Studying medicine anywhere is a challenge but opting for getting your education in a foreign country can be even harder. You would have to learn a new language, culture, and way of life. But with all this said, medical students are usually the first people to embrace a challenge and make it into a learning opportunity. So when you are on a search for which country to choose for your international education, you might want to consider the United Kingdom first.

In the UK you can get not only the best education available, but there are a few more benefits to it. You will train with the patients from the first year, and this will mean you will have much more experience than medical students in most countries. Second, you will perfect your English language, and you can expect to know “medical English” even better. This can lead to better chances of you getting a job and using your diploma.

With all of this information, it would make perfect sense that medical schools in the UK should be on top of any list for enrollment. Hardly any education system can be compared to theirs. So, if you are willing to take a longer path in pursuit of your education, look no further.

Can international students enroll in medical schools in the United Kingdom?

Yes! According to Studyin-UK, international students are welcome to study medicine in UK universities.

The United Kingdom offers one of the best education systems in the world, and the process of getting into one of the universities is very competitive. If you wish to enroll in undergraduate studies, you have to provide an IELTS score (English language knowledge) of no less than 6.5 across all four categories – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Your grades have to be perfect and with all that you can try to enroll in one of the schools near the universities to get your undergraduate studies done.

Remember that UK universities are extremely competitive and that most students begin the preparation months or years ahead. Make sure your English is perfect, keep your grades up and take any opportunity to volunteer as this will all contribute to your enrollment status.

What is the medical curriculum like in medical schools in the United Kingdom?

It can take up to 15 years of studying before you get your CCT (Certificate of Completion Training) in the United Kingdom. The education is divided into three sections, and depending on your previous engagement and future goals it can be different:

  • Undergraduate (6 years)
  • Foundation training (2 years)
  • Specialty Training (up to 7 years)

For the Bachelor’s degree you will have to study for 5 years (sometimes even 6 if you choose certain subjects), but it all depends on various factors and the university you get into.

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Best Medical School in the United Kingdom

1. University of Oxford

The establishing year of the most famous university is not precise, but the university was working in early 1100 and has been ever since. This is one of the oldest universities known and it was formed after the English students were forbidden from Paris University.

Since those turbulent times, Oxford University has become a leader in education and research and a worldwide known academic residence. Diplomas acquired here are accepted everywhere and the chance to get a job in your country after graduating from Oxford University is much higher. The University of Oxford is the best medical school in the UK because of its prestige and academic excellence.

They offer several different medical departments, like:

  • Biochemistry
  • Clinical medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacology

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, and the medical department started working in 1540 when only a few students yearly graduated. The long history and incredible academic achievements of this university is only the tip of the iceberg because it has so much more to offer.

The University of Cambridge is the fourth-oldest ever and they are welcoming international students from more than 147 countries, making sure that the education is constantly monitored, improved, and made better to accommodate the speed of developing science and society.

The direct connection to hospitals, patients, and clinical research will allow future doctors to be ready and educated for any job, position, and situation. They are proudly standing by the principles made centuries ago, while improving the quality of their work every day.

3. University College London (UCL)

University College London (UCL), a top medical school in the UK, was established in 1826, and they have been challenging theories and promoting free-thinking ever since. They are working with diversity, not against it and they are enrolling students from over 150 different countries.

Located in the heart of London, this university will not offer just premium education, but living and learning in one of the amazing cities of the world. They are currently ranked as 10th in the world, by QS World University Rankings.

The undergraduate medical program lasts six years, and the university offers postgraduate programs like Masters, doctoral, and continuing professional development level programs.

4. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1726, and they are spread across several campuses, dedicated to research and implementing knowledge to perform even the most demanding professions.

The medical school is divided into three deaneries:

  • Clinical sciences
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Molecular, genetic, and population health sciences

This university has to offer a six-year-long education to get your Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree, and after that, you can enroll in foundation training.

5. Imperial College London

Next on our list of best medical schools in the UK is the Imperial College London, which was officially established in 1907. However, the mentioning of medical school can be found as early as 1822. They are now attracting international students from over 125 countries.

This university also holds the Silver Athena Swan award, for advancing women in science, technology, engineering, and medicine. They are devoted to high-impact research and education that is based on traditional values along with modern concepts. After the initial six-year education students will obtain MBBS and BSc, as dual qualifications.

6. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester was founded in 1824, and in the museum that is a part of the university you can see relics from the 16th century, proving the long and prosperous achievements in this school.

The university has three schools:

  • Biological sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Health Sciences

Manchester and the University of Manchester are truly multicultural places, ideal for international students looking for high-quality education and diversity. They are open to more than 160 countries and the list grows bigger each year.

7. King’s College London

King’s College London was founded in 1829, by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. Their vision is as honorable as their name, and they strive to make the world a better place since its establishment.

With this idea in mind, this top medical school in the UK is proudly placing them on the map of international universities, opening its doors to foreign students and staff. They represent diversity as an opportunity to see problems through different eyes and solve them more efficiently.


Studying medicine is an honorable profession, but getting your degree from some of the best medical schools in the UK mentioned above will not only be a good education opportunity, but also a way to make your diploma count. Finishing medicine in the United Kingdom will always bring more job offers, as they are maintaining the standard of elite and chosen groups.

You will be also perfecting your English language skills, and with that be able to apply for any job worldwide, without any concerns or doubts. The knowledge gained in the UK will be a big stepping stone in your career and life in general. With this in mind, be prepared to devote several more years to education and prepare your best self for the enrollment process.


I hope that this article on the top medical schools in the UK was helpful. Make sure to also check out the United Kingdom Programs for International Students for more information!