Mechanical Engineers deal with designing and/or manufacturing mechanical systems and maintaining them afterward. They are tasked with meeting human needs when it comes to machines and technology, however, they have to do it in the most ethical and cost-efficient way possible. This gives them a hard time in trying to balance out all these factors to make life much more comfortable for present use and the future generation. In this article, we will be looking at the best mechanical engineering schools in the world.

The golden word in this field is efficiency, it is the fruition of their hard work and their end goal. That’s why over the years, they have decided to utilize the scientific method to come up with different solutions and designs for their machines. Way back then they used trial and error, something that is seen as not cost-friendly and a waste of time which is a hard pass to most mechanical engineers out there, especially since technology is fast-paced in our current times and they have to keep up.

Top Mechanical Engineering Schools in the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities for mechanical engineering around the world and prides itself on teaching a wide range of skill sets to its students. They delve into both the creative and technical aspects of mechanical engineering, this is because they want to prepare students for their future endeavors, may it be through the traditional employment route or in furthering their education.

This university is very committed to producing students that can make an impact with their respective fields of study, especially in Mechanical Engineering. They have numerous influences on different issues namely health, environment, innovation, energy, and security. These are seen as the goals of the students, teaching them to branch outside of machines and onto global problems, pushing them to become world leaders.

2. Stanford University, United States

Stanford University is among the top mechanical engineering universities around the world that allows its students to have personal or hands-on experience with mechanical engineering. It doesn’t discriminate on your level since the university also highly values applied experiences other than theoretical or fundamental knowledge about Mechanical Engineering.

Moreover, the university provides independent research opportunities that can offer the undergraduate students the necessary time to branch out or focus on their interests within the field of Mechanical Engineering. There’s also an undergraduate summer program for the same purpose of research, it’s fully funded so students don’t have to worry about bills during their academic pursuits.

3. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Department of Engineering is the largest in the University of Cambridge. It is highly valued and one of the main focuses of the university. It is branded as one of the leading centers for Engineering, this is due to its teaching approach wherein they require or develop prior knowledge to students before allowing them to learn more about the topic.

The university’s staff is one of the best, with their recruitment style solely based on producing engineering knowledge that will lead the world and its future generation. And since they have such a large department, they also aim to have someone that can strategically connect with the different parts of the department as well as increase the effectiveness of the university’s research.

4. Harvard University, United States

Harvard University is an excellent mechanical engineering institution that offers two concentrations along with its undergraduate course. First is the Engineering Sciences wherein students are required to take 14-16 half-courses, with the exact amount depending on one’s math placement. The other concentration is in Mechanical Engineering with a total of 20 half-courses. This allows students the option to explore their interests as well as create their study plan, which makes the whole learning experience personal and within the control of the students.

This institute aims to produce students with technical competence, this allows them to hone their critical thinking as well as creativity in design. This is because they want their students to be able to solve modern problems or issues regarding their respective fields in a global scope.

5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nanyang Technological University is one of the world’s top universities for mechanical engineering that teaches well-rounded learnings to its students, it gives them skills necessary to provide solutions to current engineering problems. As a student of this university, collaborative habits and understanding will be integrated into one’s approach to the field, being able to work in a group or a team is highly valued, and thus one of the principles that this university pushes forward.

It requires a final year project in which students can have a choice between three options, and MA4079 which is a standard pick, a FYP-URECA project which is only available to invited students, and an Overseas final project that is open to only students under the Nanyang Scholarship – CN Yang Scholars Programme.

6. University of California (Berkeley), United States

The University of California is a world-class mechanical engineering institution that promotes a focus of four end goals for its students. One is to continue through the industry, second is the national laboratories, third is the state and federal agencies, and the other is academia or the further improvement of one’s self through the pursuit of higher education.

It recognizes how technology revolutionized Mechanical Engineering and thus updated its research projects by including robotics, computer mechanics, and etcetera. And interestingly enough, government and independent agencies such as the National Science Foundation have taken a liking to the research section of the institution, fully funding its further improvements and processing.

7. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Delft University of Technology focuses a lot on science and research. Most of their goals include providing scientific knowledge/education as well as conducting scientific research. And as an institution that’s been declared as a public benefit institution, they have set aside the time and effort to promote social responsibility with its constituents.

Furthermore, this institution has quite a talented set of students. In more recent news, the researchers within the university were able to produce one of the world’s most precise microchip sensors, which is a great contribution to the digital documentation industry. The most interesting fact about it is that the idea came from a spiderweb, a testimony to how observant and creative the overall school is when it comes to research.


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