Life is precious; from the mighty hardworking ants to the baby your aunt carries in her arms. All of these lives hold certain meanings and purposes on the planet. We may not know it at first glance, but biology can help us find out more about the significance of relationships between lifeforms.

Finland is a popular study destination known for its unique landscapes, climate, and advanced technology. Finland’s progress and development have not left its environment to deteriorate; rather, the people work hard to preserve their surroundings and promote sustainable use.

Finland’s advocacy for quality living and sustainable use of resources provide the perfect backdrop for biology enthusiasts. Check out below some of the best Finnish universities for biology, and see which one resonates with you.

Top Universities for Biology in Finland

1. University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the oldest university in Finland. It also happens to be the largest, featuring the most course offerings among Finnish universities.

The University of Helsinki enjoys an international reputation. It consistently ranks among the top one percent of universities across the globe. Its quality teaching and research contribute most to the university’s success, with international partnerships and alliances with various institutes and research organizations.

The University of Helsinki also strongly caters to international students. Master’s degree programs are taught in English, whereas bachelor studies are taught in either Finnish or Swedish.

Scientists and professionals seeking to pursue their Master’s degree in biology can check out the different Master’s offerings of this top-notch biology school. For students with a background in biology, there are several programs to choose from, namely: ecology and evolutionary biology, forest sciences, genetic and molecular biosciences, life science informatics, and microbiology and microbial biotechnology.

These programs offer different perspectives and focus on the significance of life, but each of these is equally important in the working industry. For genetic and molecular biosciences specifically, cells and molecules are thoroughly studied to understand the onset of diseases and ailments. Meanwhile, the joint forces of biology and informatics help scientists develop models that can predict the trends within a biological system.

2. University of Turku

The University of Turku is the third-largest university in the country by student population. It is a member of the Coimbra Group, an association of education institutions advocating for internationalization and collaboration of education.

The University of Turku’s research strengths lies across different academic disciplines. Specifically, the institution significantly contributes to sea and maritime studies, biofuture, and drug development and diagnostics to name some.

Biosciences programs at the University of Turku are offered to graduate students. Master’s students can choose to major in either evolutionary biology or delve into the world of evolutionary genetics and data science. There is also the option to choose molecular systems biology, focusing on gene and protein structure, function, and relationships.

On the other hand, a multidisciplinary doctoral program in biology, geography, and geology is also available for professionals to broaden their knowledge and research skills in the rest of the natural sciences.

3. University of Oulu

The University of Oulu is among the best biology universities in Finland and is also one of the largest Finnish universities. It ranks highly in the top three percent of universities worldwide, with competent research publications and citations in Nature and Science.

The University of Oulu welcomes around 14,000 students across the 8 faculties. It also promotes collaboration and mobility, participating in several international exchange programs around the globe to strengthen ties with its allied institutes.

If you had a degree in biology and want to further your studies at Oulu, you can enroll for a Master’s degree in biochemistry. This is suitable for students who envision themselves working in the laboratory. The University of Oulu is among the best places to study biochemistry, as its faculty is known for its strong performance in structural biochemistry.

The Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine manage the teaching for biochemistry students. It provides top-of-the-line equipment and facilities for studying protein structure, enzymology, and metabolism.

Despite earning a degree in biochemistry, graduates of the program are still strong candidates for other branches of biology. It is a flexible degree program equipping you with skills and knowledge that can bring you places in the industry.

4. University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland averages among the top three percent of the world’s universities. It has campuses in Kuopio and Joensuu, both of which are swarmed in different surroundings and landscapes.

The University of Eastern Finland, like most Finnish universities, commits to sustainability and responsible living, as guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Master’s Degree in Biology of Environmental Change is among the most unique, yet relevant degree programs in our time today. Students can expect to be exposed to various fundamental topics in biology, ecotoxicology, environmental science, and more. These will prepare the students for research or consultancy careers related to the well-being of the environment.

The biology of environmental change covers a broad range of subjects. Some of the modules the students will have to cover are environmental ecology, genetics and physiology, and biogeochemistry.

5. Aalto University

Aalto University is a product of the merging of three universities: the University of Art and Design Helsinki, the Helsinki University of Technology, and the Helsinki School of Economics. By doing this, the Finnish government aims to produce a higher education institution with innovation at its core.

Aalto University is Finland’s second-largest university. It ranks among the top 10 young universities of the world, having been only established in 2010.

Multidisciplinary learning supposedly drives Aalto University’s success. As Finland is also known for its warm embrace of startups, Aalto nurtures this entrepreneurial spirit through various business accelerator programs and events.

Entrepreneurship isn’t the only strength of Aalto University. As a product of major universities, it also inherited excellence in different disciplines such as life sciences. This is why Aalto University is considered as one of the best biology universities in Finland.

Biology students aspiring to get the taste of innovation the Aalto way can enroll in the Master’s degree program for life science technologies. This degree enables students to create a positive change in the lives of people.

With substantial knowledge in biomedicine and technology, students are one step closer to helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Graduates of the program are bound to become engineers and entrepreneurs whose purpose is to shape better and more accessible healthcare systems through the rightful use of technology for medicine, research, and more.


I hope this article on the best biology universities in Finland was informative and helpful. To know more information about topics similar to this, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students