The Philippines is the desired destination when it comes to vacations, but they are also becoming very popular for international students. There is no doubt that the Philippines is known for its mild climate, relaxing beaches, and welcoming people, but this is also one of the best countries to get your medical degree. They have one of the top universities, research facilities, and highly educated lecturers to ensure that the education is always functioning properly.

The Philippines is also considered to be very safe for local and international students. And if that is not enough to convince you, consider the low prices of studying and accommodations along with amazing traveling opportunities and you will see that the Philippines might be the country of your dreams. In this article, we will be looking at the best medical schools in the Philippines!

Can International Students Enroll in Medical Schools in the Philippines?

Yes, according to the official site of Emilio Aguinaldo College, international students can enroll in medical schools in the Philippines. Being that English is one of the official languages in the country and is widely used, international students will have no problem with communication.

The enrollment process in the Philippines is simplified and equal rights are promoted, as the country is multicultural, to begin with. They are also very accommodating and welcoming to strangers, making sure that everyone experiences Philippine hospitality.

What Is the Medical Curriculum Like in Medical Schools in the Philippines?

According to the university site of Emilio Aguinaldo College, medical school in the Philippines lasts for 4 years and in the end, the student is honored with the degree of Medical Doctor (MD). The education is divided into 3 years of theoretical classes and 1-year clinical practice, so all of the essential knowledge is acquired during these 4 years.

After the initial four years, students have the opportunity to be a part of a 1-year internship in one of the affiliate hospitals and with that gain more practical experience and solve problems in real-life situations.

The Philippine universities require that every student passes the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) in order to enroll in any medical school in the country.

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Best Medical Schools in the Philippines

1. Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine

The Emilio Aguinaldo College was founded in 1957, and it’s located in the heart of Manila. Widely known as the “Urban Oasis,” Emilio Aguinaldo College is the best medical school in the Philippines, offering a hands-on learning approach, with opened doors for international students and multicultural society.

The Medical School in the Emilio Aguinaldo College was officially established in 2001, and they have been growing ever since in the number of enrolling students as well as staff members. The medical schools here last for 4 years and by the end of it, students are granted MD (Medical Doctor) diplomas. There are many affiliate hospitals like Manila Med, Philippine General Hospital, Emilio Aguinaldo College Primary Care Clinic, and Birthing Facility, and others that will provide the necessary clinical education for students, and be a great opportunity for the internship program.

Diplomas acquired here are recognized worldwide, as the medical school has been granted the Government Recognition by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and they are an active member of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation, Inc. (APMCFI).

2. University of Santo Tomas – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The University of Santo Tomas was established over 400 years ago in 1611, and it’s one of the biggest Catholic universities in the world. Their Medical School is the oldest one in the Philippines and it was formally opened in 1871 as the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

This top medical school in the Philippines had only 9 students when it first opened and they have gone a long way since then, changing and developing all the time. The medical education lasts for 4 years and it’s divided into three years of academic and one year of clinical studies in the University of Santo Tomas Hospital.

3. University of Cebu – School of Medicine

The University of Cebu was founded in 1964, and today it offers preschool, grade school, junior & senior high school, undergraduate degrees, and post-graduate degrees. Although the medical school here is much younger, founded in 2012, it’s still operating on well-established principles.

Being a younger school they are offering a more modern approach to education, with equipped research facilities and new technologies. Being a part of UC Medical Center this school will also provide clinical education for students by many top professionals in the Philippines.

4. University of the Philippines – College of Medicine

The University of the Philippines, one of the best medical schools in the Philippines, was established in 1908 and consists of eight constituent universities and 4 basic education schools. The College of Medicine was the first to open in 1905, in Manila and represents the oldest school in the University of the Philippines.

The medical school has an amazing affiliation with Philippine General Hospital, providing the students with the experience and internship possibilities. Many important people in the medical history of the Philippines finished from this university.

5. St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine

St Luke’s College of Medicine was established in 1994 and is located behind St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City. They are offering an excellent 5-year program for medical students, of which years 1 to 3 are academic and theoretical, and years 4 and 5 are dedicated to junior and senior internships. This will enable the students to acquire the full benefits of preclinical and clinical education.

There is one thing to consider, in addition to passing the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) students who have been educated in a language that is not English have to pass the proficiency test also.

6. Davao Medical School Foundation

The Davao Medical School was established in 1976 and aims to educate doctors in rural communities. Operating in modern infrastructure and facilities, this medical school in the Philippines provides high-quality education along with clinical practice in one of five affiliate hospitals. They are more than welcoming to international students and offer some education materials like simulation mannequins and 3-D imagery dissection units that are rare in Philippine schools.

7. Far Eastern University – Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

Far Eastern University was established in 1934, but the independent medical school was formally opened in 1952. Since then, they are promoting high standards for education, healthcare, and research.

The medical education that this leading medical school in the Philippines is offering lasts for 4 years. The first two years are pre-clinical and based on getting a good foundation for further education. The third and fourth years are clinical, where students are taught how to handle patients with empathy, how to navigate through diagnostics, and accommodate to family members.

Conclusion: Perks of Studying in the Philippines

To recap, the Philippines is becoming one of the favorite destinations not just for travelers but also for young people wanting to excel in the medical profession. They have one of the best medical schools that are under the careful and strict eye of the government. This ensures that the quality of the education stays the same over the years.

Life in the Philippines is especially attractive to international students, for many reasons. First of all the location and the weather is amazing. Second, people are more than welcome to strangers and mainly speak the English language, which is also the main language for educational purposes. All of that comes at reasonable prices, which makes the offer even more irresistible.


I hope that this article on the best medical schools in the Philippines was helpful. If you are interested to know more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!