The Republic of Turkey is among the top 10 countries in the world that cater to the most number of international students each year. This highly-developed and economically stable nation has a lot more to offer. In addition to world-class education, Turkey is also abundant with fascinating attractions, delicious cuisine, traditions, and culture. Its unique geographical location also offers an amazing opportunity to explore and be familiarized with the Eastern and Western cultures that have significantly influenced the country.

Turkey is known to excel in many different areas. With several choices available, it is important for students who want to pursue a degree in a foreign country to identify the fields that this country is best at and if these fields suit their interests and aspirations. Listed below are some of the best subjects to study in Turkey along with its top universities.

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Top Subjects to Study in Turkey

1. Fashion and Textile Design

Throughout the country’s history, the textile and clothing industry plays a significant role in the Turkish economy. Turkey is a leading global textile exporter and also a top attraction for fashion and shopping lovers because of its high-quality clothing and other fashionable goods. With an abundance of raw materials such as cotton and silk, Turkey has approximately 55,000 clothing and textile companies providing over 2 million jobs in the country. That is why fashion and textile design is among the best subjects to study in Turkey.

Turkish textiles are known for their rich colors, gold and silver threads, and fancy designs such as stars and flowers. Universities in the country have a holistic approach to teaching fashion and textile design starting from basic concepts, theories, and history of art and design in Turkey to innovations and technologies used in the contemporary design industry. Through workshops, company visits, and internships, students are trained to become highly creative, critical, and competent professionals who can adapt to demands and changes in the industry.

Some of the best universities to study fashion and textile design in Turkey are Altinbas University, Baskent University, Istanbul Aydin University, Nisantasi University, and Maltepe University.

2. Architecture

Having a rich history in the field of architecture, Turkey is full of magnificent structures, mosques, castles, historical sites, and ancient ruins reflective of its various influences from its early civilizations as well as from Byzantine, Islamic, and Iranian architecture. Architects are among the highest-paid and most in-demand professionals in the country, making it an ideal location for international students to pursue their architecture degrees.

Architecture programs in Turkey aim to impart a deep understanding of the theoretical, aesthetic, ethical, and technical aspects of architecture. They also cover the areas of social, economic, and environmental sustainability to enable students to design structures that are not only safe, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing but also have minimal impact on the environment and the communities around them. Opportunities for international exposure are also provided to students through exchange programs, field trips, and workshops to help them develop skills that would make them competent candidates in the international labor market.

Some of Turkey’s leading universities that offer the best programs in Architecture are the Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, Bogazici University, and Bilkent University.

3. Computer Science

Turkey has a steadily-growing computer science and tech industry, which is why computer science is an excellent subject to study in Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Science and Technology provides a significant amount of funding to support research and development in computer science and its applications in different fields such as business analytics, cyber security, defense, and aviation. There are also software, gaming, e-commerce, and other tech-related companies existing in the country that may serve as good training grounds for computer science students, interns, and graduates.

Students taking computer science degrees in Turkey undergo rigorous training in applying their knowledge of science, mathematics, engineering, and data analytics in designing and implementing solutions to the challenges faced by different industries. They also conduct several practical learning activities such as lab experiments, analyzing and generating insights from collected data, designing software and hardware systems, and collaborating with their universities’ industry partners in doing projects and research work.

Among the best universities to study computer science in Turkey are Bogazici University, Hacettepe University, Erciyes University, Koc University, and Sabanci University.

4. Business

Among the world’s largest and most stable economies, Turkey is considered one of the most ideal countries to start or expand a business. Its location in the Eurasian region puts it in an advantageous position to attract foreign investors and opens several opportunities for local businesses to widen their consumer reach and engage in international trade. The government also provides tons of support in the form of benefits, incentives, and tax exemptions to help businesses maximize their profits and continue working towards the improvement and growth of their operations.

Turkish business schools aim to meet global standards in business education and research and to produce globally competent business graduates, which is why several business schools in the country have already received accreditations from prestigious international accrediting bodies. Many of them have also established partnerships with leading universities and organizations from other countries for exchange programs and internships overseas.

Some of Turkey’s top universities and business schools include the Istanbul University School of Business, Sabanci School of Management of Sabanci University, Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration, Galatasaray University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, and Koc University Graduate School of Business.

5. Automotive Engineering

The automotive industry is a major driver of Turkey’s economic growth and is one of the primary contributors to the country’s total exports. In the latest reports, Turkey currently has 12 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) working with over a thousand suppliers and companies in producing approximately 1.3 million vehicle units each year. There are also 50 centers dedicated to research and development for the country’s automotive sector. The flourishing industry opens numerous training and employment opportunities for automotive engineering graduates in Turkey.

Automotive engineering is among the best subjects to study in Turkey. Studying automotive engineering in this country provides students with a strong foundational knowledge of the design, production, maintenance, and development of automobiles. Universities maintain close ties with industry giants within and outside the country for students to gain hands-on experience and participate in different workshops, projects, and practical activities that would prepare them for their future careers.

Some of the most well-known universities in Turkey that offer outstanding programs in automotive engineering are Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Kocaeli University, Gazi University, and Sakarya University.


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