Built with a strong economy and multicultural population, Netherlands is an excellent option for studying undergraduate programs, graduate and doctorate degrees. The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, and it’s bordered by Germany and Belgium. For years, this country had significantly contributed to different fields such as economy, science, and other industries.

The Netherlands promotes a world-class education as it is a home for renowned scientists, inventors, and other professionals that created a massive impact on the world’s advancement. This country has produced outstanding results and continues to deliver by producing graduates in various educational and research fields.

As of today, Netherlands has colleges and universities that have an excellent reputation globally. They offer different programs to cater the educational needs of every learner. If you’re an aspiring international student in the Netherlands, this country provides numerous resources to support your studies. In this article, we will be looking at the best scholarships in the Netherlands for international students.

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Best Scholarships in the Netherlands for International Students

1. Holland Government Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: € 5,000
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs and graduate studies

The Holland Government Scholarship is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, and it is awarded to students who came from non-European countries. This Netherlands scholarship is given to incoming international students as it encourages them to study in the Netherlands and is a one-time scholarship.

To start your scholarship application, kindly check first if your chosen university in the Netherlands is on the list of participating universities. Check the scholarship link to view the list of approved universities. Also, you need to apply for a specific program in the undergraduate or graduate degrees and meet the admission requirements of your university and program. Usually, these include your previous educational attainments, language requirements, and many more.

2. University Twente Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: € 3,000 to € 22,000 for a whole academic year
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate Studies

The University Twente Scholarship is given to students who have an outstanding academic reputation. The goal of this scholarship is to acknowledge graduate students who excel in their respective programs. And this is open for both European and non-European countries.

The application for this scholarship in the Netherlands is a separate procedure from your admission process. To be eligible for this scholarship, you should meet all requirements stated in the scholarship link. You should be admitted to a graduate program, and you already have resulted from the English language tests, meeting the required scores.

All applications are made online, and once you submitted the requirements and the application itself, you’ll receive a confirmation. The committee will assess your application, and you’ll be notified when the results are out. The results are either accepted, denied, or stand by.

3. Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €6,000 per year
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs

The University of Amsterdam is a public university in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and it has an outstanding reputation in the country and Europe. This public university offers a merit scholarship for excellent undergraduate international students. These scholarships in Netherlands for international students are offered to students taking economics and business, psychology, and social and behavioral sciences programs.

To start your application, kindly check first if you meet the criteria for you to be considered. Every department has different requirements, selection, and application processes. But usually, they will require you to have excellent academic scores in your chosen program. You can submit your application through the admission portal. Alongside your application, you will also be required to submit documents like GPA, results of the English proficiency test, motivation, and recommendation letters.

4. Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee – depending on your program, annual living expenses of € 11,400 for 12 months, visa application fee, and others.
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate Studies

The Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship, one of the best scholarships in Netherlands for international students, is a combination of the university’s high potential scholarship funded by the Maastricht University and the Holland scholarship financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. It is awarded to international graduate students who show excellence in their respective graduate programs.

To qualify for this scholarship, you should meet the specific admission requirements of your chosen program and have excellent academic grades. Start your application by registering in one of the university’s master’s programs online. You’ll be asked to fill out an application form and submit some documents. You can check the required documents in the scholarship link.

The International Services Desk will make the selection of the recipients, and you’ll be notified whether your application is accepted, denied, or shortlisted. If you’re accepted, you’ll be required to attend the university’s three-week Pre-Academic Training.

5. CSC-Leiden University Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: A monthly allowance of €1,350, complete waiver of application, bench and residence fees, a one-time health insurance contribution of €500, and more
  • Eligible Degree: Ph.D. degree

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) in Leiden University provides scholarships to aspiring Chinese students. This scholarship promotes young professional or outstanding graduate students who want to continue their Ph.D. degrees. In return, after their studies, these Chinese students would practice and go back to their mainland.

To apply for this Netherlands scholarship, you should be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China and hold or currently studying for a Master’s degree. Also, you should be accepted to Leiden University, and you have a high English proficiency. If you meet these requirements, you can process your application at the university. The scholarship provides the detailed process of the scholarship. On the other hand, the selection will be made by the university’s team and the CSC.

6. Erasmus University Rotterdam – L-EARN for Impact Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €10,000 – € 22,000
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate Studies

The L-EARN for Impact Scholarship in Erasmus University Rotterdam is offered to international students who came from developing countries (according to the list of the World Bank). This scholarship aims to promote economic development in these developing countries. After completing the program, the recipients should return to their respective countries to contribute to their mainland’s economy and social growth.

This scholarship is awarded to exceptional international students reaching a high grade of 8 (Dutch’s educational system) in his program per semester. To apply, kindly visit the scholarship link to view if your country is indicated and contact your department.

7. Radboud Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Partial to full tuition fee exemption and it will also cover the fees for visa, residence permit, health insurance, and liability insurance.
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate Studies

The Radboud Scholarship is offered to international students currently enrolled in the university’s graduate programs in the English language. Yearly, they select 25 recipients for the partial scholarship and 12 recipients for the full scholarship. They should be currently enrolled in the university while applying for this scholarship.

This scholarship in the Nehterlands is highly selective, and the university chooses the recipients based on the academic performance and results. There are some documents you should present, such as recommendation and motivation letters. You can start your application during your admission process. In the university’s application system, you can indicate that you want to apply for this scholarship. The committee will decide whether you’ll get a full or partial scholarship. Lastly, take note of the deadlines, submit the documents needed on time.


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