Psychology is the scientific discipline that studies human and animal minds and behavior. The study deals with aspects of human experience, from the individual brain to the national consciousness, from child development to care for the aged.

The early history of psychology points to the Western philosophers who are the first contributors to the study. The experts who succeeded added to the discipline’s knowledge attributed to the various developments in the field. Over the years, many schools and universities have excelled in the study of the mind. Here are some of the top psychology universities in the world.

Top Psychology Schools in the World

1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in England, UK. The autonomous institution consists of 31 colleges and six schools that provide instruction in a multitude of fields. Its faculties and departments cover specialized areas of world-class research noted by institutions everywhere.

The University of Cambridge Psychological Laboratory is one of the best psychology schools in the world. Also known as the Department of Psychology, it was formally opened in 1913 due to the hard work of the psychology pioneers in Cambridge years prior. New research developments and laboratories were added to the Psychology Department’s elements over the past decades, elevating its prestige in the psychological community.

The Department of Psychology highlights its world-class teaching and research through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. The department’s efforts are notable in that it currently has two sites to house its ever-growing programs. The University of Cambridge is placed at the top position of all psychology universities worldwide.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University was opened in 1891 in Stanford, California, the USA, through Former Senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane Stanford. Seven schools and 18 interdisciplinary institutes currently comprise the university. Stanford’s alumni, faculty, and researchers consistently made giant leaps in their respective fields, raising the university’s recognition over the years.

Stanford’s Department of Psychology effectively started in 1892 when talented psychology educators came to the university to establish the psychology department. The administrations focused on maintaining well-trained faculty members and upgrading facilities for researchers. Such efforts bore great fruits as its psychology graduates continue to excel in their fields.

The Department of Psychology at Stanford University is a top-notch psychology school, retaining its prestigious position despite not having a standalone master’s degree in its program list – an MA in Psychology is available within the Ph.D. course. The efforts of the entire Stanford psychology community consistently placed the university at the top group of psychology universities worldwide.

3. Princeton University

The administrators granted the present charter for Princeton University in Newark, New Jersey, in 1748. Later, the university moved to its current site in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1756. Princeton University became a witness and active actor in the historical and educational development of the US throughout the years.

The Department of Psychology established itself in 1920, years after it built its first laboratory in 1893. Generations of Princeton faculties and students graciously contributed to the department’s advancement in the field of psychology. The Psychology Department marks its record with notable men and women dedicated to studying their chosen traditional disciplines and researching their interdisciplinary fields.

Princeton’s Department of Psychology does not offer a terminal master’s degree in psychology – the degree is only available within the Ph.D. track. However, the department still managed to put the university at the top of world rankings for excellence in psychology instruction and research.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University derived its name from its benefactor John Harvard in 1639. The institution established itself as the first college in the American colonies three years earlier. The Charter of 1650 incorporated the school into the world-renowned university it is today.

The 1800s marks the emergence of the psychology field at Harvard. Ever since then, the university has been the spearhead of the discipline. Various famous names in psychology added to its faculty and research community. Their efforts pushed the study forward, well past other universities, making Harvard University one of the best psychology schools in the world.

Offering only undergraduate and doctorate degrees in psychology, a master’s degree is available through the department’s psychology Ph.D. program. Nevertheless, the Psychology Department maintained its high standard and placed Harvard in the upper bracket of psychology universities worldwide.

5. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley founded itself in 1868, after merging the private College of California in Oakland and the new state land-grant school, the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College. UCB moved to its current location in Berkeley, California, the USA, in 1873.

Berkeley’s Psychology Department was separated from the Department of Philosophy and established by the university during 1921-1922. Since its creation, the department has consistently been at the leading edge of national and international psychological institutions.

The Department of Psychology’s award-winning faculty continues to conduct innovative research in many areas of psychology. The department maintains its high level of excellence despite lacking a standalone master’s degree in psychology – the Ph.D. in Psychology automatically provides a master’s degree. Through the hard work of the department’s faculty, researchers, and students, Berkeley remains at the top position of psychology universities globally.

6. University College London

The University College London started itself in 1826 in London, UK, and is one of the most prestigious universities around the globe. UCL’s multidisciplinary education and training made the university a beacon of academic, artistic, and scientific excellence.

The UCL Psychology and Language Sciences Department is the largest and highest-ranked psychology division in the UK. The PALS Division is a powerhouse in teaching and research, as seen from the talents and achievements of the faculty and students.

The Division of Psychology and Language Sciences also focuses on providing their community with advanced technological support to improve the learning and success of its students and researchers. UCL has consistently been among the top psychology schools in the UK and worldwide due to this drive for excellence.

7. The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago mainly focused on the advancement of academics for people of all backgrounds since its creation in 1890. UC encouraged the interdisciplinary approach in its faculty and students in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

John Dewey established and headed the University of Chicago’s Laboratory of Psychology in 1893. Decades and several facilities upgrade later, today’s Department of Psychology successfully elevated the status of the University of Chicago above other institutions.

The University of Chicago is one of the best psychology schools. Although its Department of Psychology does not have a master’s degree in psychology, it can be incidentally acquired through the Ph.D. program. However, alternative master’s degrees are being offered in collaboration with other departments at the University of Chicago. The situation is as far from a setback as possible as the Psychology Department placed the university at the top of world rankings.


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