Textile is a program that deals with the properties and manufacture of fibers, yarns, fabrics, dyes, and finishes, whether natural or synthetic. The discipline also relates the properties of these materials with the human need for functional and fashionable apparel. The study combines art, chemistry, and history to create a discipline that enriches human society.

The textile studies and design program have a wide array of applications and purposes that are open for specializations. Many universities have started teaching textile design for many years, but some were able to rise above others. A combination of field knowledge and teaching methods are notable for some universities, thus, giving them the advantage and the most recognition.

Today, we discuss some of the best textile schools worldwide.

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Top Textile Schools in the World

1. North Carolina State University

The North Carolina State University started in 1887 to provide equal access to education and opportunities to Carolinians. The land-grant institution, the largest university in the state, maintains its original mandate to promote quality training available to all.

As one of the best textile schools in the world, NCSU’s Wilson College of Textiles prides itself as the only college in the US devoted to the textile industry. The Wilson College not only trains students with the needed technical and theoretical skills; it teaches leadership skills that will create future industry giants.

The Wilson College of Textiles’ forward-thinking and proactive attitude paved the way for various industry innovations credited to the university. The philosophy of constant evolution to adapt to new challenges certainly helped NCSU receive the number one position in world rankings for textile universities.

2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a land-grant university chartered in 1869 to educate the youth of the state of Nebraska. The university welcomed all who wished to study, regardless of age, sex, color, or nationality, when it first opened its doors. Enrollments to UNL increase yearly as a sign of the quality of learning provided by the institution.

UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences is home to the Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design program. The college boasts its long track record of providing top-notch education to its students that benefit both the individual and the community, proving the excellence of this textile institution. CEHS graduates, in turn, are widely recognized for their training and knowledge in the textile discipline worldwide. The college’s efforts placed the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the top of textile universities globally.

3. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester started with the merger of two universities, the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, in 2004. Despite being newly established, the combined history of both institutions provides a significant historical and educational foundation. Proof of such qualities shows in the long list of Nobel laureates credited to the university.

The Department of Materials, home to the textile program, also started in 2004. upon the merger of the Corrosion and Protection Centre, the Manchester Materials Science Centre, and the Department of Textiles and Paper. Its facilities conduct cutting-edge studies and projects that ensure quality research outputs and well-trained graduates.

The Material Department’s involvement in various research themes proves the readiness of Manchester education to take on complicated studies for a wide range of applications. Its graduates are well-received worldwide and are considered textile experts. The University of Manchester placed itself among the highest-ranking textile universities worldwide.

4. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds started in 1904, but its history dates to the foundation of the Leeds School of Medicine, and the Yorkshire College of Science; the two institutions merged in 1884, then merged with Owens College Manchester and University College Liverpool three years after, creating today’s University of Leeds. The university’s creation stems from the Leeds community’s goal to create a non-exclusive, science-based, academic institution.

The School of Design that covers the Textile program is under the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Cultures. The Design School is an interdisciplinary institution that brings together technology and design to create innovations in the field. The design ideas and solutions provided by the school are recognized by various national and international awarding organizations placing the University of Leeds as one of the best textile schools worldwide.

5. The University of Bolton

The University of Bolton started in 1824 on the merger of the Bolton College of Education and the Bolton Institute of Higher Education. The university focuses on providing the men and women of the United Kingdom with vocational and professionally focused education. The University of Bolton aims to develop its disciplines further to attract local and international learners.

The Bolton School of the Arts focuses on providing the best facilities possible for every course and specialization of the students. Various programs are also in place to maximize the students’ talents, especially in textile design. The graduates of the school’s Fashion and Textile program are all accepted in the field as they are ready and capable of making their mark on the world. As seen from the performance of its produced experts, the University of Bolton is one of the best universities in textile studies globally.

6. Dresden University of Technology

The Dresden University of Technology started in 1828 as the Technical Institute in Dresden and reached university status by 1961. The year 1990 onwards marks a rapid development of the education in the university prompted by the integration of independent institutions to the Dresden University of Technology.

As a top textile university,  Dresden’s Textile and Clothing Technology program is under Engineering Sciences. The theoretical knowledge of material design mixes with engineering techniques that elevate the course content above others. This approach links university learnings and the students’ future specialization goals. The unique approach consistently created textile experts well received in Germany and globally.

7. De Montfort University

De Montfort University started in Leicester, the United Kingdom, in 1870 as the Leicester School of Art. The university eventually got its current name in 1992 in honor of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. The courses available in the De Montfort University now has disciplines beyond the arts but retain its philosophy of providing inspirational education to its students to impact the world positively.

The Textile Engineering and Materials department started to mainly focus on researching textiles, a multidisciplinary endeavor on its own. The TEAM thus continues to study the various aspects of textile studies while opening new areas of inquiry. This particular focus on the textile industry has caught the attention of prospective textile students and established experts alike. Due to the quality of its graduates and research outputs, De Montfort University is always among the best textile schools worldwide.


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