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Studying in any foreign country comes with some challenges as well as benefits. Studying in Korea is no different, there are certain difficulties to be considered such as language. Education in Korea is only in their native language, and although some efforts to reinforce English are present, there is still no fully equipped medical program in English. So to begin with you have to speak fluent Korean, not just enough to go by. This language can be difficult for English speakers, but it is possible to learn it.

There are benefits to studying in Korea, considering they have one of the top-rated medical schools available, and with more than decent prices. Here you can earn a medical degree and practice medicine, all while not spending too much. They take education very seriously and it might take some time to get used to their way of life. In this article, we will be looking at the best medical schools in Korea.

Korea is very affordable, thus attractive to international students, and if you dare to learn the language this might just be a perfect opportunity for you. They are very welcoming to strangers and pay a lot of attention to foreign people, to make sure they are seen as good hosts.

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Can international students enroll in medical schools in Korea?

Yes, according to SNU international students can enroll in medical schools in Korea, but there are a few important things to consider before applying. Korean medical schools rarely have a separate testing phase for national and international students. This means that international students have to go through every step as national, and all of it is in the Korean language.

Getting into medical school in Korea is a very competitive business, where you have to compete with people whose first language is Korean, and not only that, they are used to the schooling and education system, while most foreigners are not.

Also, international students are required to pass the Korean language proficiency test as soon as they enroll, because as we mentioned education is only available in the Korean language. On the other hand, almost every university will provide separate classes for learning the language and culture.

What is the medical curriculum like in medical schools in Korea?

Medical education in Korea lasts 6 years according to AskAKorean, but the first two years of education are mandatory pre-clinical. For the next two years, the students are allowed in hospitals, and in the last two years, there is clinical education. Then students do rotations and work in the hospital, something like an internship.

After the initial 6-year program you would get a Bachelor’s degree and the opportunity to study and specialize further. Medical schools in Korea are one of the hardest to get into, but also tough to finish, so you have to be prepared for some work. Most schools offer Ph.D. and Master’s programs.

Best Medical School in Korea

1. Seoul National University

The Seoul National University was established in 1946, and Seoul National University is the best medical school in Korea. Almost all faculty members have doctorates and the education provided here is high-quality.

They are welcoming international students, and even have scholarships available for them, but most of the lectures are in Korean, and you have to learn the language to be able to attend. They have over 27,000 students and over 200 of them are international. The Seoul National University also has research centers and cooperation with many international partners.

2. Yonsei University

The Yonsei University was established in 1957, but there are records of it dating back to 1885. This is the oldest university in Korea and one of the most popular ones also. This university has long been established on Christian principles and just recently became more open to students of other religions. This can be seen as problematic.

This is one of the most popular universities for international students in Korea, and they have a big rivalry going on with the Seoul National University, competing for Korea’s best medical school. The location allows students to be a part of local life and learn Korean with ease, which will come as useful when studying there.

3. Sungkyunkwan University

The Sungkyunkwan University was founded over 600 years ago in 1398, but they are not only one of the oldest universities they are also one of the most modern and innovative ones on our list. This university strives to incorporate new technology with traditional philosophy.

The first language used in this university is Korean, but unlike other universities, Sungkyunkwan University offers many programs in English, and this can make the world of difference for international students. This is why they have over 23,000 students and over 4,000 of them are from foreign countries.

4. Korea University

The Korea University dates back to 1905, and in 1946. it got the name we know today. They are proudly standing by the innovative ideas that led them to be one of the best universities in Korea. They are also one of the hardest universities to get into, with an enrollment rate of 25%.

This top medical school in Korea is open to cooperation and international students are not only able to enroll they are also encouraged by the local student association to learn the language and feel more comfortable. This university also has one of the biggest libraries, combined with fully equipped multimedia systems and production facilities.

5. University of Ulsan

The University of Ulsan was established in 1969 as Ulsan Institute of Technology, and in 1988. the college of Medicine was founded. The university has over 15,000 students enrolled and over 5% are international students.

This university has amazing cooperation with well-known industries like Hyundai and affiliate hospitals that will provide medical students with first-hand experiences and ensure that they acquire the knowledge in rotations. Graduates from this school are always positioned high and the employment rate goes to their benefit.

6. Pusan National University

The Pusan National University was established in 1946 and had only two faculties in the beginning, but they have come a long way since then, and now represent one of the top national schools in Korea.

Located in the metropolis of Busan, with over 3.5 million residences this would be an amazing opportunity to get premium education in one of the best universities while living in the lively and cultural heritage of Korean people.

7. Kyungpook National University

Kyungpook National University was founded in 1946, and they have a unique education philosophy standing on principles of truth, pride, and service. They are developing the next generation of doctors that seek the truth, proudly doing their service for the people.

Since the education is mainly in the Korean language, this top medical school in Korea offers international students additional Korean language courses that will help with accommodation and learning. This is also a good way to get introduced to Korean culture and understand how things work in this country.


Korea is putting a lot of effort into innovation and cooperation with international partners. They have good education and research facilities to offer, along with one of the best hospitals to learn in. The prices in Korea are more than fair, and many universities will provide international students with grants and scholarships that will cover most of the costs.

That being said, be prepared to work hard on a few things, primarily your knowledge of the Korean language. English is still not used enough in this country, so it’s up to you to learn their language and accommodate to lectures. Also, it’s wise to do your research and prepare for different social norms and ways of life, since Korea is one of the older and more traditional countries. If all of that doesn’t represent an obstacle for you, Korea might be a good destination to get your diploma.


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