Biology allows students to view the world with an appreciation for life and the environment. The field paints an even bigger picture when integrated with other disciplines like psychology and data science. Biology is an encompassing field that presents students with valuable practical knowledge for valuing all forms of life.

Singapore is known for its fast-growing economy and advanced technology. With high standards for living and healthcare, Singapore offers one of the best environments to fast-track your way to accomplishing a biology degree. Not only is Singapore’s education optimized, but it is also a state of well-paying job offers.

Below we review some of the best universities in Singapore to study biology. Read on to discover which top institution fits you best.

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Top Universities for Biology in Singapore

1. National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the oldest university in the country. It is also widely regarded among the Asia-Pacific’s best universities, with an international reputation for its research impact and contributions.

A broad range of disciplines is taught at the National University of Singapore, including law, social sciences, business, medicine, and the sciences.

With the National University of Singapore being one of the best biology universities in Singapore, its Department of Biological Sciences facilitates the learning journey of students in the field of life sciences. Undergraduate and graduate-level biology programs are available in the department.

Undergraduate biology students can expect thorough discussion and immersion with the complex field of biological sciences. Meanwhile, non-biology major students aspiring to supplement their major degree with life sciences may take minors offered by the department. There are 3 available minor options: aquatic ecology, forensic science, and bioinformatics.

In promoting lifelong learning, the department provides rigorous coursework for Master’s students. Three Master’s programs are available: forensic science, biotechnology, and biodiversity conservation. For research-inclined professionals, a doctorate awarded by the National University of Singapore is among the greatest accomplishments for your education.

2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nanyang Technological University is the second-oldest higher education institution in Singapore. It boasts high rankings in domestic and international charts.

With research centers of national excellence in its turf, the Nanyang Technological University is a significant contributor to Singapore’s progress and development, especially in environmental life sciences and healthcare.

The School of Biological Sciences is an excellent biology school, preserving prestige in the field by constantly ensuring its course offerings are relevant to the biological landscapes of Singapore. It cultivates an appreciation for interdisciplinary studies. The department offers joint programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Students of the school have an edge over biology-only majors. As biology spans various fields and disciplines, now is the right time for students to receive interdisciplinary training.

Undergraduates can choose among 7 program offerings. These include biological sciences, a double degree in biomedical sciences and Chinese medicine, and an interdisciplinary program between biological sciences and psychology, to name some.

Graduate students on the other hand have options to pursue a Master of Science degree and a Master’s in biomedical data science. Professionals can also proceed with a doctorate to broaden their knowledge and appreciation for biology.

3. Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic is the sole polytechnic institution in Singapore with a student-centered approach in education – students develop skills and attitudes necessary to solve real-time problems of society.

Republic Polytechnic features unique course offerings for aspiring students. Unlike most educational institutions, Republic Polytechnic awards diplomas, an equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Singaporean universities and top international schools.

Students aspiring to complete post-secondary education in the field of biology have a range of courses to choose from in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. If you are looking for a full-time diploma, the School of Applied Sciences offers biomedical science, biotechnology, and environmental and marine science.

Work-study programs in biomedical technology are also available for students interested in immersing themselves and soaking in on-field work experience. Work-study programs are best taken before pursuing a diploma. Nonetheless, diploma graduates are free to follow up on work-study or specialist programs to upgrade their employability.

4. Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is another one of the best biology universities in Singapore. It is the second-oldest polytechnic institution in the country. It has 9 academic schools offering some 39 full-time courses. Part-time courses also provide lifelong learning values to adult students or working professionals.

In honor of promoting the significance of education and outstanding academic performance of its students, Ngee Ann also awards over 1,000 programs and scholarship grants annually. Students at the top of their class can avail themselves of the polytechnic’s talent development program and get the chance to go on overseas study trips.

The School of Life Sciences and Chemical Technology manages course offerings for students interested in pursuing biology and its related fields. Best for students straight out of secondary school education, the school presents competent courses concentrated on biomedical science, and environmental and water technology.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic also extends its students’ learning outside of the classroom and laboratory. Students have the opportunity to teach communities about easy-to-follow projects in the promotion of water conservation or get accepted into internships for research on the composition of DNA.

5. PSB Academy

The PSB Academy is a private-owned higher educational institution in Singapore. It features six schools awarding certificates and degrees for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The La Trobe University, under the wing of PSB Academy, facilitates mentorship of biology undergraduates and graduates. It boasts a global reputation due to the breadth and impact of its research publications.

La Trobe presents globally competent bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Undergraduate students have the option to take their studies part-time or full-time. The students can choose among 3 double major programs and a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences.

Graduate students interested in pursuing advanced studies in PSB Academy can specialize in a double major in biotechnology and bioinformatics.


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