a Ph.D. which spans around 5 years on average. In these 5 years, students are fully funded if their progress is within the standards of the University.

Stanford is very serious with Mathematics, even offering an honors course for undergraduates which would be a great reference if one were to ever pursue higher education. This course also opens up the possibility of an undergraduate student experiencing a graduate class, this is only a recommendation by the school and not required in any way.

3. Princeton University, United States

Princeton has a Directed Reading Program which offers a unique project that allows undergraduate students in this prestigious mathematics institution to collaborate with graduate students in pursuit of personal interest within the scope of Mathematics. This allows them to dive into specific topics that intrigue them and even as an opportunity to further their qualifications in the field.

Moreover, Princeton also has discussions when it comes to diversity within the community, career advice to graduate students, and promoting the work of people from underrepresented groups. This is within their Horizons Lecture, in which the other part is a research colloquium.

4. Sorbonne University, France

Sorbonne is a university that is highly focused on Research, with their team having interactions with professionals in the field. It is guaranteed that the teachings will come from hands-on experience from the faculty, as well as a lot of insider knowledge in the field of Mathematics which is supported by the labex FSMP and SUMMIT technological development center.

Aside from that, Sorbonne is very committed to solving current world problems such as climate change, sustainability, and digital transformation. Furthermore, it aspires to foster excellence and innovation through having an internationally supportive community and by providing resources and opportunities. That’s why Sorbonne also offers French classes, for students to better settle themselves in their learning environment and provide seamless discussions in the classroom.

5. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The undergraduate study of Mathematics in Cambridge is, in their words, unusual. Instead of modular examinations, students are required to submit three-hour papers per year. According to the university, this is because they want their students to have their own pace in learning, opting for a more conclusive examination rather than a per module one.

Cambridge, for the most part, aims to make an impact internationally through the advancement of mathematical knowledge. Through the methods that they already have in place, they also collaborate with the industry, with the alumni, and most importantly, they always have the future in mind when acting. For these reasons, Cambridge University is among the top schools for mathematics.

6. University of California – Berkeley, United States

Aspirants that are looking forward to UC Berkeley are put to a high standard by the university. UCB is one of the best mathematics schools in the world. Those looking to apply need to have at least a basic level of their 4 skills and knowledge. Namely analytical skills, problem-solving and modeling skills, communication skills, and reading and research skills. These are core values in which the students of UC Berkeley all have and improve through the experience in their undergraduate programs.

However, their master’s degree is only available to current Ph.D. students, which means if one were to apply, they’d be applying to a simultaneous Masters with their Ph.D. which can be tough for some people. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any other Master’s program outside of that condition.

7. Harvard University, United States

Harvard University is among the top mathematics schools and has one of the best faculty departments. With some of them having been awarded a Fields Medal, Nobel Prize, Maryam Mirzakkhani Prize, and etcetera. So when it comes to honors, the faculty has no shortage of them.

Interestingly enough, Harvard has a list of some of the myths in Mathematics, which is mostly about debunking race prejudices or assumptions when it comes to the STEM Community. One of their most interesting ones is the contribution of white men to mathematic society. Harvard immediately denies that white men dominate the area of math, saying that contributions have been made all over the world which tells you all about Harvard and its move towards inclusivity and the truth.


I hope this article on the world’s best mathematics schools was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.