Studio Art creates visuals that are either done through ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, fiber, and etcetera. While it has a wide concentration, it can also be limited to artworks done are done or utilized in studios, hence the name Studio Art.

In a global sense, it can be seen as the portrayal of a wide array of issues that contributes creatively to social discourse. That means, work of art can be seen as a person’s view or perspective which can also be used theoretically or philosophically depending on the interpretation of each individual. That’s why most universities aim to develop a sense of leadership or world values that can help shape the world in the future. Let’s take a look at the world’s best studio art schools!

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Best Studio Art Schools in the World

1. The University of the Arts, United Kingdom

This program requires students to only stay on campus for a brief period, a perfect course for those who have part-time jobs or are looking to pursue different disciplines at the same time. It is quite personal as students are allowed to design their schedule and most of the time, they also maintain close contact with the faculty which maximizes the connection between professors and their constituents.

It is also quite flexible as the program changes over time along with the different trends of the world. It recognizes the fleeting wants of the human eye, which in turn integrates a more contemporary-minded curriculum for the students. The university itself values its student’s individuality since it is seen as a creative inspiration.

2. Rhode Island College, United States

Rhode Island College is among the best institutions for studio art in the world that has different concentrations when it comes to studio art, namely ceramics, digital media design, graphic design, metalsmithing &jewelry design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. This is already a wise set of concentrations that allows students the freedom to choose and doesn’t limit the students of their options in their fields of interest.

Furthermore, this college offers an individualized graduate program wherein they will require applicants to pass an application and design their program based on their interests. This means the choices of graduate study are limitless as students can create their own while choosing the already available courses in the program.

3. The College of Saint Rose, United States

While the concentrations in this program are only a few, it has a lot of opportunities for its students. Not only does it offer internship opportunities that hone their applied skills in the field of studio art, but they can also learn from highly-accredited artists such as Holland Cotter, Robert Storr, Tom Nozkowski, and Julie Heffernan.

The College of Saint Rose is a leading school for studio art in the world that teaches students leadership skills and how to develop fruitful connections by letting them go on group exhibitions as well as trips to either New York or even in an international setting with countries like Spain, Italy, China, Cuba, and etcetera. There is no need to worry as the international trips are supervised and led by the trustworthy faculty of the College of Saint Rose

4. The University of Texas at Austin, United States

The University of Texas at Austin is another best university for studio art in the world as this university offers one of the best studio art programs in the country. The community in this university is close and tightly connected. All incoming first-year students are required to take the First-year core program as it introduces foundational knowledge to better help students in their future endeavors. It builds the students’ technical and conceptual proficiencies, preparing them before advancing to their concentrations.

It offers two undergraduate programs in studio art. One is a Bachelor of Fine Arts and the other is a Bachelor of Arts, the first one is more of a concentrated Studio Arts program, giving the students a glimpse of the world of studio art while the latter is utilized by students who want to go further from the walls of the studio, making it a bit broader and varied in essence.

5. University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a recognized institution for studio art across the globe and is a college that thrives on creativity and worldview perspectives. Students in the art department are taught how to be transformative and to explore ideas necessary to host creative thinking and development. Moreover, as the world progresses, students are also encouraged to translate the different trends and utilize the ever-changing mechanics on a global scale.

Aside from that, students also have access and are encouraged to dive into qualitative research since the university likes its art to be made based on the learnings such as the historical and conceptual parts of the curriculum. Fortunately, the university is part of the tier one research university which means students can collaborate with experts and artists.

6. Lorenzo de’ Medici, Italy

Lorenzo de’ Medici offers a bachelor of science rather than a bachelor of arts in studio arts. In this program, students are focused on the knowledge of art techniques and the understanding of art in general. The students will experience challenges as they are expected to portray meaningful translations of the concepts that will be taught to them.

Moreover, the course program has extensive history subjects, going from timeline to timeline such as the Renaissance and the Age of Antiquity. While the academic curriculum may be rigorous, this is only because the university is trying to empower its students through the pursuit of knowledge. With that, they encourage students to partake in the learning process using the university’s experiential practices.

7. New York University Steinhardt, United States

New York University Steinhardt focuses a lot on humanity and social sciences. This means that students from this school, while not required, are expected to portray social issues and interpret them using individual artworks. Other than that, they also teach students how to identify problems within the aesthetic range of art, this means a proper criticization of not only one’s art but also the art of others.

The university is one of the best institutions for studio art all over the world that also pushes students to be experimental with their work, using growth as a personal motivation to personally construct meaning and unique artworks. This is because the university is also looking if students can properly convey their passion or ingenuity when it comes to developing artworks.


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